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RAID Data Recovery from Following Brands

  • Dell
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Compaq
  • EMC2


Stellar has been providing data recovery solutions since 1993, and has a track record of more than 26 years in helping individuals and businesses in recovering their precious data. We are an ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified organization and follow stringent practices. Our experts recover up to 100% data from your RAID server securely and with integrity. We recover data from RAID servers in all data loss situations, and from RAID servers of all makes.


Though RAID servers provide disk redundancy, you may still lose RAID server data in circumstances such as multiple disk failure, malware attack, natural disaster, physical damage, etc.

If you've lost RAID server data, seek the help of Stellar data recovery service. As every data loss situation is distinct, we provide customized data recovery service for RAID server data recovery. We have world-class infrastructure with Class 100 clean room facility, and have skilled technicians who ensure successful recovery of RAID server data in all data loss situations.

Here’s the list of common RAID server data loss cases handled by our technicians:

  • Crashed RAID server
  • Multiple disks failed
  • Disk(s) physically crashed
  • Failed RAID controller
  • Inconsistencies in RAID array parameters
  • RAID controller unable to recognize the drives
  • RAID server failed to boot
  • Encountered "Offline Member" error message
  • RAID array degraded
  • RAID drive missing
  • RAID rebuild aborted or failed
  • Encountered disk related error message
RAID Data Recovery Service


The cost of RAID data recovery service varies and can be estimated only after complete analysis of RAID disks. The exact cost depends upon the following key parameters:

  • Data storage capacity of RAID disks
  • Complexity of data loss situation
  • Make and model of disks
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Don’t Rebuild


While trying to rebuild RAID on your own, you may end up in entering incorrect RAID array parameters.

Avoid Tampering


Keep the disks labelled and don’t alter the position or sequence of disks, as data is read and written in a certain sequence.

Don’t Repair


Don’t try to repair physically crashed disk(s) to recover data on your own. Data recovery from physically crashed RAID disks needs specialized resources and expertise.

raid support


As soon as you observe symptoms of RAID server failure or lose data, contact a Professional Data Recovery Service provider to prevent further damages and permanent data loss.


What are the common causes of Raid Failure?

In most cases Raid fails due to following reasons:

  • Virus attack
  • Physical Media Failures
  • Due to Controller Issues
  • Sudden Power Outages and Electrical Events
  • Software Errors and Malfunctions
Can RAID Reconstructor work without a drive-in Raid 0 Array?

No, because RAID 0 is non-redundant and does not allow the loss of a drive in the array. In this situation, you can lose data forever if one drive fails.

Can I recover a RAID 5 array if two drives have failed?

It's a very critical situation, and if two raid drive fails, then you cannot overcome the loss because RAID 5 can only be recovered with the loss of one disk. However, you can take professional Raid recovery services or software.Read case study

How to recover data from RAID-based NAS (Network Attached Storage)?

You can take help from a data recovery professional to recover your data. Our experts can recover your lost data from the RAID server, even if several drives in your RAID-based NAS server have already failed. Read case study

Is there any software to recover data from Windows RAID?

Yes, you can try Stellar Data Recovery – Technician for Windows Raid Recovery.

Can I recover my deleted data from the RAID drive by using the software?

Yes, you can easily recover all your deleted/formatted data from RAID drives by using Stellar Data Recovery - Technician. After you rebuild the RAID, you can select and scan the drives. Once the scan gets completed, select the files you want to recover from the scanned list. Then select 'Recover,' and choose the destination, and 'Start Saving your files/data.

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Due to COVID-19, Stellar Data Recovery offices will remain closed during the lockdown period. In continuation of our commitment to data care services and to ensure data loss does not hamper businesses or individuals, Stellar will be operating online and provide remote data recovery services. Read More