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Erase Files, Folders, Web Browsing History, & more

BitRaser® File Eraser is a powerful, DIY software for erasing sensitive files, folders, Internet browsing history, app and system traces, drive volumes and even free space from the computer. The file eraser software can wipe the files stored on Windows and Mac systems, including external storage media, and guarantees protection from data theft. The software allows you to maintain data erasure reports for meeting statutory & regulatory compliance needs for data security & privacy. 

BitRaser® File Eraser - Erase Your Confidential Files

  • Erases files, folders, Internet browsing history, saved passwords, etc. 
  • Erases web browsing history from Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Edge, etc.
  • Erase online banking and other credentials saved in the browser.
  • Removes app & system traces and previously deleted files.
  • Allows to create an erasure list for wiping specific files.
  • Generates 100% secure and tamper-proof erasure reports.  
Bitraser for File


For Regular Deletion of Confidential Files

Routine usage of a laptop or desktop results in accumulation of data, such as photos, videos, documents, emails, system cache, cookies, etc. This sensitive information is at risk of theft when you share your laptop, hand it over for repair or upgrade, exchange it, or dispose of it. BitRaser® File Eraser software erases the sensitive files and folders, application traces, and files from free space of a drive, thus safegaurds your data privacy. BitRaser® for file can be used to perform following specific data deletion from your PC.

Files and Folders Eraser Software

erase files & folders

BitRaser® File Eraser is a privacy safeguarding software that permanently erases files and folders. You can perform regular deletion of files by using this software.

Software to erase traces

erase traces

Scan and erase all the application traces created during the usage of your computer. Erase cookies & Internet browser history that track your behavior pattern along with most recently used application traces. 

Software to erase deleted data

erase deleted data

Data remains available on the drive even after its deleted. You need to erase the free space of the drive to permanently delete the data beyond scope of data recovery.

Software to erase partition

erase partition

BitRaser® File Eraser has ability to safely erase entire logical drives or partitions without harming applications and operating system files.


Scalable, Manageable, and Cost-Effective Software

Guaranteed erasure of sensitive data from PC, Mac, and external storage media to offer total peace of mind.

Secure file eraser software

Safe & Secure File Erasure

The software securely erase all types of sensitive files, such as photos, videos, documents, emails, and more from Windows PC and Mac systems. Data erased using BitRaser® File Eraser cannot be recovered using any tool or technique, ensuring complete protection from the data breach.

Erase Web Browser History

Erases Web Browsing History 

BitRaser® File Eraser can erase the Internet search and browsing history, including cookies, saved passwords, form-fill data, and more. It is the best tool to protect data privacy across a range of browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Erase Files and Folders

Schedules Erasure of Files

The tool provides the option to schedule file erasure tasks at intervals, ranging from once, every day, weekly to monthly or with system restart. It can erase the files in a highly efficient manner through simultaneous erasure of multiple files.

Erase the deleted files

Erases the Deleted Files

It erases the previously deleted files to ensure they are permanently removed from the system. By wiping the unused space emptied after deleting a file, the tool protects the deleted files against recovery using any tool or method.

Search and Erase specific files

Search & Erase Specific Files

The software can find specific files stored on the computer's hard drive. It can also locate a specific file based on its extension, helping in the erasure of a file even if its name is not known

Erase specific files

Tamper - Proof Erasure Report

The software generates a 100% secure and tamper-proof certified data erasure report. It allows to save the report in PDF or XML format. It has the option to save reports locally or on the secure cloud console. View Report


Technical Specification – BitRaser® File Eraser

  • Permanently erases multiple files 
  • Erases files & folders, including deleted files
  • Erases application traces
  • Erases system & web browsing history
  • Erases data from mapped drives in the system 
  • Supports 17 international erasure standards
  • Option to schedule erasure tasks at regular intervals
  • Schedule erasure of selected files on workstations 
  • Allows to search for a file using its name
  • Allows to create erasure list for one-step erasure of files & folders


BitRaser® File Eraser – Fast & Effortless File Erasure

BitRaser® File Eraser software provides an easy and powerful solution for secure erasure of all types of sensitive files

Erase Files & Folders

Erase Files & Folders

Click ‘Erase Files & Folders’ to add the files & folders for erasure. Click ‘Erase Now’.

Erase Traces

Erase Traces

Click ‘Erase Traces’ and click ‘Scan’ to erase the system, app, and Internet traces.

Erase Deleted Data

Erase Deleted Data

Click ‘Erase Deleted Data’ & select the storage drive(s). Click ‘Erase Now’.


Can I remove Windows OS files from systems using BitRaser File Eraser?

The BitRaser File Eraser is made to delete the user's data. It does not erase any operating system files.

Is it possible for BitRaser File Eraser to remove any free space from my hard drive?

Yes, BitRaser File Eraser has the ability to wipe off empty space on a hard drive to prevent the recovery of previously erased files.

How many erasure standards can be used with the BitRaser File Eraser?

17 international standards are supported by BitRaser File Eraser, including NATO, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD Standard 5220.22-M), and 3 Pass/7 Pass.

Can I use this BitRaser file eraser software to remove a specific file?

Yes, by adding them to the erasure list, you can delete a particular file or group of files. As an alternative, you can choose the file and use the Erase Now option to delete it.

Is BitRaser File Eraser compatible with Windows 10 devices?

Yes, BitRaser File Eraser is fully compatible with Windows 10. You can use it to erase the files on Windows 10 devices, such as laptop, desktop, 2-in-1s, etc.

Can the BitRaser File Eraser remove files from SAN storage?

BitRaser File Eraser securely erases data from SAN storage, hence the answer is yes. Just map the storage as a drive so the application can access and wipe it.

Is it possible to retrieve files that File Eraser has permanently deleted?

No, files that have been deleted using the BitRaser File Eraser software cannot be recovered.

What are the licence conditions for BitRaser File Eraser?

The BitRaser File Eraser can be purchased on a yearly subscription basis. Erase operations are limitless.

Can we make a file list in the application to speed up the eraser process?

Yes, you have the option to choose a specific file list for erasure using our software to suit your needs.

Can BitRaser File Eraser software be used to wipe cloud storage accounts?

No, you cannot delete data from cloud storage accounts. Data must be kept on a physical media storage device.