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Data Recovery from Internal and External Samsung® Hard Drives

Stellar® offers world-class services to recover data from Samsung® hard drives. Our data recovery experts utilize proprietary technology to salvage data, lost due to any data loss reason, from all types of Samsung® hard drives. We have Class 100 Clean Room lab to ensure safe and secure data recovery. We have a success rate of 80% in recovering data from Samsung® hard drives. 


External Hard Drive Not Detected

If your Samsung® external hard drive is not detected by your computer, you can’t access the data. This issue may occur if your drive is faulty, corrupt, or damaged. In such a case, you need to seek the help of data recovery services provider who has expertise in recovering data from Samsung® hard drives.


Physically Damaged Samsung® Hard Drive

If your hard drive is making weird noises, like clicking, grinding, buzzing, etc., then these are the symptoms of a failing hard drive. In such a case, immediately stop using the hard drive. If there is a data loss; contact us. 


Samsung® Hard Drive Making Noise

If you experience some unusual sounds from your Samsung® hard drive, stop using it immediately. The sounds such as clicking, buzzing, grinding, etc., indicate that the hard drive is going to fail. In such a scenario, contact professional data recovery service providers.


Corrupt Samsung® Hard Drive

If you cannot access the data on the Samsung® hard drive, perhaps the drive is corrupt. In case of corruption, you need to format the hard drive. We, at Stellar®, offer data recovery services to recover data from the corrupt hard drives


Data Recovery from Samsung® Hard Drives in All Data Loss Situations

Stellar® has over 25 years of experience in recovering data from hard drives, lost due to any reason, such as drive format, drive failure or crash, physical damage, corruption in drive, etc. Our data recovery experts can recover up to 100% data while maintaining data privacy and integrity throughout the process.


Bad Sectors on Samsung® Hard Drive

If your Samsung® hard drive has developed bad sectors, you’re not able to access data on the drive. Recovering data from hard drive having bad sectors require expertise and professional know-how. Reach out to us. We can recover up to 100% data from Samsung® HDD with bad sectors


Samsung® Hard Drive Throwing Errors

If your Samsung® hard drive is throwing errors, such as I/O device error, smart HDD error 301, blue screen of death error, deleted partition data, etc., we can help you recover your data in such cases. Our data recovery experts have a proven track record of retrieving data from Samsung® external hard drives that are showing errors. 


Ransomware-Affected Samsung® Hard Drive

Ransomware is malicious software that locks and encrypts the drive and restricts access to the data. It is a very serious issue and requires immediate attention. So, contact data recovery experts before it’s too late. Our data recovery experts have experience in recovering data from ransomware-infected hard drives


Data Recovery from All Models and Types of Samsung® Hard Drives

We have cutting-edge technology and advanced infrastructure to perform successful data recovery from Samsung® hard drives. Irrespective of the model, type, size, capacity, and speed, we can recover data from Samsung® HDDs lost due to any data loss scenario. 


Secure and Confidential Samsung® Hard Drive Recovery Services 

Being a pioneer in the data recovery sphere, we understand all the basics and essentials of hard drives. Our lab technicians have profound experience in recovering data from Samsung® HDD. They recover data in a specialized contamination-free lab using state-of-the-art technology, proprietary tools, and advanced equipment. We follow strict data privacy and confidentiality policies to ensure the complete safety and privacy of your data. 

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Why Choose Stellar®?

  • Unmatched data recovery success rate of 80%
  • 100% data security and privacy
  • India’s only certified Class 100 Clean Room lab
  • Proven track record of more than 25 years in the data recovery domain  
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified organization 
  • No Recovery – No Charge policy*


SAMSUNG® Hard Drive Data Recovery As Per Your Needs 

We understand that the data is precious and important for you. In some instances, you need the data on an urgent basis, while in others, you may opt for economical services. Thereby, we offer flexible data recovery services plans to suit your specific requirements.

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How do I recover data from my damaged Samsung® hard Drive?

The hard drive has mechanical components and requires careful handling. You need professional and expert data recovery services to recover data from the damaged Samsung® hard drive. 

Is it possible to recover data from failed Samsung® hard drive?

Yes. You need to take the help of a professional data recovery services provider to recover data from failed Samsung® HDD. However, don’t try any random method to recover data from a failed hard drive. It can incur permanent data loss. 

How do I know that my Samsung® hard drive has failed?

There are certain symptoms that you can recognize, such as the system fails to boot, hangs in the middle of booting process, HDD is not spinning, the system does not recognize HDD, system BIOS can’t detect the HDD, etc. If you notice such symptoms, immediately approach a data recovery services provider. 

How much does it cost to recover data from Samsung® Hard Drive?

Samsung® Hard Drive recovery cost varies and is based on the size, capacity, and condition of the drive. If it is accidental data deletion or drive format, you can recover data using Data Recovery Software. Else, you can approach data recovery services to recover data from physically damaged Samsung® HDD.

How do I recover data from my non-detected Samsung® external hard drive?

If your system is not detecting the Samsung external drive, you can contact a data recovery service provider. There are chances that your Samsung® external HDD is dead. You can troubleshoot this problem and access your data using this information. 


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