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CLIENT - Lost Data Recovery From Broken/Damaged Android Mobile Phone - Case ID: M24215


It is an engineering and fabrication company that started in 1996 with supplying equipment and focusing only on exporting. Now, with over 20 years of experience, it has come up as one of the leading engineering and fabrication partners for pharmaceutical and allied industries such as healthcare and biotechnology.


To recover data from the broken LG phone successfully, quickly, and easily.


  • Contacted branch manager of Stellar Data Recovery-Mumbai, Mr. Archis Khirwadkar..


  • Recovered data such as emails, audio, calendar, WhatsApp and other chat messages, contacts, images, MMS, SMS, and videos from the dead phone.
  • Recovered data from broken phone quickly and successfully.


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered lost data from broken/damaged android mobile phone

A global engineering and fabrication company, Fabtech Technologies International Limited, was established in the year 1996. It has carried out more than 700 installations in over 42 countries and specializes in innovative turnkey building and containment solutions for various segments, such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Healthcare.

The company has international and domestic technical support, alliances, and association through which it caters to its customers globally. In India, it is located in Mumbai, popularly known as the alpha world city. The city is also the financial hub and houses the famous Bollywood Film Industry.  


The company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) used an LG Nexus D 821 mobile phone that had 32 GB data storage capacity, which run on Android Operating System. The phone’s high storage capacity ensured that he could save a significant amount of data on his phone and access it anywhere, anytime. He could store and access information even on the go.

However, due to an accident that he met with recently, his phone suffered severe damage and turned unresponsive. In fact, the phone broke into several pieces, and hence he could not access data stored on it. As he stored critical information on his phone, acquiring all the stored data became a matter of urgency and importance. Thus, here, the challenge was to recover all the data such as DDCM, emails, and WhatsApp messages quickly. Since the phone was completely broken, the chances of recovering the lost or inaccessible data was slim. But Stellar Data Recovery came to the rescue!

STEllar DATA Recovery- Mumbai Branch to the rescue  

An employee of Fabtech Technologies International Ltd., Mr. Amar Dighe was appointed to deal with this situation of data loss from the completely dead phone with a number of broken parts. As he had corporate reference and had dealt with such issues of data loss earlier, he directly contacted Mr. Archis Khirwadkar, our Branch Manager from Stellar Data Recovery–Mumbai for providing phone data recovery resolution.

To this, our manager responded by saying that although data recovery was possible in 99.5% of the cases, yet he could confirm the same only after analyzing the phone. He added by saying that the client was required to ship each and every piece of the broken phone to or bring them to the branch in person.  After this, the client sent all the pieces for analysis.


On analysis of the broken phone, the expert technicians found that the Controller and PCB got damaged completely. Even the screen got shattered thus rendering the phone as unresponsive. This was conveyed to the client to which he responded by giving a go ahead for recovering the lost or inaccessible data.

After receiving a green signal from the client, the experts immediately started the phone recovery, and in the process removed the data chips and connected them to special proprietary tools. However, on doing this, they found that even the data chips were damaged. This brought in the necessity to repair the same. Next, the experts repaired the data chips carefully with the use of specialized tools and after that connected them to our focused proprietary tools.

Then, they checked if the data was consistent followed by reading and recovering the lost or inaccessible data.  Our experts successfully restored all the lost or inaccessible data.

Finally, the completion of the android phone data recovery process, we informed the client. To this, the client came to the Stellar Data Recovery-Mumbai branch and verified the recovered data that were Emails, Audio, Calendar, WhatsApp and other Chat messages, Contacts, Images, MMS, SMS, and videos.

Finally, we gave the client his recovered data and on time as per our commitment. He was jubilant to see his restored data. Going further, he expressed his satisfaction and happiness by giving Google Reviews to us and appreciated the efforts of those experts who carried out the recovery process of his phone.