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NAS Data Recovery from following Brands



Asustor NAS

Asustor NAS

Synology NAS

Synology NAS


Buffalo NAS

Lenovo Thinkserver

Lenovo Thinkserver

Drobo NAS Server

Drobo NAS Server

NAS Data Recovery Solutions

Our R&D experts have developed indigenous techniques that help in getting back lost data from multi-disk storage devices. Our data recovery service for Network Attached Storage & Storage Area Network is efficient, risk-free, safe & secure. Stellar offer you following solution for NAS Data Recovery.

NAS Data Recovery Service

Stellar Data Recovery is the all-in-one comprehensive data recovery service, provider. We provide NAS data recovery effortlessly for all Operating Systems, Manufacturers, and Configurations. Our data recovery specialists can recover data from all kind of NAS devices. We are well-armed with world-class tools, and advanced techniques to quickly and safely recover your inaccessible data from all kind of Network attached system. Our data recovery services includes all NAS Servers in addition to HDD, SSD, RAID, and SAN, a hard disk interface (SATA, PATA, SAS, or SCSI), etc. Following are the most common reasons for data loss from NAS Storage system:

Data loss Due to Physical Damage

  • Power Failure: Due to voltage fluctuation or overvoltage.
  • Defective NAS controllers: Creates errors during reformat, rebuilds, or reconfiguring.
  • Mechanical Failure: Physical damages, PCB Failure, Firmware issues etc.
  • Overheating: Produces due to server room inadequate cooling.
  • Human errors: Reinstallation, reformatting, overwriting, etc.
  • Natural disasters: Includes water damage, fire damage, contamination, pollution etc.

Data Loss Due to logical Damage

  • Overwritten NAS storage configuration
  • Power surge in power connector
  • Failed RAID rebuilding
  • Failed hard disk drive(s) in the array
  • Deleted snapshots or VMware
  • Meta-data corruption
  • Snapshot management errors
  • Data management errors
NAS Data Recovery Service

NAS Data Recovery Service Cost

NAS data recovery service cost can be estimated only after analysis of NAS storage system. Submit your NAS device for Analysis to know the estimated data recovery cost and the possibility of data recovery. We will confirm Data Recovery cost once we complete analysis process. Data recovery cost for NAS depends upon following key parameters:

  • NAS Server condition – is it responding or not?
  • What kind of damage is there with the NAS System? Is it physically damaged?
  • The storage capacity of NAS Server

You need to submit your NAS device in one of our nearest data recovery centres for analysis. After complete analysis we can confirm the following:

  • Data Recovery possibility from NAS
  • Time estimate to recover data from NAS
  • Exact Data Recovery cost from NAS
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DIY Software – For Network Attached Storage

Simple data loss cases like Deleted, formatted, data from NAS server, you can use our Premium data recovery software to recover data. Our NAS Data Recovery Software can recover complete data from failed NAS Systems. Our DIY software is easy to use, 100% safe & secure.

Do not try to recover data by using any unauthorized software. This may lead to permanent deletion of your data; beyond the chance of data recovery.

DIY software works best in following data loss scenarios

  • Lost data due to accidental deletion
  • Lost data due to the formatting of the NAS System
DIY NAS Data Recovery
Stellar Data Recovery Technician

NAS Data Recovery software COST

Stellar Data Recovery Technicians is the best Windows-based data recovery software that precisely recovers inaccessible or damaged data from NAS servers. The software has advanced features to recover files, photos, videos, emails etc. Technician version can recover data from NAS server, create Virtual RAID when reconstruction fails and can recover data from Lost/Deleted FAT, exFAT and NTFS Volumes

Free Download Learn More

* Download the trial version to scan & preview all the lost files & folders.

Want to get 100% Data Recovered from your NAS – Our Recommendations
Do not experiment

Do not

Irrespective of any data loss situation, it is advised not to try any experiment with your NAS. It can do more harm than good, and lead to data loss.

Disconnect connection


Disconnect the power supply and do not try to replace the disk, it can affect the configuration.

Avoid using any random method

Avoid using any
random method

Do not try any random data recovery software to recover data. Also, avoid showing your NAS device to any non-professional data recovery center to prevent further damage.

Physically Damaged NAS

Damaged NAS

If your NAS device is physically damaged then immediately contact the professional data recovery service provider. Data loss from physically damaged NAS servers is extremely complex data loss situation and only professionals can recover your data in all such cases.


What are the benefits of NAS storage system?

NAS (Network Storage System) systems are used to store, manage and access data locally or remotely from all your devices. NAS is a safe and secure cloud-based server connected data storage device. It is a cloud-based solution for those who are looking for

  • Large storage capacity
  • Easily configure the setup
  • Multiple devices file sharing feature
  • It provides remote access and streaming of all your content
  • Backup multiple computers
  • Provide hard-drive RAID redundancy to protect your data from Multi-bay NAS drives
  • It set up user permissions, folder privileges and restrict access to documents
NAS or SAN which one is the better storage option for smb’s?

NAS is a much better storage option for SMB’s. NAS can control your existing IP and it does not require any other hardware or software for access. It can easily integrate with corporate security and authentication domains - Radius, Active Directory and LDAP that makes it a very attractive option for SMB.

What is QNAP?

QNAP's Network Attached Storage (NAS) are systems which contains one or more hard drives that are constantly connected to the internet. The QNAP becomes your storage unit or backup "hub” that can store all important data such as photos, videos and music.

What is multiple hard disk failure in NAS server?

A NAS server contains many hard drives, and if anyone hard drives break or fails, it does not give any trouble to the server. Because RAID 5 NAS server has the processing capability even when anyone hard drive fails. And if the second drive or any other drive fails i.e.., multiple drive failure and it will lead to the NAS Server Crash. In this situation, it is recommended to recover the data from at least one of the hard disks.

What is the NAS server controller failure?

NAS Server Controller Failure occurs if the hardware which controls the hard drives in the server will fail. Recovering data from these failures is not easy. Our engineers have advanced recovery tools and methods they recover files from NAS Server.

What is configuration errors on NAS server?

Due to change in Configuration settings, the server behaves like adversely. And for the Recovery process, we reinstall the configuration and fix the problem in NAS Server.

NAS data recovery services for all brands

Our Experts are specialized in data recovery from NAS Servers of all most popular brands like:

Snap Server, Store vault, Synology NAS, IBM, LACIE,Intel, D-Link, Lenovo NAS, QNAP, Seagate, Western Digital, Free NAS, Drobo

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5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Wonderful Job!
Stellar Team was very helpful to us. Our data was really crucial and without proper recovery it would have been a disaster. We were really lucky to receive flawless services from the Stellar Team.
They are technologically sound and one of the best RAID recovery service providers in India. Definitely Recommended.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Stellar - Data recovery is one the best company in data recovery. They are master in RAID data recovery. In the lock down situation also they are giving us data recovery services from remote which is one the good example of customer service in this Covid 19 situation. My company was not able to function due to data loss but Stellar has helped us and Recovered our most important data and I able to start my production.
Stellar team is very cooperative, fast response and action on the issue immediately and resolved it. I am really thankful to them for the support and cooperation.

Good Luck to Stellar - Data Recovery and team Ahmedabad
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Prompt Service, the sales & technical were customer centric..
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Good to see full data recovery.
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5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Excellent Data Recovery Service.