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CLIENT - Lost DVR/CCTV Videos Recovery - Case ID: DL138713


The client is an individual from Delhi who used a DVR system to store and watch videos


To successfully recover the lost and inaccessible DVR data (videos)


  • Enquired Stellar Data Recovery – Delhi about DVR video recovery
  • Reached out to Stellar Data Recovery for recovering the lost personal videos


Easily recovered all the lost personal family videos


Stellar has successfully recovered lost DVR/CCTV videos from damaged Western Digital DVR Hard Disk.

A resident of Delhi, India’s capital territory, the Client used a DVR system running DVR (DHFS4.0) operating system to store and access all his videos. The DVR saved the video files on a Western Digital hard disk (Model No. WD10EZEX, S/N No.:  WMC6Y0J9DW34) of size 1TB which ensured that he could save a number of videos with large sizes in it.

Officially identified as the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), Delhi is a city where a large population use digital devices for their day-to-day tasks both at home and in the office. The DVR is one of the highly used digital media devices that people in this city use for watching videos.

These devices help people entertain and are durable. However, you can face issues if it gets damaged or you accidentally delete the stored videos.

Challenges suffered by the CLIENT

Here, in this case, when the client connected his DVR hard disk drive (HDD) to his desktop PC, on initialization, he found that all the videos that he had recorded and stored for his entertainment was missing.

What added to this grim situation was that most of the videos that he had recorded were his personal family video files. These were the videos that he could not retrieve of anywhere. Had they been any other commonly viewed videos, the challenge would have been less.

STEllar to the rescue

We at Stellar Data Recovery – Delhi Service Centre received a call from the client where he explained the issue in detail as well as the current circumstances caused by the issue. Our representative listened patiently to the client. He observed that the client was concerned about the videos as they contained his personal family videos.     

He then empathized with this client and assured him that there was nothing to worry about as Stellar Data Recovery with its team of seasoned data recovery experts could recover all his videos seamlessly, irrespective of the severity of data loss.

Further, he explained the process of executing the DVR data recovery services. After listening to the data recovery solution, the client told the representative that he wanted to avail the service. The representative then asked the client to send his DVR system that included the hard disk to the branch. Staying quite near to the branch’s location, he carried the DVR himself to the Service Centre.


After receiving the DVR system, one of our data recovery experts analyzed it and the embedded hard disk. They came to the conclusion that the hard disk was working fine, but the file system of the DVR was completely damaged. This was conveyed to the client who then gave a go ahead to the experts for the DVR video recovery process.

To successfully recover all the videos safely and securely, firstly they created a clone of the DVR HDD. After that, with unique and advanced techniques, they manually decoded the videos in the DVR system. Within a few days, our representative informed the client of a successful video recovery.

The client then visited the branch to check the results and was quite elated to find his family videos intact. He expressed that it was a remarkable DVR data recovery. He thanked the team of Stellar Data Recovery – Delhi.