Active Directory Manager

This helps in overcoming the shortcomings of managing one computer
at a time by the native Active Directory tools.

Active Directory Manager

Active Directory Manager is a professional tool for managing Microsoft's Active Directory services. The first of its kind is embedded with advanced features, which caters to ease the daunting task of managing various operations of Active Directory. The tool efficiently manages the objects in the domain network by overcoming the complexities involved with Active Directory Domain Services. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, which helps the Active Directory administrators to manage Group Policies over a domain and generate reports based on the same from a centralised location. This Active Directory software also empowers you to handle a variety of complex tasks including bulk operations on user account, create and modify Active Directory account's, manage security principals and resources, run queries on the Active Directory etc., either locally or remotely.

Problems Catered

Stellar Active Directory Manager is a simple solution for all Active Directory Management challenges. It provides a hassle-free approach to handle various complications involved while managing Active Directory. It simplifies the Active Directory management by providing a safe and reliable control to Active Directory administrators. The tool helps the administrators to manage all Active Directory account creation and modification processes in just mouse clicks. The software is intended to solve various problems of the Active Directory service as mentioned below.

Key Benefits of Active Directory Manager

Stellar Active Directory Manager is a set of highly reliable and authentic Active Directory management tools that simplifies Active Directory administration and User provisioning. Software helps the administrators and Active Directory managers to efficiently manage the Active Directory with complete security. The software can be used from a single console and helps any authorized user to view and perform management actions including managing Active Directory users, computers, contacts, and groups from a central location. In addition, it also has various other features that make Active Directory management very easy. It generates reports for all the domains and servers, and delegate repetitive, simple, time consuming tasks to non-administrative users / helpdesk in a completely secure manner. It also enables controlling automation of Active Directory and proves to be very useful in avoiding manual error-prone administrative activities.


Some of the other prominent features offered by the Stellar Active Directory Manager are as follows: