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The client is a renowned software company that offers software development, integration, and maintenance services for various companies.


To successfully recover data from 500GB HGST hard drive.


  • Approached Stellar Data Recovery-Chennai for hard drive recovery.


  • Successfully recovered the client’s official data that was saved in both C & D drive of the hard drive.


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered BitLocker Encrypted files from HGST Hard Drive

A privately owned software development company founded in the year 1994 with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. It has several branches in the country with one being in Chennai. Also, the company is a global leader in business and technology services that assists its customers in bringing the future of work to life in the present.


The client stored all his data in a 500GB HGST hard drive the Model number and Serial Number of which was SATA DRIVE/HTS725050A7E630 and 150122RC250ACB270DAJ respectively. The hard drive was running Windows operating system.

The challenge the client faced was the drive was not detected. The severity of the issue increased because the drive was encrypted with a Bit locker encryption. Thus, the client could not connect even the secondary drive in case the primary HDD could not be detected.

The inaccessible data was quite important as it contained official data in the C & D logical drives of the hard drive. Thus, all of it had to be recovered instantly and without leakage to maintain the privacy of the data saved in the drive. The representative from company voiced out saying:

“The 500GB hard drive could not be detected by the system, and thus all the saved data became inaccessible. Therefore, I wish to avail hard drive data recovery service so as to regain access to the inaccessible data once again while maintaining the privacy of data.”

Now, the only motive was to recover all the inaccessible data and instantly stop the loss that client had to incur due to unavailability of its valuable data.


The representative of the client came to Stellar Data Recovery Chennai Recovery Centre with the affected drive. The purpose was to rectify the issue in the drive that was head reading and bad sectors. Then, our executive handed over the drive to the data recovery team.  

One of the professionals examined the drive sector wise to check whether it was in a working condition. Then, he checked the Bit Locker area and found that it suffered severe damages. After that, he tried to take an image of the hard drive that had bad sectors. With this, he also found that it was running quite slowly due to bad sectors.

It was a big challenge for us to rectify the issue in the drive and recover all the inaccessible data. Nonetheless, assisted by educated and skilled professionals, we were sure to recover data from the damaged drive successfully with ease.    

“I am fortunate enough to get data recovery service by Stellar Data Recovery - Chennai that took the best approach to recover all the inaccessible data from the affected drive.”

Next, the client asked us to carry out the Hard Drive Data Recovery without delaying much. The reason being, the paused task of the client had to be resumed quickly.


The professionals at our Chennai Recovery Center completed the process of creating the image of the drive. Then, they keyed in the Bit locker password that was provided by the client to open the drive. On doing this, the drive opened, but with an error message.

Thus, they then scanned the partitions of the drive to fix the error. Post this, they opened them and checked each file and folder. In doing so, they found that all of them were working fine. With the completion of the recovery process, the client was notified via email. He arrived at the centre to verify the recovered data.

With all data in place and the same structure, the customer was quite happy to know that the recovery from the affected media was successful. He applauded the service of the professionals at the Chennai Service centre.

I am thankful to Stellar Data Recovery – Chennai Recovery Center for the impeccable service that it served us with and recovered all the inaccessible data that was exceedingly valuable.”



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