How Should I Recover my Lost/Deleted CCTV or DVR Videos?

Surveillance or CCTV Camera are commonly used everywhere for prevention of crime, industrial processes, traffic monitoring, safety of transport system, control of retail, safety in schools, home security, etc. CCTV camera video or images are automatically saved in hard drives, SD Cards, SSD, Pen Drives and other storage media devices via DVRs (Digital Video Recorder) or NVRs (Network Video Recorder). Sometimes due to software or hardware issues these CCTV videos, images or footage may lost or damaged.

What will you do if accidentally your CCTV video/footage is deleted, lost or damaged due to any manual intervention, logical failure or physical failure in CCTV DVR? Don't get panic, because these CCTV lost videos or images can be easily recovered by restoring backup, recovery tool or recovery services.

There are 3 CCTV video recovery methods available for recovering lost CCTV Video or footage from any kind of DVR make and model. Let's look at each.

Method 1: Restore Lost/Deleted CCTV/DVR Video from Backup:

Lost or deleted CCTV/DVR video can be easily recovered by restoring from external backup device. This can be done only in case if you have maintained regular backup of CCTV video in any external Hard drive, SSD, SD card, Pen drive, cloud storage or other storage devices.

Method 2: Restore Lost/Deleted CCTV/DVR Video by using CCTV/DVR Recovery Software

If there is no backup available, then you can use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software that is designed to recover lost or deleted video files from CCTV or DVR Hard Drive, SD card, Pen Drive and other storage media devices. This software is very powerful and can recover videos and photos irrespective of the reason of the loss. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software support CCTV footage recovery from Hikvision CP Plus, Bosch, Ahuja, Sony and etc. CCTV camera hard drive and SD card. And recover all formats of videos and image files that DVRs and CCTVs record and play are supported.

Method 3: Restore Lost/Deleted CCTV/DVR Video by using CCTV/DVR Recovery Services

This method is very comprehensive way of recovering lost, deleted or damaged CCTV video from physically damaged/crashed DVR system's hard drive, SD Card, Pen Drive and other storage devices. We are ISO 9001:2015- QMS & ISO 27001:2013-ISMS certified CCTV video recovery service provider. All physically damaged DVR systems are treated in state of the art infrastructure Class 100 Clean Room facility.

How CCTV CCTV/DVR Video (Footage) get deleted, lost or damaged?

There are several causes for loss or deletion of CCTV/DVR footage that gives rise to DVR/CCTV data recovery. Some of the causes are given below:

  • CCTV/DVR hard drive failure
  • Failure of CCTV/DVR systems
  • Power outage circumstances
  • Damaged firmware on hard disk drive
  • Fire at the place where CCTV/DVR is installed
  • Formatted, damaged or corrupt memory cards
  • Inaccessibility of videos due to unknown video format
  • Deletion of CCTV/DVR videos accidentally
  • Video invisible due to attacks by malicious codes
  • Mechanical issues leading to unusual noises of clicking and ticking
  • Overheating of processing chips that can damage CCTV/DVR system
  • Exposure of CCTV/DVR device to heat, dust, moisture, rain and smoke

Dos and Don'ts in case of CCTV Failure

The various do's and don'ts that need to be followed in case of CCTV failure are:

Do's in case of CCTV Failure

  • Avoid using the CCTV DVR after you encounter any error or other issues with it
  • Consult technicians who have in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of CCTV
  • Use a result oriented CCTV recovery software in case of logical damage
  • Go for proven DVR recovery service provider in case of physical damage

Don'ts in case of CCTV Failure

  • Do not format the CCTV hard drive
  • Do not delete any video file or overwrite the hard drive
  • Do not try repairing the CCTV DVR without consulting professionals

Recovery of CCTV DVR Footage (Video)

DVR hard disk recovery is a task that requires technical expertise and experience. Any mistake can cause the recorded videos to be lost, deleted or erased forever beyond the scope of recovery. If your footage or video is inaccessible either due to corruption or deletion of the CCTV/DVR video or any corruption in the CCTV/DVR hard drive. You should go for a proven DVR/CCTV Footage Recovery service provider. This will help you in recovering deleted CCTV/ DVR video as well as inaccessible videos.

You can contact any of our Stellar Data Recovery service centers in the country through email, telephone call, or directly visit any of our data recovery centers. With more than two decades in data recovery, we promise to provide quality and time bound CCTV/DVR Video recovery service.

We have the best infrastructure for data recovery. Our Class 100 Clean Room is where we recover data from physically damaged CCTV hard drives. The expertise of highly qualified and experienced professionals adds more efficiency in our data recovery process. We at data recovery service centers in the Indian sub-continent will recover intact multimedia data for you in all cases. No matter whether the data loss is due to corruption issues or deletion, our CCTV hard drive recovery service will recover it safely and securely. Moreover, the privacy of the footage will be maintained. We are an ISO certified data recovery company. Thus we take special precautions to safeguard your personal videos.

We provide CCTV footage recovery services to recover lost footage from CCTV DVR of almost all popular brands and make of security camera hard drives.  

All formats of image and video files that DVRs record and play are supported.  MPEG-2 .mpg, MPEG-2 .TS, MPEG-4 Part 2, H.264, VOB and ISO images video, with MP3 and AC3 audio tracks, are the supported video formats. Images of JPEG and PNG, whereas and music files of MP3 and Ogg type are also supported.

Here are some most common questions, which our customer has asked

Yes, you can recover videos from the CCTV DVR whose hard drive is damaged. The reason being, hard drive of CCTV is same as hard drive of computer systems whose recovery is possible. Depending on the type of damage caused to the hard drive of CCTV, solutions should be obtained accordingly. You can try any recommended software to recover videos from CCTV whose hard drive is logically damaged, whereas to recover videos from physically damaged CCTV hard drive you will have to go for recovery service from professionals.

Yes, you can recover videos from the CCTV device that has been damaged due to lightning. Due to lightning, the hard drive of the CCTV DVR may get burned leading to physical damage of its hard drive. However, professionals have the expertise to recover CCTV footage from physically damaged hard drive as well.

Yes, a deleted video can be recovered from the CCTV DVR security device. CCTV DVR uses a hard drive to store data. So, even if any video is deleted it does not get erased permanently and the video data still remains on the hard drive unless overwritten. In such a case you can either use any software or take help of professionals to get back the deleted video.

Yes, CCTV footage can be recovered from a CCTV DVR whose hard drive has been formatted. However, it will require you to use a very strong software, or service from technicians having the requisite skills.

Yes, a CCTV footage that has been affected by malicious code can be recovered completely. Attacks by malicious codes bring logical damage to the CCTV hard drive that can be repaired either by using any proven software or with the assistance of professionals having the requisite experience.


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