Desktop or Laptop Data Recovery

In recent times, both laptops and desktops have become a must-have device for all, especially, when it comes to storing all types of multimedia. Your personal items such as photos, songs, videos, important documents, etc. are also stored here. Therefore, not being able to access them would be an utter loss. Your laptop or desktop may become susceptible to situations such as corruption, which can either be physical or logical. This necessitates the requirement for a laptop or desktop recovery service so as to recover all your lost or deleted data.

Symptoms of Data Loss

Corruption in the hardware components leads to physical damages, while corruption in software components leads to logical damages. Both hardware and software corruption issues with your laptop or desktop can lead to data loss situations. Some of the symptoms of data loss are:

  • The hard drive of computers often making a clicking noise
  • Computer shows a 'blue screen error' and other error messages
  • The Laptop/desktop is running very slow and some file/folder/ partition is missing.
  • The drive / partition/ volume is inaccessible.

Causes of Corruption in Laptops and Desktops

The following are some of the common causes of corruption in laptops and desktops:

  • Human error
  • Malware infection
  • Software malfunction
  • Issues in display drivers
  • Bugs in operating system
  • System hard drive conflict
  • Logical failure of hard drives
  • Forgotten Password 
  • Mishandling of laptops and desktops
  • Physical failure in the hard disk drive
  • Virus attacks and attack by other malicious codes
  • Wear and tear of various components in laptops and desktops

Errors in Case of Laptops and Desktops Failure

Some errors can occur if the hard disk drive of the laptop or the desktop you have gets corrupted. They are:

  • Blue screen error
  • The 'file or directory is corrupted and unreadable' error

Do's and Don'ts in case of HDD failure

Users who encounter laptop or desktop failure can take one or more of the following measures to avoid loss of their important data:

Do's in case of HDD failure

  • Try a recommended recovery software for your laptop or desktop, provided the damage is logical
  • Go for a recognized laptop/desktop recovery service provider, if the damage is physical
  • Immediately stop using the laptop or desktop if you encounter any error(s) while working on it
  • Seek consultation from highly qualified and experienced professionals

Users who encounter failure in their laptops or desktops can take the following steps to avoid data loss:

Don'ts in case of HDD failure

  • Do not delete any data file from the affected laptop or the desktop
  • Do not format the hard disk drive of the laptop or the desktop you have
  • Do not try repairing the hard drive on your own; seek help from specialized data recovery professionals

Recovery Solution

If your laptop or desktop has been physically damaged owing to which you are unable to access the data stored within, our Stellar desktop or laptop recovery service would serve as a good option. Irrespective of the cause of corruption and the errors that you encounter, we provide quick and fast solutions for laptop and desktop hard drive recovery. We provide service to restore your access to all your personal and valuable data without any loss, which may not be possible from a local establishment.

Local stores claim to perform 100% Laptop data recovery, but the resolution is usually not found to be accurate. The reason being, they simply employ hit and trial methods to recover your lost or deleted data from damaged laptop or desktop. Also, there are chances of your data getting misused as they do not ensure security for your data.

Stellar Data Recovery is a name to reckon in the field of Laptop and Desktop data recovery with an industry experience of about 24+ years. Plus, we are an ISO certified company and have been awarded the CIO Choice 2017 award for best Data Recovery Services. Also, the presence of the Class 100 Clean Room, a particle-free lab with a controlled environment is used for laptop and desktop recovery so that data is recovered without any damage or alterations.

Above all, we have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals who make laptop hdd data recovery possible from all available brands of laptops and desktops.

Here are some most common questions, which our customer has asked

A Clicking noise in the hard drive can occur because of several reasons such as dropped hard drives, damaged firmware, damaged service area, weak or failed heads, heads out of alignment, etc. All of these indicate that the hard drive may soon suffer a failure leading to inaccessibility of data. Therefore, to keep your data safe and secure, you should immediately create a backup.

A 'blue screen error' can occur due to both hardware and software issues. When you encounter this error in your laptop, you can try to fix it by undoing the recent changes using System Restore, using Action Center, checking Windows Update for software updates, using Safe Mode to troubleshoot problems, fixing discrepancies in the hard disk, and memory errors. These utilities can help you uninstall or undo the changes in the software, repair startup files of Windows, and restore your system from an earlier backup. In case Windows still does not open at all, you can install the Windows 7 OS once again.

Yes, you can get back your lost data on your desktop after reinstalling Windows. This is because it is possible to recover data until the hard drive is overwritten. Furthermore, you can also get back your deleted files, and data from formatted as well as RAW partition.

Yes, the data on your laptop can be recovered even if it the laptop has been encrypted by a McAfee encrypted device. You can install and run Stellar Data recovery software and decrypt your encrypted laptop data.

Data from laptops can be recovered unless the data on its hard drive is overwritten. When a laptop is formatted, only the link to data is lost. The data still exists on the hard drive of the laptop. You can get the data recovered by a suitable laptop recovery service or software.

Yes, we can recover data even from your water-damaged desktop or laptop, follow the provided do's and don'ts in case of water damage. We have an experienced team of qualified experts who will help you recover data from your water-damaged desktop.


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