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Stellar Smart Finder

New Delhi, 2nd April 2013, Stellar Data Recovery, a leading data recovery solutions provider, today announced the release of Stellar Smart Finder V1.0.0.5. This is an advanced version of the utility that was launched earlier and is now equipped with smarter features to locate and manage files on Mac systems. This is a path finder utility that can search and locate desired files including duplicates and present them through a user friendly interface. Users can therefore manage data easily and remove duplicates if so desired. Users can also set preferences for finding files of a particular size. Preferences are now a menu option in this version granting users more control and accessibility.

"Managing data is increasingly becoming a challenging task for most users as the buildup of information happens daily. It often so happens that we maintain copies of our files and folders at more than one location in our drives. This may result in duplicity and therefore over a period of time cause a lag in system performance. This utility is an extremely efficient path finder tool that allows users to locate their desired files easily and manage them”, said Mr. Sunil Chandna, CEO Stellar Data Recovery.

Like most utilities from Stellar, this tool too is available for a FREE Download. Through the free version users can scan their drives and locate desired files & folders. To perform deletion and other desired actions, users will have to register the product. Stellar Smart Finder scans Mac partitions and presents the size and other details of all your files and folders, enabling you to detect large items on your hard drive. Not just this, the information is presented in three different views; graphical view, list view and column view for easy understanding and comprehension by users. These views have all necessary information regarding file hierarchy so that users can take appropriate actions quickly.

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Pricing & Availability

The efficient tool is nominally priced at just Rs.1950 and the free version can be downloaded by simply visiting


Stellar Data Recovery is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified organization that specializes in Phoenix data recovery Tools, Disk utilities and in-lab data recovery services. Ever since 1993, Stellar has emerged as a leading and well-trusted brand for all kinds of data loss situations. With its wide range of software and services, Stellar has more than 2 million customers, which includes top corporate giants from all over the world.

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