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CCTV video footages are key to investigation and evidence. Stored in hard drives, SSDs, and other storage media, these crucial videos can get deleted or lost due to human error, technical flaws, water, fire or natural calamities. No worries. No matter what type of CCTV/ DVR you are using, we restore deleted/ lost CCTV recordings in almost all data loss scenarios.


CCTV/ DVR Data Recovery is challenging and requires technical expertise to restore deleted video footages, while also maintaining their original video quality. Our team of Professional Data Recovery Services is expert in handling simple as well as complex CCTV data loss scenarios such as accidental deletion, formatting, crash, physically damaged, burnt and more.

We work in CLASS 100 Clean Room controlled environment, which is necessary to open sensitive DVR hard drives to attain maximum and safe data recovery.

We have capabilities to recover video recordings from almost all types and brands of CCTV cameras.

  • Recovery from popular brands: D-Link, Sanco, Lorex, Sricam, Foscam, Hikvision, CP Plus, Zicom, Sony, and others.
  • Recovery of both common & unique video file formats of various CCTV cameras
  • Recover from all CCTV camera types: Dome CCTV, Bullet CCTV, C-Mount CCTV, PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras, Infrared/night vision CCTV, Network/IP CCTV, Wireless CCTV, High Definition (HD) CCTV Cameras and others
CCTV/DVR Video recovery service


CCTV/DVR Data Recovery Service cost can be estimated only after complete analysis of DVR Storage Drive.

With more than two decades in data recovery, we promise to provide secure, quality and time-bound CCTV/DVR Video Recovery service.

The CCTV/DVR data recovery cost depends upon following key parameters:

  • Complexity of data loss situation
  • Type of damage to your CCTV/DVR
  • Storage drive's capacity and physical condition

What you need to do?

Submit your DVR storage drive at our data recovery center for examination. After complete analysis, we confirm on the following:

  • CCTV/DVR Data Recovery possibility
  • Time estimate to recover CCTV/DVR lost data
  • Exact CCTV/DVR Data Recovery cost
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Water damage

Water damage

If your CCTV/DVR hard drive is damaged due to water, do not dry it out. Drying hard drive would further damage its platters, reducing chances of data recovery. Thus, we recommend keep your hard disk wet, as it is!

Physical Damage

Physical Damage

If you hear clicking sounds from DVR hard drive, stop using it. Any kind of noise from storage drive indicates physical damage. This damage requires professional assistance to recover data from it.

Strange noises

CCTV/DVR Failure

If you get errors or hear any kind of clicking or grinding noise from CCTV/DVR, it’s a warning sign of drive failure. Do not try to open the DVR hard drive on your own. This may cause permanent data loss.

Fire Damage

Fire Damage

If fire has damaged your CCTV/DVR hard drive, do not try to clean or dismantle it on your own as this may lead to permanent data loss. Seek professional help to recover video footages from burnt CCTV hard drives.


Can I recover CCTV footage from damaged DVR?

Yes, you can recover CCTV footage from damaged DVR. The recovery solution depends on the type of damage caused to the DVR. You can try Stellar Photo Recovery software to recover videos from logically damaged DVR, whereas to restore from physically damaged DVR hard drive, opt for data recovery service from professionals.

What are the reasons for loss of CCTV footage?

There are many reasons that leads to loss of CCTV footage. Some of the major reasons are accidental deletion of footage, DVR hard disk damage, failed DVR system, damaged DVR circuit board etc. Try CCTV footage recovery methods.

How to Recover Deleted CCTV Videos or Photos?

Deleted CCTV footage can be easily recovered with the help of photo recovery software or video/photo recovery service provide by Stellar Data Recovery Services.

Can I recover videos from the CCTV/DVR that has been damaged due to lightning?

Yes, you can recover videos from CCTV/DVR damaged due to lightning. If the hard drive is being detected by your computer, use Stellar Photo Recovery software to restore lost videos. If the hard drive is physically damaged, bring it to your nearest Stellar Data Recovery Services Center.

Can CCTV footage be recovered from a CCTV DVR whose hard drive has been formatted?

Yes, you can recover CCTV footage from a formatted CCTV/DVR hard drive. You may use Stellar Photo Recovery software to restore lost videos due to formatting.

Can a CCTV footage that has been affected by malicious code be recovered?

Yes, you can recover a CCTV footage that has been affected by malicious code. Attacks by malicious codes bring logical damage to the hard drive that can be repaired with assistance from professionals.

What is the cost to recover CCTV/DVR Footage?

CCTV/DVR Footage recovery cost can be estimated on the following parameters:

  • Type of data loss situation
  • Storage capacity of DVR hard drive
  • Condition of DVR (physical or logical failure)

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