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The Stellar SMART tool is a self-automated tool to monitor hard drives health and prevent any problem arising from it. The tool provides a real-time solution for the various problems arising in the hard drive by continuously running in the background without hampering the performance of the system. It alerts the user by giving prior warning of any drive related issues and failure thus prevent losing any important data. The tool is designed to help the user analyse the hard drive's performance as well as current fitness level. The tool keeps track of the performance report and other activities performed by the tool in a detailed log report. The log report can be used for analysis at any point of time.

Some of the key features of the software are as below

Provides Disk Information

Provides standard as well as advanced information about the hard disk like Model Number, Serial Number, Disk Size, Physical Buffer Size etc.

SMART Information

Monitors various hard disk attributes including Spin Up Time, Write Error Count, Raw Read Error Rate, Temperature, Spin Retry Count etc.

Schedule Status Check

Configures the time intervals to check real-time health status of the hard disk.

Warning Emails and Alerts

Automatically sends warning email and pop up alerts when the temperature of the hard drive reaches a threshold value.

Provides Status Graphically

Provides a graph that records every temperature fluctuation of the hard disk and also shows CPU usage and data transfer rate graphically.

Display Bad Sectors

Automatically locates bad sector on the hard drive and distinguish them from good blocks using the color coding.

Hard Drive Cloning

Facilitates cloning of the hard drive by copying the content to a healthy hard drive for safe data backup.

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