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How to protect your important data in case of natural disasters like floods

17th December 2015: From earthquakes to heavy floods, there has been a seemingly endless run of news about natural disasters this year. In these types of unfortunate circumstances, the first concern is clearly loss of life but businesses also suffer not only due to infrastructure damage, but also because of the disaster's effect on companies' valuable data systems. Stellar Data Recovery, the leading provider of data recovery, email migration and data erasure solutions, shares how companies can sustain or resume business operations during and after natural disasters like floods observed in Chennai recently. Here are their disaster recovery “Do’s and Don’ts” —

  • DO NOT TURN ON THE POWER of your computer system/ laptop or storage box or external USB HDD or the servers.
  • DO NOT PLUG IN any of your storage media which was submerged in water, to your computer.
  • DO NOT TRY OUT any solution advised by local unqualified maintenance engineers on your own, this may lead to permanent data loss.
  • DO NOT OPEN your hard drive and expose the storage media, this may lead to permanent data loss.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRY THE DISK. The dry out will lead to deposition of contaminated residue on the disk’s platters and heads which will cause physical degradation of platters. They may cause more damage and diminish chances of successful data recovery.
  • KEEP THE DISK WET. This stops the hard disk’s corrosion and data recovery experts would be able to clean and dry the platters correctly with minimum damage to platter surfaces.
  • ENSURE THAT DISK IS OPENED ONLY IN A CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM LAB by a qualified data recovery expert. 

“The bottom line is that computers can be replaced but your precious data cannot. Stellar Data Recovery has decided to offer 50% discount on analysis charges and 10% charge has been waived off on hard drive data recovery services in Chennai till 24th of December 2015. This offer is valid on all wet hard drives. Our Chennai office is fully operational and Coimbatore location is on standby for any additional support requirement to help those affected by the recent calamity in Chennai”, said Mr. Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar Data Recovery.

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Stellar Data Recovery is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization that specializes in data recovery services from all types of hard disks, RAID servers, Storage boxes and SSDs. Ever since 1993, Stellar has emerged as a leading and well-trusted brand for data recovery solutions for any kind of data loss situation. With presence across 16 locations nationally and its wide range of software and services, Stellar has over 2 million happy customers across Europe, USA & Asia that include global corporate giants. 


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