MS SQL Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

Stellar Repair for MS SQL is a database repair software that allows SQL Administrators to resolve SQL database corruption issues arising due to hardware or software issues. The admins can repair the corrupt MDF and NDF files and recover all components of SQL database such as Indexes, Views, Tables, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Rules, User Defined Functions, and Keys. Software scans the entire database and provides free preview of recoverable items. The database repair software also recovers XML indexes and data types, column set property, sparse columns, and file stream data, and saves them to the existing database or exports to a new database.

Recover All SQL Database

Repairs all Corrupt SQL Server Database Components

The SQL database recovery application is designed to work for all scenarios of database corruption that arise due to hardware problem, bugs in SQL Server, OS malfunction, unexpected system shutdown, virus attacks etc. The SQL recovery tool recovers Indexes, Views, Tables, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Rules, User Defined Functions, Keys and more. In addition, the SQL Server database recovery tool supports recovery of XML indexes and data types, column set property, sparse columns, and file stream data types.

Recover MDF and NDF Files

Restores Objects of MDF and NDF Files

MDF (.mdf) is the primary file containing database header and system table information, whereas NDF (.ndf) is the secondary database file. A SQL Server Database corruption typically affects both the MDF and NDF files, and thereby makes the database inconsistent. The software scans the database for mangled entries, corrects bit pattern and brings database to a consistent state. The SQL recovery software can repair corruption in both MDF and NDF files including all the objects contained in these files.

Recover Deleted Record

Recovers the Deleted Records

The utility also recovers deleted records from a corrupt SQL database while performing the repair function. You can restore all your deleted records without affecting the original hierarchy. It also allows to save the recovered data in a newly created table just beneath the original file. This helps in differentiating between recovered deleted records and repaired corrupt files to save them as required.

Multiple Saving options

Multiple Saving options

On completion of SQL database recovery process, recovered database can either be saved at the default or any specific location. The SQL Database recovery software provides multiple file format options to save the repaired SQL server database file, which include MSSQL, CSV, HTML, and XLS. This is helpful since you don't need to install SQL Server on your system for opening the repaired file. Additionally, the queries of severely corrupt objects that are not recovered, can be kept in a separate text file.

Allows Selective Recovery of SQL Database Objects

Allows Selective Recovery of SQL Database Objects

Stellar Repair for MS SQL software enables you to perform selective recovery of database objects. The functionality allows you to select specific database objects that need to be recovered from the list, and saves them at a default or specific location.

Recovers ROW and PAGE compressed Data

Recovers ROW and PAGE compressed Data

The SQL tables with PAGE and ROW compression are also in scope of this SQL database recovery software. The tool also supports Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode (SCSU) for SQL Server 2008 R2, and recovers all the data in its original format.

Reconnects Automatically when Disrupted

Reconnects Automatically when Disrupted

The SQL recovery software reconnects the MS SQL server automatically, when there is a disruption during the repair process. This ensures that the repair process runs smoothly

Support and Compatibility

Support and Compatibility

Stellar Repair for MS SQL software is compatible with Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003 and Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and supports MS SQL server: 2019 BETA, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2008*64, 2008 Express, 2005, 2005*64, Express, 2000, 2000*64, 7.0 and mixed formats.

Why Do We Need SQL Database Repair Tool?
  • Error 823: I/O error (torn page) detected during read at offset 0x00000027dc2000 in file.
  • Server can't find the requested database table
  • Index '%ls' on '%ls' in database '%ls' may be corrupt because of expression evaluation changes in this release. Drop and re-create the index"
  • The process could not execute 'sp_replcmds' on Server
  • The file *.mdf is missing and needs to restore
Try Stellar Repair for MS SQL software and get all your information back from corrupt MDF file.

Follow the below procedure to repair corrupt SQL database:

  • Launch the SQL Recovery software.
  • Select corrupt MDF file.
  • Click on the Repair button.
  • See the preview of repaired SQL database.
  • Save the repaired data into New or Live database

Yes, the 'Demo' version of Stellar Repair for MS SQL runs a thorough scan against the selected SQL database and displays all recovered objects for preview in the main interface. You can preview any object to check the accuracy of scan results.

Stellar SQL Recovery does not require an SQL Server installation for displaying the preview of repairable database objects. This implies that you can verify the recovery results after performing a database scan using the software without having MS SQL Server pre-installed on your system. The software however, needs an installation of SQL Server for saving the recovered database objects. The tool works by creating a new SQL Server database, and then saving all the recovered objects to this new database.

You should make a copy of your database and run recovery on this copy instead of the original file in order to mitigate the risks of any accidental damage to the file. The software by itself is equipped to prevent any modifications to your database. However, if something goes awry (power spike, system glitch), you may run the risk of damaging the database structure or the contents of your database file.

No, the software simply repairs the corrupt file and restores data in a new file without tampering the original file.

Yes, Stellar SQL Recovery also includes repairing and recovering database from suspect mode.

The “invalid database file version” error is identified when the SQL Database repair software is unable to detect the database version.

Yes, the application supports repairing and recovering all objects of both MDF and NDF files

Yes, the software is able to identify the version of SQL Server where the file was created.

Why Choose Stellar?