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CLIENT - Lost PST file Recovery from corrupted SSD Drive - Case ID: COM586


It is one of the largest telecommunications company providing mobile services globally.


To quickly and successfully recover the Outlook PST files and other lost or inaccessible documents.


  • Reached out to Stellar Data Recovery-Coimbatore branch for SSD drive recovery.


  • Quickly and successfully retrieved PST file and other documents from the damaged SSD drive.


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered lost PST file from corrupted SSD Drive

Headquartered in London, UK, It is a multinational telecommunications company. It ranks second in ‘number of connections’ and fifth in ‘revenue,’ among all mobile operator groups globally.

In India, it has several branches spread across the country including Coimbatore from where it operates and provides services to the south of the country.


The Coimbatore branch of telecommunication company employed a laptop running on Windows Operating System with 2.5 inches SSD drive manufactured by Micron with Model No. - MTFDDAK256MAM-1K12 and Serial No.: 1305036641A3. The capacity of the SSD drive used was 256 GB ensuring that a significant amount of all types of data could be stored on it.

The reputed make of the SSD drive ensured that data could be saved in a much safe and secure way. And, chances for the media to become damaged or corrupt impacting the data storage were minimal.

In the recent past, one of the IT administrators of the client company observed that neither the SSD media was getting detected nor the partition could be viewed. This led to the inaccessibility of the stored data such as Outlook PST files and other saved documents.

Now, the entire IT administrator wished for a quick SSD drive recovery so that all data including PST files and other documents could be recovered.

STELLAR DATA Recovery- COIMBATORE as the savior

The IT administrator of the client knew that the SSD drive issue could not be resolved in-house in any condition. The reason being, there was an error in the file system, which required expert hands’ for fixing it. He then made up his mind to reach out to any professional ‘SSD drive recovery service provider’ having technicians with technical expertise for resolution. With this, the issue could be quickly resolved, and, therefore, he contacted Stellar Data Recovery-Coimbatore branch with the hope of a speedy SSD data drive recovery.

The representative in the branch listened patiently to the IT administrator who had initiated the contact. He brought along the affected SSD drive, the representative immediately took it to the experts for investigation and analysis.

On analysis, the experts found that the issue was a file system error due to corruption in the SSD drive. Although the media was getting detected, yet the partition could not be viewed. Also, the client used a bit locker encryption. Hence, they suggested fixing the same for a complete recovery of the lost or inaccessible data that were PST file data items and other documents.


As a resolution, firstly the technicians created a full image of the damaged media device. After that, they changed the file system from the sector due to which the partition could be viewed which was not possible earlier. After that, they asked the client to provide the encryption password.

On receiving the password, they tried opening the partitions, and the outcome was incredible. The partitions could be opened, and data that the client required was detected. This was conveyed to the client who visited the branch to verify the retrieved data.

On verification, the client told that the PST files were in good condition and that they were working. He was quite satisfied and applauded the experts of Stellar Data Recovery-Coimbatore for fixing the issue and recover the data in such a short duration.

He was very happy to see the retrieved data and in such a quick turn-around time!