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CLIENT - A working professional


The client used CCTV DVR machine incorporating a hard disk to record and store CCTV footage


To successfully recover the lost CCTV footage due to crash in the machine’s hard disk


  • Enquired Stellar Data Recovery’s Kolkata branch for CCTV DVR data recovery services
  • As asked, sent the CCTV DVR system for analysis and recovery


  • Restored CCTV footage the failed CCTV DVR system
  • As needed, recovered CCTV footage of a particular day


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered the Lost CCTV Footage Damaged Hard Drive (K4835)

The client had a 2TB hard disk in its CCTV DVR machine that it used to record and store CCTV footage or videos.  

Client's Challenge

The client used a CCTV DVR machine with a hard disk that was as large as 2TB in size to record and store videos. This ensured that a significant amount of the captured CCTV footage could be recorded and stored for use in the future.   

The hard disk (size 2 TB) of the DVR machine of the client crashed where the records of the CCTV footage was stored. The HDD crash meant that the important footage could not be accessed anymore. However, due to some reason, the client urgently needed a specific day's footage. This called for an immediate recovery.

The HDD of the machine may have crashed due to any reason, consequently creating a challenge for the client to recover the lost CCTV DVR footage that was required urgently.   

Stellar to the rescue

We at the Kolkata branch of Stellar Data Recovery got the client's enquiry for CCTV/DVR data recovery in a restricted time frame. The executive from Stellar who got in touch with the client's representative first listened to the problem carefully and then asked the representative to send the crashed hard disk along with the CCTV DVR machine for primary analysis, which was the first step towards the CCTV footage recovery. As the client was from an outstation location, therefore, we arranged for a media pick up from the client's doorstep for their convenience.  

After receiving both the crashed hard disk and the DVR machine, the technical team examined both the devices. After analyzing, they identified that the head and motor of the HDD was not functioning properly and that the noise was coming out from the hard disk itself while running. Finally, the issue was recognized by the technical experts who recommended CCTV DVR data recovery service.

Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals with expertise in recovering data out of crashed hard disks, took up the challenge of reintegrating the restored data in the DVR system so that they could be easily accessed and the footage be seen.


One of our technical experts inspected the client's hard disk incorporated in the CCTV DVR machine and came to the conclusion that it had been severely crashed, therefore making the recordings inaccessible and invisible. The experts also stated that their state-of-the-art Class 100 Clean Room Lab would play a pivotal role in the CCTV DVR data recovery process. They also assured the client of a safe and secure data recovery process. All this information was passed on to the client. Also, permission was asked for CCTV data recovery service.

After receiving a nod from the client's end, our technical experts treated the crashed hard disk inside its CLASS 100 Clean Room Lab, a one of its kind in Asia. They recovered all data from it, including the footage of a particular day that the client had asked for. Thereafter, the R&D team of the company traced out the way data was originally integrated into the DVR machine. Finally, they re-integrated the recovered files back into the client's DVR system.

The client was more than happy to recover the required footage and the kind of CCTV DVR data recovery service that the experts of Stellar Data Recovery rendered.