Stellar announces a special offer for all its customers who avail in-lab services on two of its most efficient tools 'Stellar Insta Backup Gold' & 'Stellar File Wipe'. This offer is valid between Media In and Media Out time only. Please visit our nearest branch to avail the limited period offer.
Insta Backup Gold
Safeguard for Your Precious Data

Complete backup software that helps you backup your confidential data. The software creates a backup image that can be easily restored to a desired destination in your system.

  • Performs full volume backup and also allows selective backup of files and folders
  • Mounts/Unmounts backup image to access all backed up data
  • Creates identical image of any volume or the entire hard disk
  • Creates a virus-free 'Secure Zone' for safely storing backup files
  • Prepares a bootable 'Rescue disk' that can be used to restore system in the event of a crash
Insta Backup Gold - Stellar
File Wipe Windows - Stellar
File Wipe Windows
Permanent File Erasure from Your System

A reliable file eraser software that helps wiping selected files from your hard drive, eliminating any chance of recovery. This File Eraser software overwrites your confidential data with random meaningless sequence of bits multiple times to eliminate data recovery possibilities.

  • Selectively erases files, application/system traces, emails, & slack spaces
  • Allows wiping a group of selected files in a single go
  • Allows you to perform the wiping operation at a particular instance of time
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP & 2000