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Trusted Hard Drive Recovery Services

Stellar Data Recovery offers cutting-edge services to recover data from hard drives. We can recover data from burnt hard drive, water damaged hard drive, dead hard drive, etc. Our data recovery experts have expertise in recovering data from all types of hard drives, lost due to any physical and logical data loss situation. Below-mentioned are some logical and physical data loss cases handled by our hard drive recovery experts.

hard disk not detected

Hard Drive Not Detected

There could be multiple reasons why your internal or external hard drive is not detected by Windows 10 system. Check if your hard drive is visible in Disk Management. You can try a few basic fixes to resolve the hard drive not detected issue. If there is no success, contact Stellar Data Recovery to recover data from the hard drive.

hard drives with scratched platter

Hard Drive With Scratched Platter

At Stellar Data Recovery, we receive multiple cases of data recovery from hard drives with scratched platter. Data recovery from hard drive with scratched platter depends upon the severity of scratches on the platter. The hard drive with heavy scratches on platter requires to be treated by professionals in Class 100 Clean Room lab. Read more about the consequences of scratched hard drive platter.

hard disk does not spin

Hard Drive Does Not Spin

Stop using the hard drive once you know it does not spin. A hard drive does not spin if its motor stopped rotating or its platter stopped spinning. Some other factors, such as regular use of the hard drive or PCB cannot send enough power to the motor, might result in hard drive failure. Read more to know why the hard drive does not spin.

hard disk bad sector

Bad Sectors In Hard Drive

Hard drives usually contain millions of sectors. It is common to encounter the bad sectors issue, even if the hard drive is new. When this happens, the data in those sectors is usually lost. Reach out to us in case you have a similar situation. We can help you recover the data from hard drive with bad sectors.

corrupted file system in hard disk

File System Corrupted

Use data recovery software for restoring data lost due to file system corruption cased by improper system shutdown, virus infection, etc. 

formatted hard disk

Formatted Hard Disk Recovery

Recovers files, pictures, documents etc. from accidentally formatted media and corrupt hard disk with the help of software. Read More

hard disk partition

Disk Partition Recovery

Data loss due to malware attacks, abrupt system shutdowns due to power surges, user error, etc. can cause partition errors.

bitlocker encrypted hard disk

Bitlocker Encrypted Hdd 

Recover lost, deleted, inaccessible files from an encrypted or password-protected storage drive. Read More

Data Recovery From Hard Drive In All Data Loss Scenarios

There are data loss situations that require expertise to perform data recovery task. We boast of recovering up to 100% data from internal and external hard drives, even in complex data loss scenarios. We have expertise in recovering data from hard disks used in desktops/laptops and external hard disks of any brand or type. Here are some cases when you need an expert to handle the hard disk data recovery case.

Inaccessible hard drive

Hard Drive Inaccessible Due To Errors

If your hard drive is not accessible, it indicates that the system cannot access the data or the drive is malfunctioning. You may encounter various errors, such as Drive is not accessible. Access is denied, etc. Don’t experiment if your hard drive has become inaccessible. Immediately contact data recovery experts to recover data from such a hard drive.

hard disk making noise

Unbootable Computer

An unbootable computer means that you are at the risk of losing access to all the data stored on it. The major cause of this issue is a problem with the operating system. In case you see the unbootable error, restart your computer and try to boot it again. 


Hard Drive Infected With Virus

If you notice any unusual activity, like an automatic screen lock, then immediately switch off your system. Ransomware is a treacherous virus that locks or encrypts the data. If your computer is infected with ransomware or virus, then approach Stellar to save your data. The data recovery experts at Stellar can recover data from the ransomware-infected hard drive.

Hard Drive Types, Makes, & Models

We have a track record of recovering data from external or internal hard drives of well-known brands, such as Western Digital®, Seagate®, Samsung®, Transcend®, Toshiba®, Lenovo®, LACIE®, etc. 

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Data Recovery From All Type of Hard Drive Interfaces

IDE Fiber Channel Firewire

If your hard drive is not listed here, don't worry! Stellar can recover data from any type or brand of hard drive.

NO. 1 Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

If you’ve lost important data from your hard drive, just come to us! When you submit your hard disk at our data recovery center, our experts first thoroughly analyze it and then use latest technology and tools to ensure up to 100% data recovery. That’s why our services are trusted by millions of customers worldwide.

Stellar Hard Disk Recovery - watch video

Best In Class Hard Disk Recovery Service

Why Stellar Data Recovery

Data Recovery Process - 4 Simple Steps

We deliver seamless data recovery services in 4 simple steps: free phone consultation, media analysis, data recovery, and final delivery. At Stellar, we assure world-class quality, best-in-class data recovery, and delightful experience, with 100% confidentiality of your data.










How do I know that my hard drive has failed?

Following are the symptoms of failed hard disk:

  • Hard disk is undetectable or not recognized by the system.
  • The system fails to boot or hangs in the middle of booting process.
  • System BIOS is unable to detect the hard drive.
  • Hard drive isn't spinning.
How to recover data from crashed hard disk?

It’s best to contact a professional data recovery service provider in case of a crashed hard disk. Using hit-and-trial methods to recover data from a crashed hard drive might result in permanent data loss.

How to verify the type of hard drive failure?

Physical Hard Disk failure - As the name suggests any kind of damage to the hard disk can make it non-functional. Given below are the symptoms of a physically failed or failing HDD:

  • Computer not detecting the hard disk
  • Drive not spinning (no power)
  • An abnormal ticking noise whilst the drive is reading data
  • A loud clicking or grinding noise

You must not try to recover data on your own in case the drive is physically crashed. It needs expertise and specialized resources in a laboratory to recover data from a physically crashed disk.

Logical Hard Disk Failure - A drive is said to have logical failure if there are no physical deformities in the storage media. Symptoms of HDD logical failure are:

  • Computer BIOS sees a hard disk drive but the data is not accessible.
  • Data couldn't be accessed.
  • Files are missing.
What are the reasons for my system's hard drive failure?

Some common reasons for hard disk failure are:

  • Manufacturing defects and mechanical failures
  • Overuse of HDD
  • Virus attack
  • Bad sectors
  • Adverse environmental conditions—dust, heat, moisture
  • Jerks and falls
What are the symptoms of a failing HDD?

Given below are some of the symptoms of a failing hard drive:

  • Clicking sound or unusual noise produced by HDD.
  • Locking up during the boot process - hard disk problems are indicated if this happens frequently.
  • The computer often freezes and needs forced restart.
  • The system shows sluggish performance. You can't speed up computer performance even by applying optimization tricks.
  • Increase in the number of bad sectors noted when running "chkdsk" command.
  • Hard disk getting overheated.
  • If you observe these symptoms, you must stop using the drive to prevent further damage and contact a data recovery expert.
My hard drive has bad sectors, how to fix it?

It’s recommended to replace the HDD if it has a lot of bad sectors as it may lead to drive failure. You can run CHKDSK command from the command prompt which reallocates bad sectors so that the data that you store the next time isn’t stored on those bad sectors. Running CHKDSK might result in permanent data loss in some situations.

My external hard disk fell down. Now, I am not able to access it. How can I recover my data?

Hard disks are fragile. Jerks and falls may cause damage to hard drive components such as platters, read/write arm, spindle, etc. To recover data from a damaged hard drive, you need to contact a data recovery expert.

What is the cost of hard drive data recovery?

Data recovery cost varies. It depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the situation, the capacity of the hard drive, etc. However, in case of physical damage to the hard drive, the procedure is more complex. Read more about the hard drive data recovery cost.

What makes hard drive data recovery complex?

Tampering the hard drive or any amateur attempt of data recovery could be the reason of permanent data loss or make the hard drive recovery complex. Read more about what makes hard drive data recovery complex.


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My External SSD was not detected in any system, tried at many places but the data was non-recoverable at all. Then someone suggested then I contact Stellar in Gurugram, At this center they assured me about the data recovery and did it successfully. Thanks, Stellar and the entire team for giving my lifelong memories back.

Meena Devi
5 Star Rating 5/5

Contacted Stellar Team for Data Recovery, they communicated well throughout the process, Data was recovered successfully. Communicating locally through mobile is an easy task, As I am out of the country, they had this chain of email style, and without a phone call, they solved the issue through email communication. They even offered pickup and delivery service from my local friend in India. Never come through such a thorough process with any customer service in recent times. Kudos to the team.

Murali Dharan
5 Star Rating 5/5

Very good & fast recovery service, with keeping faith that data will get recovered with the use of best technology. Team Stellar -GURGAON did a great JOB. I am so much thankful to GURGAON for their quick response & data recovery, Apart from this I would like to thank Team Gurgaon for their Best Teamwork. Keep it up.

Kunal Arora
5 Star Rating 5/5

My very crucial data was deleted and I was facing problems in continuing my business Then Mr. Piyush Pandey Intern from Stellar Data Recovery contacted me and helped me to get my data of 512 GB back. I am really thankful to the Stellar data recovery company and Piyush.

 Anil Kumar Rai
5 Star Rating 5/5

Had a great experience with the team of Stellar. Very professional service and they helped me with my recovery process smoothly. I got all the data back which was unexpected at some time. I would highly recommend it to those who need any kind of help regarding data recovery.

C & C Photography & Events
5 Star Rating 5/5

What truly sets Stellar apart is their remarkable speed. I was astonished by how swiftly they were able to recover my lost data. Moreover, the quality of the recovered data was flawless. Not a single file was corrupted or damaged in the process. In addition to their technical prowess, Stellar provided outstanding customer service. They kept me updated throughout the recovery process. Stellar is a data recovery superhero! If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing data recovery services, I wholeheartedly recommend them. Their ability to recover data swiftly, efficiently, and with exceptional quality is unmatched.

Nawaz Shek
5 Star Rating 5/5

Stellar team is extremely professional, best solutions, has the expertise needed, and goes above and beyond to be helpful with 100% data security & privacy. I recommend 10/10 for any of your data recovery needs in Pune. Thank you so much Stellar team for outstanding service.

 Nandini Pachauri
5 Star Rating 5/5

For the recovery of tampered data, I approached Stellar to perform the job. On behalf of Stellar, personnel Ankita performed the data recovery work successfully & the entire data was recovered. This is best to my satisfaction & excellent work has been done by Ankita & her team of Stellar. In this connection, all sorts of support was extended from team Stellar whenever it was needed to me. Thanks a lot to Ankita & other members of Stellar for this performance.

Nirmal Mukherjee
5 Star Rating 5/5

Hi, myself A. Parandhaman from Tirupattur District. I had an issue with my laptop, and I was unable to use all my 7years research files. I approached Stellar Data Recovery Centre, Chennai they helped me on time with the complete recovery of my data. Those who face issues with loss of data from a laptop hard disk can approach Stellar Data Recovery Centre Chennai. The BEST place I can say. Special thanks for the data confidential. I am very much thankful to the Stellar Chennai team for supporting me. With regards, A. Parandhaman, Tirupattur.

 Parandhaman Vaithesh
5 Star Rating 5/5

Professional and prompt service. Recovered data from an SSD. Mr Narasimha was quite helpful and delivered the data(Hard Drive) home. The whole process was seamless and efficient. Thanks to Stellar.

Saurav Mahanta
5 Star Rating 5/5