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Extends Its Support Towards Recent Floods in Chennai
New Delhi, India: Stellar Data Recovery has decided to offer 50% discount on analysis charges and 10% charge has been waived off on hard drive data recovery services in Chennai for a limited period. This offer is valid on all wet hard drives. "Our Chennai office is fully operational and Coimbatore location is on standby for any additional support requirement to help those affected by the recent calamity in Chennai", said Mr. Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar Data Recovery.
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Disaster Recovery Management
Do's & Don'ts in Case of Natural Disasters like Recent Floods in Chennai
Stellar Data Recovery DO NOT TURN ON THE POWER of your storage device.
Stellar Data Recovery DO NOT PLUG IN any of your flooded storage media to your computer.
Stellar Data Recovery DO NOT TRY OUT any solution advised by local unqualified maintenance engineers or on your own, this may lead to permanent data loss.
Stellar Data Recovery DO NOT OPEN your hard drive and expose the storage media, this may lead to permanent data loss.
Stellar Data Recovery DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRY THE DISK which will lead to deposition of contaminated residue on the disk's platters and heads causing physical degradation of platters diminishing chances of successful data recovery.
Stellar Data Recovery KEEP THE DISK WET. This stops the hard disk's corrosion making it easy for recovery experts to recover data.
Stellar Data Recovery ENSURE THAT DISK IS OPENED ONLY IN A CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM LAB by a qualified data recovery expert.
  Infocom 2015
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At Indian Co-operative Banks Technology Summit & Awards 2015
New Delhi, India: Stellar Data Recovery, the leading provider of data recovery, email migration and data erasure solutions recently participated in Indian Co-operative Banks Technology Summit & Awards 2015 from Nov 21st – 22nd in Mumbai. Stellar presented on information security and how data breach takes place if proper measures are not taken to protect privacy & confidentiality.
  Technology Summit 2015
Stellar Data Recovery
At INFOCOM Kolkata 2015
New Delhi, India: A little while back Stellar Data Recovery participated in INFOCOM 2015 – one of the most exciting IT event. Stellar showcased their most advanced Data Recovery solutions, featuring recovery from encrypted hard disks, SSD & RAID Servers.
Customer Testimonial
Stellar Data Recovery I want to thank you warmly for the great job you have done in a very professional way! Even in France they were not sure to recover the data and they ask you to pay the amount first and then they will tell you what is possible, but if the data is lost, they won't refund the money. You have done exactly the opposite and that the reason I will highly recommend your service even to my friends in France. I checked the data, and I must say everything is there, and in a perfect condition. Thank you again and again.

François Paturle
Chennai, India
Stellar Data Recovery
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