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Certified Data Wiping & Health Diagnostics Software for Mobile Devices

BitRaser® Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics Software erases data from iOS and Android-based mobile devices, beyond the scope of recovery. The software wipes mobile devices to safeguard data privacy and guarantee regulatory compliance. The software performs a series of assisted and automated tests to help you know the health and functioning of the mobile devices.

Comprehensive Phone Eraser Software

  • Erases and diagnoses all Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Supports erasure and diagnostics of up to 40 devices in one go 
  • Supports 10 international erasure standards, like NIST, DoD, HMG, etc.
  • Available with Cloud console for license manageability
  • Generates tamper-proof erasure and diagnostics reports for audit trails 
BitRaser Mobile Eraser


Bitraser® Mobile Eraser Software

You can use BitRaser® Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics software to erase iPhone data and Android mobile data. The software wipes mobile data beyond the scope of recovery and performs various tests to evaluate the device’s health. Here are some top use cases of BitRaser® Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics tool.

Mobile Eraser Software

Need to Dispose MOBILE

In case you wish to dispose your mobile device, permanently erase mobile data by using the phone eraser software to prevent data exposure. 

iPhone Eraser Software

Exchanging Mobile

If you’re exchanging or selling your mobile, you need to wipe it so that your sensitive data does not fall into wrong hands.

Mobile health checker software

Need to Diagnose Mobile Health

If you’re a mobile reseller and want to know the health and functioning status of the mobile or iPhone, use BitRaser® software and perform multiple health tests.


Scalable, Manageable, and Cost-Effective Software

The software erases Android mobile and iPhone data, by using international standards, to safeguard privacy. It also performs various health tests to get accurate analysis of mobile device components.

Permanent Mobile Eraser

Permanent Erasure

BitRaser® Mobile Eraser software permanently erases every bit of data from iOS and Android devices. It uses 10 global standards for the erasure process to ensure complete data wiping and prevents data breach when you’re disposing, exchanging, or selling the mobile device.  

Cloud Integration 

Cloud Integration 

The software comes with a cloud console that helps you to create users, distribute licenses, and maintain central repository of reports and certificates. It also helps manage multiple, remotely spread erasure tasks easily.

Tamper-proof Reports

Tamper-proof Reports

The privacy guarding software generates detailed reports containing information, such as erasure status, IMEI number, device model, FMIP / FMD Lock status, capacity, diagnostic results, etc.

International Standards

International Standards

BitRaser® Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics software erases data from mobile devices in adherence to 10 international erasure standards, including DoD (3 & 7 passes), NIST 800-88, HMG, etc.

Automated Mobile Eraser

Automated Erasure

The mobile eraser software automates the process of mobile data erasure and diagnostics. It also automatically uploads the erasure reports and certificate on the cloud.

Mobile Health Diagnostics

Mobile Health Diagnostics

The software helps in quickly and effortlessly assessing the functioning and health status of mobile devices through 30+ automatic & manual tests. This provides accurate analysis of device components, like battery, microphone, camera, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.


BitRaser®: Tested, Certified and Compliant

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Technical Specifications - BitRaser® Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics

  • Unified, simple interface for mobile erasure or diagnostics
  • Erases data from iOS & Android devices beyond the scope of recovery
  • Tests mobile device functionality and creates diagnostics report 
  • Erases data from working mobile device even if its screen is broken 
  • Supports erasure & diagnosis of iOS devices on iOS v7 and above
  • Supports erasure & diagnosis of Android devices on OS v5 and above
  • Performs high-speed erasure and diagnostics of up to 40 devices in a single process
  • Erases locked iOS devices
  • No need of pre-installed OS on host workstation
  • Centralized cloud platform for user creation, license distribution, and management
  • Supports 10 international erasure standards, like DoD, NIST 800-88, etc.
  • Assesses health of mobile devices through 30+ automatic & manual tests
  • Prints label for erased or diagnosed mobile devices
  • Allows to rename USB port for easy identification
  • Options to provide asset tag and custom information
  • Connects to the internet through Ethernet or Wi-Fi


BitRaser® Mobile Eraser – Erase Mobile Data Quickly & Effortlessly

BitRaser® Mobile Eraser software offers an easy-to-use interface for wiping data from all Android mobiles and iPhones.

Install the Software

Install the Software

Boot the host machine from bootable media to install the software.

Reboot the Machine

Reboot the Machine

Reboot the system to enter into the BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics menu.

Erase the Devices

Erase the Devices

Plug and wipe the mobile devices using BitRaser Mobile Eraser installed on the host machine.


BitRaser® Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics – Get Detailed Reports

BitRaser® Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics tool generates comprehensive mobile data eraser reports, containing important information about the erasure process, such as erasure method used, erasure results, etc. These data eraser reports can be used for audit-trail. The software also generates digitally-signed device diagnostics report that tells about the overall health of the mobile/iPhone.

Download Sample Reports

Bitraser mobile eraser Sample Report


Can I install BitRaser Mobile Eraser directly on the mobile phone to erase its data?

No, You need to install the software on a computer/laptop and use it to erase data from a connected mobile device(s). 

What are the requirements for using BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics?

You need a computer or laptop to install the software and use it for wiping or diagnosing mobile devices.

Does BitRaser Mobile Eraser support all current Android versions?

All Android versions, starting with version 5, are supported by BitRaser Mobile Eraser.

Will the BitRaser require a new licence for the same mobile if I erase a mobile device and then want to perform erasure again?

When using BitRaser Mobile Eraser, you can do as many diagnostics or erasers of the same mobile within 24 hours without using any extra licenses because the license has a 24-hour validity period once it has been used.

Do I receive a data eraser certificate once a mobile has been wiped by BitRaser?

Yes, for each mobile device, you receive a tamper-proof data eraser certificate.

Can I wipe a cloud-locked iPhone?

Yes, you can erase a cloud-locked iPhone, but the lock will not be removed.

How can I safely erase every piece of private information from my Android device?

Use BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics to completely erase all personal data from an Android smartphone.

Which iPhone models may be wiped and diagnosed with BitRaser?

iPhone SE (2nd Generation), iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone X are among the supported iPhone models.

Do I receive a diagnosis report once a mobile has been tested by BitRaser?

Yes, for each mobile device, you receive an extensive diagnostics report.

How many mobile devices can BitRaser Mobile Eraser erase or diagnose on a same computer?

Using BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics, up to 40 mobile devices can be erased or diagnosed at once on a single computer.

Which diagnostic tests are carried out by the BitRaser Mobile Eraser?

The software runs more than 30 tests to obtain an accurate diagnostic of the device's components, including the touch screen, microphone, dead pixel, camera, GPS, and Bluetooth etc.

How do I connect BitRaser Mobile Eraser to the Internet?

By using an Ethernet, hotspot, or Wi-Fi network, you can connect BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostic to the cloud console.

How many erasure standards does the BitRaser Mobile Eraser support?

BitRaser Mobile Eraser supports 10 globally accepted erasing standards, including NIST 800-88, US DoD 5200.22-M, and British HMG IS5.