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Secure, Fast & Efficient Data Erasure Software for varied storage media.

BitRaser serves needs for a managed & certified data erasure solution that can support internal & external corporate audit requirements with traceable reporting.

  • Erase data from PC's, Laptop, and External Storage Media
  • Simultaneous Erasure of Large Volume of Hard Drives
  • Optimized to securely wipe at High Speed
  • Meets & Exceeds Statutory Compliance Needs
  • Comprehensive Audit Trails, Reporting & Certification

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Features - BitRaser

Non recoverable data eraserNon recoverable data eraser

BitRaser is a certified and highly secured data eraser program that can satisfy the needs of Corporate by securely erasing data from multiple storage media. This tool assures the regulatory compliance of the organizations in order to securely remove data from internal and external storage media. The tool supports BIOS/UEFI, therefore easily detects the hard drives.

Simultaneous EraserSimultaneous Eraser

Network Edition of BitRaser erases 254 drives simultaneously, which saves your time and also efficiently complete the erasing process. This module is useful for those firms who have thousands of hard drives to erase and they wanted to donate or switch the hard drive to a new section. This feature of the tool is highly efficient and fast and can erase even larger sized hard drives simultaneously.

Follow the international standardFollow the international standard

BitRaser follows a secured and certified data erasure method as it meets and exceeds total 17 international erasure standards that assure the secure removal of data from a digital storage medium. Therefore, BitRaser is the most recommended data removal solution before donation, resells, reuse, and recycle the digital storage media.

Multiple booting optionsMultiple booting options

The tool is equipped with multiple booting options such as booting through USB and Remote Wake up LAN that help you to create a connection between the software and hard drive. Once you are familiar with the BitRaser then to run this commercial tool will be very easy.

Manage Centralize processManage Centralize process

BitRaser continuously controls and monitors the erasure process over a network while running, so that no traits of data will remain on the connected hard drives. It also ensures that all the connected hard drives, which run the data removal process, show the current status.

Generates Log of the Entire Process Generates Log of the Entire Process

BitRaser allows you to create the certificate for Audit trials to ensure about the security. This eraser report can be customized according to the requirements and can be saved in PDF, HTML, XML file format. The tool generates secured reports and provides the option to search required report through the management console.

Supported hard drivesSupported hard drives

This highly secured and certified data eraser tool supports almost all types of hard drives such as SCSI, SAS, IDE / ATA, SATA hard drive, and USB. Additionally, you can erase data from SSD hard drive as well and reuse or donate your hard drives to start a fresh storage.

Options for Customization and Automation Options for Customization and Automation

The tool is available for both customization and Automation options. You can configure the erasing process of the BitRaser according to available erasing standards and security features that increase the speed of the process and make it more efficient.

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