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CLIENT - Corporate


A system service provider located in Salem has lost data from undetected Seagate HDD


To recover client’s data from the 1 TB Undetected Seagate Hard Drive


The client approached the Senior BDE of Stellar Data Recovery Coimbatore branch to recover lost data from 1 TB Seagate Hard Drive


Successfully retrieved all the partitions, recovered all data including .bmp image files, and repaired the corrupt ones from 1 TB Seagate Hard Drive


Undetected Seagate hard drive data recovery

Salem-based system service provider lost its important data stored in an undetected Seagate hard disk drive.

The HDD has the model number ST1000DM003 and serial number Z1D9VFK9.

The company provides servicing of desktop, laptop, UPS, CCTV camera, and printer.

After the corruption of their important data storage drive, the service provider needed to recover data urgently; especially, the volumes/partitions of the storage medium together with the .bmp image files.


Instead of experimenting to recover data all by oneself, the client straightaway approached the senior business development executive of Stellar Data Recovery – Coimbatore service center to recuperate from data loss.


We at Stellar Data Recovery – Coimbatore appreciated the effort taken by the client to reach the service center located at Coimbatore, which is around 160 kilometers from Salem.

We received the undetected seagate hard drive for initial analysis and transferred it to our data recovery expert.

Our expert analyzed the drive by connecting it to a testing computer and observed that the hard drive produced light sound. The testing computer sometimes detected the drive and showed the partitions, but when the specialist clicked a partition, the storage medium stopped responding.

The expert confirmed the presence of substantial bad sectors (around 20% of the entire storage space). Utilizing DFL tool, the expert cloned the hard drive and read/skipped all the bad sectors.

Subsequently, the specialist used Stellar’s proprietary data recovery software to perform Deep Scan of the cloned drive and recovered all the partitions.

The expert opened the partitions and found the files and folders intact. Some of the data were corrupt because of the presence of quite a lot of bad sectors. The expert then used Stellar’s proprietary data repair software to repair maximum corrupt files.

We verified the recovered data and found everything in working condition. Lastly, we have successfully recovered data from undetected seagate hard drive and conveyed the data recovery success to the client.


The client, was happy to see all the partitions and the important .bmp images files in perfect state. The client was satisfied with the recovered data and thanked our Stellar Data Recovery Coimbatore team for their data recovery proficiency.



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