Secure Data Wiping Software for HDDs & SSDs in PC, Mac®, & Server

BitRaser Drive Eraser is a secure and certified data erasure software for permanent wiping of sensitive data from hard drives, PC, Mac, and rack-mount servers. The data erased using BitRaser cannot be recovered using any tool or technique, guaranteeing data privacy.

Comprehensive Data Recovery Tool

Certified Data Wiping Software

  • Erases loose hard drives, laptop, desktop, Mac, & server
  • Erases all major drive types - SATA, PATA, SCSI, SAS, USB, etc.
  • Performs high-speed erasure of up to 32 drives simultaneously
  • Supports 24 global erasure standards such as NIST, DoD, HMG, etc.
  • Available with Cloud console for license distribution & manageability
  • Generates tamper-proof reports & certificate of erasure for compliance


For Repurpose, Reuse, Reallocation of IT Assets

Are you planning to resell your legacy IT hardware such as old computers, servers, printers, etc.? Or, need to return the laptops or servers acquired on lease. You may also need to upgrade the system hardware or reassign some of the machines to other users in the organization. All these scenarios can expose your organization’s sensitive data stored on the devices, leading to a potential data breach.

BitRaser Drive Eraser protects your data privacy and confidentiality in such scenarios through secure and permanent erasure of the
sensitive data.

Disposing Old IT Assets

Disposing Old
IT Assets

Residual data in legacy IT hardware can pose data leakage risk if not erased permanently before disposal.

Returning Leased <br>IT Hardware

Returning Leased
IT Hardware

Handing over the leased machines without adequate wiping can expose the data.

Upgrading System Hardware

Upgrading System

Exchanging your current IT hardware without wiping can expose the data stored on it.

Reallocating the Devices

Reallocating the

Reassigning a laptop to a new user without erasing the hard drive can expose the previous owner’s data.

BitRaser Key Features

Scalable, Manageable, and Cost-Effective Software

Erases hard drives using world-class standards. Ensures failsafe protection from data breach and violation of data protection regulations.

Permanent Erasure

Permanent Erasure

Permanently wipes sensitive data from HDD, SSD, PC, workstation computer, and server. Implements world-class algorithms to erase the data beyond recovery.

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Available with centralized cloud console to create users, distribute licenses, and store erasure reports & certificates. Allows high manageability for multiple, globally spread out, erasure tasks.

Tamper-proof Reports

Tamper-proof Reports

Generates tamper-proof erasure reports, accessible 24x7 via BitRaser Cloud, to serve as an immutable documented trail for audits & regulatory compliance.

International Standards

International Standards

Erases the data using 24 globally recognized data erasure standards, including NIST 800-88, DoD 5220.22-M, HMG, Peter Gutmann, NATO Standard, etc.

Automated Erasure

Automated Erasure

Allows simultaneous erasure of up to 32 hard drives through an automated process without installation. Automatically uploads the erasure report and certificate to the cloud.

Certified Erasure

Certified Erasure

Generates 100% tamper-proof certificate of erasure, guaranteeing compliance with various national & international data protection laws.


BitRaser® : Tested, Certified and Compliant

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Technical Specification – BitRaser Drive Eraser

  • Securely wipes data from loose hard drives, PCs, & rack-mount servers
  • Performs high-speed erasure of multiple drives simultaneously
  • Erases all major drive types - SATA, PATA, SSD, NVMe, M.2, PCI, SAS, SCSI, IDE, USB, Fibre Channel & FireWire
  • Supports 24 global & 5 custom erasure standards such as DoD, NIST, HMG / CESG, etc.
  • Identifies and erases hidden disk areas such as HPA, DCO & remapped sectors
  • Supports multiple block size drives
  • Supports RAID dismantling
  • Connects to the Internet through Ethernet & Wi-Fi
  • Secures client-server communication with AES encryption
  • Allows creating bootable USB using the software ISO image
  • Customizable ISO image to preconfigure the settings for
    efficient deployment
  • Cloud console for license distribution & maintenance of
  • Customizable erasure process as per global data erasure
  • Implements two methods to verify the erasure process
  • Allows to add asset tag & pre-report information before
  • Identifies the dead drives through LED notification


Dual Drive Wiping Options

Erasure on Standalone Devices With Internet

cloud Download ISO File


single-drive Burn ISO File in USB


bitraser_pc Erase Single & Multiple SSDs or HDDs

Erasure on Multiple Devices

arrow-img Download ISO File


single drive Burn ISO File in USB


bitraser-server Erase Upto 32 Drives/EXT. Storages & Devices

Erasure on Standalone Devices Without Internet

bitraser-drive Connect Software USB
& License USB


bitraser-pc Erase Single & Multiple SSDs or HDDs

Erasure on Multiple Devices

bitraser-drive Connect software USB & License USB


bitraser-server Erase Upto 32 Drives/EXT. Storages & Devices


BitRaser Drive Eraser – Sample Report

BitRaser Drive Eraser generates a tamper-proof report of erasure comprising the vital details such as hardware test results, hardware S.M.A.R.T information, erasure standard used, erasure results, etc. The digitally signed erasure report serves as an audit trail for attaining compliance with data protection laws and standards.

Download Sample Reports

BitRaser Report

We Are Rated Best By The Customers. Our Reviews Speaks Louder Than Words.

BitRaser was selected for our requirements on grounds of 'high data erasure speed', availability of a 'wide range of data erasure algorithms', unique 'wiping certificate' generation ability and detailed reporting logs. BitRaser's technical support team responds well.

Maruti Suzuki 5 Star

Head IT, Maruti Suzuki

We have used the Stellar BitRaser and we are completely satisfied by the same. Also it's easy to use and manage in the corporate sector. In future also we will consider the same for Data removal whenever required.

Nikon 5 Star

IT Manager, Nikon

CompuCycle is extremely satisfied with the BitRaser software we are using to sanitize hard drives. It is wonderful to have a software company who meets and often exceeds our expectations.

CompuCycle 5 Star

Executive Vice President, CompuCycle

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How many drives can I erase at a time on one machine?

You can erase up to 32 hard drives simultaneously on a single machine by using BitRaser Drive Eraser.

Does BitRaser Drive Eraser perform hardware profiling and hardware diagnostics?

Yes, the software performs hardware profiling and hardware diagnostics.

Do my software licenses expire if left unused?

No, BitRaser licenses never expire.

What are the advantages of BitRaser Cloud variant over the offline USB variant?

The Cloud variant offers high manageability through centralized distribution of licenses, creation of users, and maintenance of erasure reports & certifications. These features are not available in the offline USB variant of BitRaser.

What are the different file formats available for saving the erasure reports?

You can save the data erasure reports in PDF, CSV, and XML file formats.

How do I connect BitRaser Drive Eraser to the Internet?

You can connect BitRaser to the cloud console via Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.

Do I need to purchase separate licenses for erasing the different type of drives?

No, our single type of license supports the erasure of all type of drives.

Can I erase the drives without an Internet connection?

Yes, you can erase the drive without Internet using the offline USB variant of the software.


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