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CLIENT - MS outlook PST Files Recovery - Case ID: KOC2093


Xerox is a leading document technology and services company. Through its acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services, it has become the world leader in business process and document management.


To successfully recover the Outlook PST file and the saved data.


Approached the Kochi Service Center of Stellar Data Recovery to recover the Outlook PST file and the saved data.


  • Successfully recovered complete data from the Western Digital external hard drive.


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered MS outlook PST Files from Windows System

Located in Kochi, Xerox Business Service Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in document technology and services. It has become the heart of small and large enterprises through the world’s leading technologies and services in business process and document management. It gives its clients the freedom to focus on what matters most: Their Business! It continues to build on its heritage of innovation in document technology and services successfully.


The IT administrator of the client used Microsoft (MS) Outlook as the desktop email client on his Windows system for the purpose of business communication. Thus, all the data items of Outlook such as emails, contacts, calendars, calendars, journals, tasks, etc. were stored in the proprietary Outlook data (PST) file.

Anytime the IT administrator needed these saved data, he used to open Outlook and access the emails as well as other data items present in the mailbox. However, one day, when he tried to access Outlook, he was unable to open it.

Each time he tried to open MS Outlook desktop email client, the system would automatically restart. This caused loss of all emails that were used for communicating, including other data items in the Outlook PST file. It was a huge setback for the administrator and in turn for the client.


One day when the administrator switched on the system, he was not able to access the Outlook data file. The system was restarting automatically each time he tried to open the PST file. Having basic technical knowledge, he tried to recover the data items by rectifying the Outlook issue, but failed in the attempt.

Having heard good reviews about the closest Stellar Data Recovery Kochi for data recovery in extreme situations, he contacted its Service Centre. After being approached by the IT administrator of the client, our representative from the Kochi Service Centre listened to his issue patiently. The administrator conveyed that he needed a safe and secure as well as a quick solution for the issue that he was facing. In short, he wanted a healthy PST file with whole data.

Thereafter, our representative conveyed the issue being faced by the client to our data recovery experts to which they responded. They told that they needed to inspect the client’s hard drive that had the PST file for proper diagnosis and Outlook data recovery. The representative conveyed the requirement of the data recovery experts to the IT administrator. To this, he sent the damaged hard drive to the Service Centre.


On receiving the HDD, the data recovery experts of Stellar Data Recovery-Kochi branch diagnosed the client’s drive. On diagnosis, they found that the drive had bad sectors due to which the system was restarting automatically when the IT administrator tried to open the PST file. He added that the issue was not only due to the discrepancy in Outlook but it was also due to bad sectors on the drive. Further, they executed the following steps to recover the Outlook data:

  • First and foremost, they scanned the client’s drive. As the HDD had bad sectors, the scan process was a bit slow.
  • After the scan process had got over, they were able to view data in 3 partitions, with one being in the raw format.
  • Then, they selected the single raw partition for deep scanning. With this, data could be seen in the raw partition as well.
  • Finally, the data recovery experts were able to recover the PST file that included emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other data items. 
  • In the end, the representative of Stellar informed the client’s IT administrator of the completion of the data recovery process through email. As a response to the email, the administrator visited the Service Centre and verified the Outlook data. He was quite happy to receive the fully recovered PST file with complete data.