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Stellar File Wipe is solely designed to wipe data from system along with leftovers and traces. It allows deletion of data beyond recovery, from both system drive as well as external drives. It frees all the unnecessary space occupied by data in any of the drive, volumes, files, folders and data generated during the course of system usage i.e., traces, cache, history, message conversation etc.


The software allows going for either conventional ‘Wipe Now’ which will delete the entire volume/folder at once, making it fresh as new again; or, custom wiping process for unused spaces, system traces or a list of multiple files and folders.


The software comes with exclusive features of scheduling the process at any user defined time and selecting an algorithm of choice from available ones to increase the extent of data wiping and security.

Some of the most prominent features of Stellar File Wipe 4.1.1 are:

Wipes Idle Memory

Wipes Idle Memory

The software is capable of wiping spaces which were once occupied by data but now contains only leftovers, removing any hidden trace of previous data.
System Junk file Wiping

System Junk file Wiping

It can easily wipe all the unnecessary files that system creates for itself or get created while accessing any software/application.

Data wipe

Wipes Traces of Online Actions

It wipes traces produced by browsers while accessing internet, freeing a lot of space for new data storage and faster browsing.
Create own wipe list

Create own wipe list

Stellar File Wipe allows users to create and save list of files and folders which can be accessed for wiping processes.

File level selection

File level selection

Latest version of Stellar File Wipe gives access to select files and folders, located deep in drives.
Process Scheduler

Process Scheduler

Depending on user’s choice, the software can be scheduled to start wiping drives and volumes at any given specified time (Daily, Weekly or Monthly).

Multiple file

Multiple File Wiping Algorithms

User can select an algorithm of his/her choice, depending on the level of wiping and data security required.
Browser compatibility

Multi-browser compatibility

Stellar File Wipe is compatible with different browsers for finesse data wiping.

log report

Log Reports

Software automatically creates a log file for its entire process which can be saved for future references.

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