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What is remote recovery?

Remote recovery is a quick and reliable way to recover lost data due to logical corruption through a secured connection while sitting at home. With Remote Recovery option, you can connect directly with the technician. The remote recovery option uses some of the very advanced technology and trained engineers to get back your lost data. The process grants complete access of the system including the hard drives, disks, partitions, and any attached external media to the technicians through a secured internet connection.


When to use remote recovery?

Data loss can happen to anyone and at any time usually without any prior warning. Though there are many ways to recover lost data but remote recovery proves to be an excellent option, which provides a fast, effective, and convenient way of recovering critical data files. The option proves to be very useful in case of logical corruption or accidental deletion of the data, provided the hardware is functioning properly. It saves an ample amount of time both for the user and technician by avoiding the need to send the hard drives via courier or post, which is considered to be a risky process.

Some of the common situations where Remote Recovery option can be used:

  • Time is a critical factor
  • In case of minor logical corruption, provided the hardware is functional
  • Sensitive data that needs to be at your secured location
  • Determining the cause of the data loss




Remote recovery

How to use your remote recovery?

This service can be easily availed free of cost to recover data in case of logical data loss in the registered system. You are entitled for remote recovery of the data once in 2-3 years depending upon the pack purchased. In order to redeem the voucher, you need to contact our support team by either giving a call on the number 123456 or e-mailing us at Once your request is registered with us, our recovery experts will schedule an appropriate time with you to carry out the recovery process.


How to establish a remote connection and test your internet speed ?

Once you register the request for remote recovery, the data recovery team will allot you a time to carry out the recovery process. This process is supported by a small application, which you need to download at the time of recovery. This ensures a secure and hassle free remote recovery experience. However, it is always recommended to have an internet connection of acceptable bandwidth (minimum 256 kbps). You can check your internet bandwidth on any third party websites like


What to expect from remote recovery?

The Stellar Remote Recovery option allows you to recover lost data in a quick and secure fashion. This overcomes all the limitations faced while using native recovery methods and allows you to stay connected for hours without any interruption
Once connected, the remote recovery specialist analyses and evaluates your system, type of data to be recovered, and the cause of your data loss. Once complete, they will give you a firm quotation for the actual retrieval of your data.

Some of the features of Stellar Remote Recovery option :

  • Data is recovered remotely through a secured Internet connection
  • Avoids the need to send the hard drive, which is considered to be a time taking process
  • Fast, cost-effective, and secured service to recover lost data without loosing any further data
  • Highly qualified remote recovery experts, who helps in recovering data in no time
  • Provides data security by preserving the original data



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