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Stellar® offers best-in-class technology & professional expertise to ensure up to 100% data recovery from advanced Enterprise Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. We provide NAS data recovery for all manufacturers, configurations and all operating systems.Our seasoned experts have the experience, knowledge, and skills to recover data from unified storage, and SDS based NAS systems. Stellar® has a proven service track record for leading brands like NetApp®, Western Digital®, QNAP®, HP®, NETGEAR®Buffalo®, Asustor®, Synology®, & more. Our data recovery service for Network Attached Storage & Storage Area Network is efficient and risk-free.

Firmware corruption in NAS


Firmware corruption is the most common reason for the inaccessibility of data stored in NAS systems. It can slow down your drive’s response or hamper it from initializing. We have the expertise in resolving hard drive firmware corruption issues.

NAS Configuration issues


A NAS can be installed in various RAID configurations. Any issue with RAID configuration or NAS hard drives can lead to data loss situations. You can trust our expertise for recovering data from NAS drives and all RAID configurations.

Damaged NAS system


NAS systems, when configured as RAID, have multiple hard drives in specific arrangements to create redundant copies of the data. Failure of multiple hard drives in RAID or NAS can lead to a data loss situation. Please speak with our professional for quick assistance on data recovery.


Data Recovery from NAS System In All Data Loss Scenarios

There can be numerous scenarios leading to total failure or malfunctioning of NAS systems. Choosing a reliable service provider is the first step to rescue your data from the failed NAS. Data loss due to power failure, accidental deletion, firmware issues, file system errors, etc., are common data loss situations where you need professional assistance in recovering data.

power failure in NAS


Power fluctuation or power failure can corrupt your data stored in a NAS system. File corruption or data loss due to power failure can be recovered with professional assistance. Our experts have hands-on experience in dealing with such situations.

data deletion in NAS

Accidental Deletion or Formatting of Drives

Accidental deletion or formatting of drives is a prevalent data loss situation. In all such data loss cases, data recovery is possible. It is recommended to stop using the drives after data loss. This precautionary measure gives us the best chance of data recovery.

nas controller failure

NAS Controller Issues

Defective NAS controllers can cause errors in reading data from NAS systems. Errors in the controller, firmware, or operating system of NAS storage systems can lead to a data loss situation. Reach out to us for professional help in data recovery.

file system error in NAS system

File System Errors

Our data recovery experts understand complete file systems and data storage technology in large storage systems like NAS, DAS, etc. In case you are getting some file systems errors, reach out to our data recovery experts for quick help.


Data Recovery From Netgear®

Stellar® successfully completed the RAID 5 damaged and formatted drives data recovery project within the specified time. The service helped the client to reinstate its normal business operations.

failed NAS drive recovery recovery

Data Recovery from Physically Failed Netgear®

An engineering company was using Netgear® ReadyNAS comprising 16TB Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) configured to RAID 5 to store and share its important business operations data among the employees.

The organization experienced a critical data loss situation when the Netgear storage crashed due to physical damage in one of the HDDs. The RAID 5 array failure hampered the organization’s access to business-critical data stored on the NAS server. The outage impacted business operations and productivity while posing a risk of permanent data loss. 



We Recover Data From All Kind of NAS Makes & Models

Stellar® offers world-class expertise, native infrastructure, and rich experience to ensure data recovery from all makes and models of NAS.

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We Recover Data from all Types of Network Attached Storage
ACER® D-Link® Hewlett Packard® LaCie® Promise® 
Apple® Drobo™ Hitachi® LG® QNAP®
Buffalo™ EMC® Asustor® NetApp® Seagate®
Cisco® Freecom® Lite-On® Netgear® Synology®
Dell™ Fujitsu® LevelOne® Rackmount Storage Systems Thecus®

Don't see your NAS listed? Don't worry; Stellar® can recover data from any type or model of Network Attached Storage.

Our Service Advantage

Stellar® NAS Data Recovery Service

With Stellar®, you can rest assured that the data stored in your failed NAS system is in safe hands. We have the hands-on experience, lab infrastructure, and time-tested technology to offer you a reliable and guaranteed data recovery solution for NAS systems. We are trusted by Fortune 500 companies.

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Stellar® : India's No. 1, Since 1993

  • We deliver reliable and best data recovery results
  • Data recovery for all NAS manufacturers and configurations
  • Fast turn-around times and Priority service option
  • Dedicated customer service specialist to assist you
  • Proven track record of more than 30 years in data recovery domain
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified organization.


How Much Time Does It Take To Recover NAS Data

We can restore your data from NAS storage system in the quickest time. However, it is difficult to specify an exact time for data recovery, as it depends upon the type of damage, number, and capacity of hard drives. For a free consultation, please speak with our data recovery consultant so that we can get a clear insight into the specific problem with the NAS storage system. We bring you the choice that meets your needs. Whether you wish to speed up data recovery from a failed NAS in the least possible time or want to balance out the value with the data recovery cost, we have the options tailored for you.

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What is multiple hard disk failure in a NAS server?

NAS server contains multiple hard drives, and if one of the hard drives fails, it does not give any trouble to the server. Because the RAID 5 NAS server has the processing capability even when any one of the hard drives fails. And, if another drive fails, i.e., the NAS faces multiple drive failure, it will lead to NAS server crash. In this situation, it is recommended to recover the data from at least one of the hard disks.

What is a configuration error in a NAS server?

A NAS server might malfunction due to undesired or inappropriate changes in its configuration settings, typically referred to as configuration errors. Data recovery from a NAS server having faulty configuration is possible through reinstalling.

What are the brands you support for NAS data recovery?

We offer data recovery services for NAS servers of all popular brands such as Snap Server, Store vault, Synology® NAS, IBM®, LACIE®, Intel®, D-Link®, Lenovo® NAS, QNAP®, Seagate®, Western Digital®, Free NAS, and Drobo®.

What is the NAS server controller failure?

NAS server controller failure occurs if the hardware that controls the hard drives in the server fails. Recovering data in situations involving server controller failure is not easy. Stellar has the expertise and technology to recover the data from such failed NAS systems.


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