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Stellar Data Recovery Hyderabad

Stellar’s data recovery center in Hyderabad offers a comprehensive range of data recovery services for businesses as well as individuals. Our data recovery specialists recover data with utmost efficiency, safety, and confidentiality. We’re known for delivering best data recovery results, even in the most complex data loss situations.

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509, 5th Floor, Aditya Trade Center,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad- 500038,
Telangana India

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766 990 6216

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9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
(Mon - Sat)

Our Delighted Customers

#1 Data Recovery Service in Hyderabad

Stellar Data Recovery’s Hyderabad center offers world-class data recovery services to recover data from all types of storage devices. Our experienced professionals perform data recovery in secure environment of air-controlled labs to ensure safety and security of data.

Best Data Recovery Service Provider in Hyderabad, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh

Services Offered in Data Recovery Hyderabad Center

Stellar is the most trusted, professional, fast & reliable data recovery service provider in Hyderabad. We recover data for many organizations, SMEs, individuals, professional photographers &videographers’ from all kind of data loss situations.
Data loss can happen due to many reasons like human errors, virus attacks, software related issues, or maybe physical damage to the hard drive or any other storage devices. Here is a comprehensive overview of data loss cases which we receive in our data recovery Hyderabad Center.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

We are experts in recovering data from hard drive. We operate over 50,000+ Jobs in our data recovery center every year. We receive many hard drives (Internal Hard Drives, External Hard Drives, and Portable Hard Drives) in our data recovery Hyderabad center for data recovery. Our professionals can recover data for both logical hard drive failure and physical hard drive failure . Stellar is the only data recovery service provider who has the certified class 100 clean room facility.
Our experts at Stellar can recover data from complex data loss cases. We recover data from all kind of hard drives (All manufacturers, all make and models including Western Digital (WD) hard drive, Seagate hard drive, Dell hard drive, Toshiba hard drive, as well as HGST hard drive, etc.).

Raid Server Recovery 

Recovering data from Raid (redundant array of independent disk) server is complicated due to its technology, configuration and uniqueness. We have 30 years of experience in recovering data from different kind of Raid servers. Each Raid data recovery is unique for us, but there are few common causes of data loss like human errors, power failures, mechanical issue, failed Reb uild etc. Our experts have the complete knowledge and resources for successful Raid Data Recovery. We recover data from all kind of Raid Server – Raid 0 to Raid 10.

Data Recovery

  • From All Media Devices
  • Secure & Confidential
  • Fastest Data Recovery
  • Use of Latest Software & Technology
  • Data Recovery Centers Across India

Customer Service

  • Prompt Response
  • 24*6 Availability
  • Centralized Helpline Number

Media Pick up

  • Media Pickup & delivery
  • Media device Tracking
  • No Misplaced or Lost Packages

Our Promises

We’re known for delivering best data recovery results, even in the most complex data loss situations. We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company and follow stringent data privacy policies throughout the data recovery process to ensure safe and secure recovery of your data. We are trusted by many Fortune 500 companies and Indian MNCs. We have more than 3 million happy customers worldwide.



Complete transparency throughout the data recovery process.



100% safe and secure recovery of data.



Risk-free and reliable data recovery service.



You can always rely on us for your data recovery



Best data recovery experience throughout the data recovery job.


Our Customer Service Team 

We have an attentive and compassionate customer service team that provides all the necessary support to the clients at every stage of the data recovery process. Our customer support representatives offer regular updates to the clients about each and every aspect of the data recovery process, attend to all their queries, and also provide after service support. 

Md. Hussain Lengre - Regional Manager at Stellar

Md. Hussain Lengre 

Relationship Manager

K. RamaLaxmi - Service Manager at StellarData Recovery

K. RamaLaxmi

Service Manager

Shameem Sultana - Executive- Inside Sales at StellarData Recovery

Shameem Sultana

Executive- Inside Sales

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Can you recover data from a damaged server?

Yes. We can recover up to 100% data from damaged or corrupt servers.

Can I recover my client's photos from the SD card with confidentiality?

Yes. You can seek our help to recover all the data from SD card. We’re an ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certified company. We follow stringent data privacy policies throughout the recovery process to ensure complete privacy and confidentiality of your data.

Do I need to visit the Hyderabad data recovery center directly or book an appointment?

There is no need to book an appointment. You can directly come to the Hyderabad data recovery center with your storage device and submit it for data recovery. You can also avail our pick-up and drop service for media submission.

What is the process of submitting damaged devices for data recovery?

You can directly come to our data recovery center and submit your media for data recovery. You can also avail the media pick-up and drop service. If you want to avail this service, you need to give us a call.

How long does the data recovery process typically take?

The duration of the data recovery process depends on factors like the device's damage severity and recovery complexity. We aim for efficient completion without compromising quality.



We Are Rated 'The Best' By Our Customers

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Average Customer Rating

Thank you Stellar for giving back the data which we lost. We lost the hope of getting data back but Stellar helped us in recovering my data.

Thank you Sadhana Madam for explaining the process clearly and helping us.

Mohd Kaif
5 Star Rating 5/5

Service is good Sadhana Madam and Shameem Madam they have explained the total process correctly simply ensuring 100% data recovery. Fully satisfied with the Services.

Santosh Kemmasaram
5 Star Rating 5/5

Thank you, stellar you have recovered my data very well wedding videos and photos were very clear I am very happy once again thanks to Sadhana Madam for guiding me from start to end 1st in good and quality recovery.

Sri Kanth
5 Star Rating 5/5

Excellent service by the staff and good response from them if any problem regarding data must visit.

Ega Kishore Kumar
5 Star Rating 5/5

Thanks for Stellar data recovery, My data waste lost drive was not detected, the Stellar team has recovered my whole data at the best price and the service was good with a great communication team. Sadhana, Shameem, and Hussain helped me in every aspect and finally, this is the one-stop solution for your lost data.

Shabbeer Ahmed
5 Star Rating 5/5

Best in data recovery services. Sadhana madam & Shameem madam helped me and explained the total process superbly.

Overall good experience with Stellar.

Pulakhandam Veera Hanuman
5 Star Rating 5/5

Best data recovery, Sadhana madam, Shameem madam, and Ramalaxmi madam helped me a lot and explained the process and updated me as soon as possible throughout the process.

Raju Chintala
5 Star Rating 5/5

It's a really awesome experience.
Data was recovered effectively from my Hard Drive without missing any information.
I appreciate all the Team members of Stellar for their meaningful work and service.

Srinivas B
5 Star Rating 5/5

Steller is god for data recovery My 5 years of very very important work files backed up on a hard drive and it's suddenly corrupted bye worker when I plug in my HDD it shows unallocated and the drive used zero kb, I tried to recover data but all technicians telling it's gone you will never get back your files here comes Stellar my last hope and recovered my all data. Highly recommend it for professional users thank you so much Stellar recovering all my data

Jakir Hossain
5 Star Rating 5/5

Successfully recovered data from my drive and the Stellar Hyderabad staff was very patient and supportive. Thank you for recovering my important data. Fully satisfied with the service and highly recommended.

Chandu Munna
5 Star Rating 5/5