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CLIENT - Corporate


A leading company that provides Insurance Services


To successfully recover the ‘F’ folder that contained valuable official data.


  • Approached Stellar Data Recovery- Gurugram for recovery failed RAID 5 server.


  • Recovered ‘F’ folder official data of the client.


Stellar Data Recovery successfully retrieves important official data raid hard drives

Headquartered in Mumbai and a joint venture of Punjab National Bank (one of the leading nationalized banks of India), an insurance company that offers Life Insurance Plans & Policies at a low and cost-effective premium. The company also offers a range of health, employee benefit, and retirement insurance products.  


The company used a RAID Server embedded with SATA drives by IBM, for the purpose of storing all data of the company. The Windows 2008 server was formed with 6 hard drives of 146GB each. Thus, the total storage capacity of the server was 876GB, ensuring that quite a large amount of data could be saved and accessed on it. However, the challenge that the client faced was that one of the hard drives in the RAID configuration stopped working that ultimately led to the failure of RAID server that was setup.


After encountering RAID failure, the company approached directly to Stellar Data Recovery Gurugram branch for Server recovery. He complained to the representative there that he received ‘Logical drive missing’ error on RAID and thereby could not access the stored data.

Further, he requested the recovery of ‘F’ Folder as it contained the client’s crucial data such as information of Sales department, details of previous customers, etc. that served company’s business purpose. Plus, he wished to retrieve the inaccessible data on priority as his company had to submit some very important data to government regulatory agencies within a short time.


We at the Gurugram branch of Stellar Data Recovery asked the client to send all the six hard drives of the failed RAID server for diagnosis. On receiving, we handed over the drives to our in-house data recovery experts who checked the hard drives for both physical and logical error. On completion of the diagnosis, they found that one of the drives had become severely corrupt.

After that, as per the defined process, they cloned all the drives. Further, they opened the physically damaged hard drive in our Class 100 Clean Room Lab and found that the head of the drive defective. To overcome the challenge, they transplanted the new head into the defective hard drive. With this, they were able to get access to the hard drive. Next, they connected all the cloned hard drive in one of our specialized systems and configured the RAID 5 server successfully with the assistance of ‘Research and Development’ professionals.

We, being customer focused, took this case on priority due to the urgent necessity of the client. Thereby, we worked day and night including weekends and recovered the required ‘F’ folder data within 3 days. Now that the client got back his ‘F’ folder, he was elated with the recovery service provided by our experts.

“Stellar has made us back to life from RAID failure of one critical server; services and professional way of working of Stellar team is among the best ever seen in industry. Over all great show. Must keep up the standard of service delivery.”