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SSD Data Recovery Solutions

SSDs usually show any signs and symptoms of damage. The electronic components do not send out any or ticking sound, which is usually taken as a warning to the user about the impending failing of the disk. When the SSD stops working or responding, it is a signal that that disk might have failed, which may result in data loss. Stellar offers you following data recovery solutions for SSD data recovery:

Professional SSD Data Recovery Service

Data recovery from SSD drive is highly complicated, particularly in the case of TRIM enabled SSDs. This is so because the TRIM permits the operating system to command the SSD to wipe off the blocks of data that is no longer required. When the data has been erased, and new data is overwritten in that area, data recovery becomes impossible. Furthermore, unlike hard disk drives that have an identical make, SSD's and Flash present unique and different makes, which poses a challenge for SSD recovery.

Here are few points that make SSD data recovery challenging:

  • Address line complexity
  • Density of Memory chip
  • Error correction code variables
  • Encryption and Encoding variations

Therefore, it is always better to contact a company offering data recovery services. Stellar Data Recovery is one of the leading companies, having an experience of over 24 years, offers SDD recovery service. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals coupled with Class 100 clean rooms, which makes SSD data recovery possible.

SSD Data Recovery Service

SSD Data Recovery Service Cost

SSD data recovery service cost can be estimated only after proper analysis of affected SSD. The SSD recovery cost depends upon following key parameters:

  • SSD Hard Drive Condition – working or not?
  • What type of damage your SSD drive has suffered?
  • Storage capacity of the SSD drive.

You need to submit your SSD drive in our data recovery center for analysis. After complete analysis, we can confirm following:

  • SSD Data Recovery possibility
  • Time estimate to recover lost SSD data
  • Exact SSD Data Recovery cost
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SSD Data Recovery Software

Download our SSD recovery software which lets you recover lost or deleted data from any SSD drive easily & quickly. The software is simple to download and install. Further, since the software is secure and safe-to-use, it will not harm your SDD in any manner.

Using unauthorized software for SSD recovery can lead to SSD failure and the data loss can become permanent.

DIY SSD Data Recovery
Stellar Data Recovery Software

SSD Data Recovery Software Cost

You can recover all your data lost due to deletion, formatting, virus infection, improper operation, unexpected power failure, software crash or any other unforeseen reasons. The DIY software enables complete recovery of data from any type of Internal & External HDD, SSDs, USB Drives, SD Cards, Pen Drives, Digital Cameras, Media Player & other portable storage devices.

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* Download the trial version to scan & preview all the lost files & folders.

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Tips To Increase The Success Rate Of SSD Data Recovery
Physical Damage

Physical Damage

When your SSD is physically damaged, it is not possible to recover data from software solution. This type of damage will require professional assistance from stellar experts.

Software Damage

Software Issues

For software issues, use only trusted software solution as the unauthorized solutions could format the SSD or overwrite data. Reversing this damage can be difficult.

Virus Attack

Virus Attack

Virus attacks can corrupt your data, make it inaccessible, or delete folders. In such scenario, the first step is to stop using the drive and then utilize Stellar Data Recovery services.

Human Errors

Human Errors

In case of accidental data loss, stellar recovery software can help you. However, if you are unable to recover stored information, use professional data recovery services by Stellar.


I have failed ssd drive, how should I recover data from it?

If you have a failed SSD drive, before trying to recover the data from it, it is important to identify the reason behind its failure. You should identify whether it has stopped working due to a logical failure of the drive, physical failure or both physical and logical failure. In case there is a logical failure, you can recover the data using data recovery software. However, there is a chance of losing data while trying to recover data from the SSD drive. Therefore, no matter whether it is a logical failure, physical failure or both, it is always better to approach a reliable data recovery service provider.

What to do if my ssd crashes with no backup?

This is one of the most disastrous situations that you might face. This is a case of physical failure and since data recovery from SSD is very complicated, it is better to reach out to experts for help. You can get in touch with Stellar Data Recovery, which is one of the top-notch data recovery companies not only in India but the World.

My SSD crashed. Now not showing up in BIOS

Whenever a hard disk drive or a solid-state drive crashes, it becomes unreadable. Therefore, after your SSD has crashed, it is not showing up in the BIOS. You can seek expert help to get your SSD repaired, and the data stored in it recovered. This is because data recovery process in SSD is very much complicated as compared to HDD recovery.

How to recover data from formatted SSD?

It often happens that due to some reason we forget to back up the data stored in our HDD or SSD and format it. Once the SSD has been formatted, all your data stored in it becomes inaccessible to you. However, if you have not stored any data after formatting your SSD, the data that was previously stored can be recovered. You can seek professional help from a reliable data recovery company to get back your data from a formatted SSD.

Some of the common causes of data loss from an ssd are:
  • Failure of electrical components
  • Failure of controller chip
  • Damage of the capacitor
  • Development of bad sectors
  • Virus attacks
  • Damage to the printed circuit boards
  • Damage due to natural disaster
  • Water Spilling
  • Firmware updates
  • Corruption of the flash chips
  • Short-circuit
  • Human errors such as accidental deletion of data or formatting of SSD
  • Software corruption

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