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What is it in-lab recovery?

In-Lab recovery option performs a safe and complete data recovery in India's only class 100 clean rooms having highly trained recovery experts. With In-Lab recovery option, you can ship the hard drive through a reliable courier service or post. This ensures a complete recovery of data which was not possible through remote recovery.


When to use in lab recovery?

Hard drive failure is one of the most common issues with today’s computers. Unlike memory chips and flash-based media hard drives consist of various mechanical components. Such components always run a risk of failure and can eventually end up losing all your valuable data. In such situations where there is a hardware failure or physical damage, the remote recovery option is not a feasible way to recover lost data. In case of hard drive failures or any physical damage where the data cannot be recovered remotely, In-Lab recovery is considered to be the best recovery option.



How to use your in-lab recovery?

The Stellar In-Lab recovery option can be used in case of physical data loss scenarios. The In-Lab recovery voucher entitles you to recover your deleted data at a nominal cost of Rs 5000 irrespective of the type and size of data needed to be recovered. Stellar guarantees a safe and reliable recovery of your lost data in India’s first and only class 100 clean room. The process can be initiated by contacting the concerned department, either by giving a call on the number 123456 or by sending an e-mailing to


How to send us your hard drive ?

Once you register the request for in-lab recovery, you need to send the hard drive within 10 days of registering the complaint. While sending the hard drive, it should be packed carefully in a dust free environment. However, it is recommended to pack the storage media in the anti-static bag. The box should be big enough and should maintain a 5 cm gap from the surface of the media. The gap should be filled with some resilient material like foam or buuble-wrap. This ensures there is no damage done to the media during transit. Once packed, the box should clearly mention the senders details like name, address, phone no, etc. It is also advisable to mark the packet with some handling instructions like “FRAGILE-HANDLE WITH CARE”, etc.


What to expect from in-lab recovery ?

Once your hard drive reaches us for recovery, it is handled by our highly trained data recovery expert team. It is then analysed completely for the kind of service required and you are informed about the same. Once you approve and agree to the terms , the technician will continue with the recovery effort. In-Lab recovery has always been a safe and reliable method to recover lost data due to physical data loss situations. Stellar assures better recovery as compared to many native tools, which assures only about 60% of data recovery. Once your data is recovered, it is then validated and placed on a suitable replacement media. Finally, the recovered data is sent back to you.


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