CTB Virus: Computer Ransomware Infection and Repair

CTB Locker virus is a popular and dangerous ransomware crypto-type infection, which was noticed in July 2014. If you know about ransomware software, like Crypto wall virus, Crypto locker, Cryptor bit, Critroni, etc., and then have a fair amount if the idea of what actually it does. CTB locker virus is like a kidnapper that encrypts specific type of data files and demands money for decryption, this amount could be anything, (according to past records, it was 24 USD or less and 120 USD), and should be paid in a form of bitcoins.

In 2015, the upgraded version of CTB-Locker was launched that demands for 3 BTC or about $630 to decrypt the encrypted files. Additionally, this latest version of the virus also includes some more features like ‘free decryption’ service, an extended deadline of 96 hours to pay the fine, option to switch the language (English to Dutch & German to Italian) of the ransom message. The free decryption allows choosing 5 different files for decryption; therefore, this option is known as ‘Test Decryption’ and is developed to convince users about the service functionality. Unfortunately, even if you do exactly what CTB-Locker wants, then also there are chances that you still might end up losing everything on your PC. In the end, you are left with your encrypted files even after the successful payment.

In order to remove this virus from your system, scan your computer with efficient anti-spyware software and download any recovery programs or go for recovery services instead of paying them, in order to recover your files.

Symptoms of CTB on your system files:

You your system is already infected with CTB virus then you will no longer able to open some of your files. If you try to open those encrypted files, you will be able to see some warning messages that explain the ransom process and demands money to pay for decryption.

To avoid further file encryption, you should immediately scan your system with an efficient anti-spyware program so that you could save remained files. Unfortunately, this infection cannot be noticed, before it starts showing the notification about encrypted data and demands for money. Therefore, to avoid this, you should keep an updated version of anti-spyware installed on your system, which can prevent your system from infections.

How it Spread?

Although, there could be various many ways of infiltration, the main source of CTB Locker is, aggressive spam campaigns, compromised web links, false system upgrades, malicious websites, and freeware downloads, etc. Usually, there are many emails message in your inbox that pretends to be important and real and needs immediate attention, for example, a FAX mail. When you access such emails, you will be asked to download and run an attached archive file which includes Trojan. Once the Trojan has accessed in your PC, it automatically installs the CTB Locker infection and starts encrypting the files, such as photos, music, documents, etc.

How to avoid the CTB:

  • Never, follow the malicious and suspected links in email messages
  • Avoid submitting any information to web pages in any links.
  • Keep updating your operating system and software with latest patches.
  • Regularly back up of your system and important data files.
  • Block attachment types at the Email Gateway level (.SCR, CAB, EXE)

Remove the CTB Locker:

CTB locker can be removed with a reliable antivirus program. Unfortunately, there is no way to restore the encrypted data. To recover an encrypted file the only efficient way is a reliable data recovery service provider. Although, you could also choose some recovery software these tools doesn’t take guaranty complete files decryption. Therefore, the most trustworthy way is a data recovery service provider. You could choose a reliable and most recommended recovery service like Stellar and decrypt all your files without any data loss.

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