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A major private investor in the real segment of Russia's economy.


To successfully recover the lost or inaccessible data from the corrupt Western Digital HDD.


Query to Kochi Service Center of Stellar Data Recovery for Western Digital’s external drive recovery.


  • Successfully recovered documents, images, videos, and software applications.


Stellar Data Recovery recovered lost data from the corrupted western digital hard drive

A Kochi based private investor that operates in various sectors of the Russian economy. It includes sectors such as telecommunications, utilities, retail, pulp and paper, health care, pharmaceuticals, railway transportation, agriculture, mass media, finance, tourism, etc.

It operates in India by the name of MTS India and headquarter in New Delhi. It has several branches in all parts of the country including the southern states. In the south-west part of the country, one of its branch is in Kochi, Kerala.  As of December 2016, it is the tenth largest mobile operator in the country with approximately 6.71 million subscribers.


The client used an external hard disk drive (HDD) of Western Digital make that had a data storage capacity of 500GB, thereby, confirming that a large amount of data could be saved on it and accessed whenever required. However, on trying to access the stored data, it was found that the data that was copied to the external drive was corrupt. And, the drive could not be used. Further, on analysis, the system administrator of the client found that the hard drive had lots of bad sectors and that all partitions of the drive were also corrupt. This, was indeed, quite a worrying condition for the client and its administrator. 


We at Stellar Data Recovery-Kochi received an enquiry for HDD data recovery services by the system administrator of the client. Our representative, Ms. Greesha attended to him and came to know that he was quite frustrated and worried as the drive had been affected, thereby, leading to loss of all stored data that were quite valuable to the business. Understanding the grim situation he was in and how apt our recovery service was, she expressed compassion and assured him of the right solution with which he would restore all his lost data successfully and instantly.

Our representative then explained to him the complete recovery procedure for data recovery services. Once he got convinced and gave permission for recovery, he was asked to send the external drive to the Service Centre in person or by any other means such as through post or courier, whichever was convenient.


We received the client’s drive in just two days, and then our data recovery experts started its diagnosis. On doing so, they found that the failure in the drive was due to the huge amount of bad sectors in it. And this made all the saved data such as documents, images, videos, and software applications inaccessible. On account of the damage, new data could neither be added nor deleted that was the requirement of the client. On further analysis, they said that the OS might have tried to read data from the sectors of the drive, but only to find that the error-correcting code did not match the contents of the sector. In the end, they detected that the drive suffered both physical and logical damage and that could have been due to dust on the HDD sectors.

Further, our data recovery experts took the following steps for HDD recovery:

  • Firstly, they took the drive to the Data Recovery Service (DRS) Lab of the Service Centre.
  • Secondly, they used standard in-house techniques to repair the bad sectors and convert them into good sectors.
  • Thirdly, they collected all the inaccessible data and created an image of it.
  • Finally, with this image they recovered the complete data instantly that was now accessible.

On the completion of the recovery process, our representative informed the client that all lost and inaccessible data had been recovered. After that, the client visited the Kochi Service Center and verified the recovered data. As all data that he wanted was present, he became highly ecstatic and thanked everyone at our Stellar Data Recovery-Kochi Service Center for recovering data from inaccessible Western Digital HDD.