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Stellar Insta Backup Gold is a useful utility, which eases the task of creating a full volume backup. The tool enables you to backup important data kept in files, folders, volumes, and email database. It provides a range of advanced backup options like Full backup, Differential backup and Incremental backup to work with. With these options you can either create a full backup image, or backup only specified files and folders, or take backup in batches on an incremental basis. You can easily mount/unmount the backup image to access all backed up data at any desired location in the system. In addition, the tool supports backup of highly encrypted and compressed files. Moreover, the tool proves to be very safe and reliable as it provides an additional feature called “Stellar Secure Zone”, which helps in preventing any virus attack on the hard drive. The tool comes with a highly interactive and user-friendly interface, which further simplifies the entire process of creating backups.

Some salient features of this file backup tool are described below

Create Backup Image

Facilitates full volume backup or backup of selected files, folders, volumes, etc in no time.

Retrieves Backup Data

Allows you to restore all backed up data by simply mounting or unmounting the backup image at any desired location.

Automate Backup Process

Allows you to schedule the backup process on a timely basis.

Stellar Secure Zone

Creates a virus-free secure zone to safely keep the backup archive.

Backup Completion Notification

Automatically sends an email notification to the user when the backup is complete.

Creates Rescue Disk

Prepares a bootable 'Rescue disk' to enable you to boot the system in the event of a crash.

Access Data from Unbootable System

Allows you to access the created backup image by pressing “F10” button at the startup.

Creates Virtual Drive

Mounts the backup image to access data by creating a virtual drive. The virtual drive can be unmounted anytime by using the “Unmount” option.

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