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Data Recovery from all Types of Seagate® Hard Drives

Stellar® offers best-in-class Seagate® hard drive data recovery services to help you recover data from all types and capacities of Seagate® hard drives. We can recover data lost due to any physical or logical data loss situation, such as deletion, drive formatting, corruption, physical damage, water or fire damage, etc. We recover data in the safe environment of state-of-the-art labs and ensure complete confidentiality of data throughout the data recovery process.

encrypted hdd with bad sectors

Encrypted HDD with Bad Sectors

Lost data from an encrypted Seagate® HDD with bad sectors? This is a complex data loss situation and requires experts’ intervention. We have the required technology and skills to decrypt the encrypted HDD and recover the data safely.

hdd stopped suddenly

HDD Stopped Working Suddenly

If your external Seagate® HDD stops working all of a sudden or can’t be recognized by your system, it might be due to a problem with the drive hardware, mechanical damage to the components, etc.

burnt seagate hdd

Burnt Seagate® HARD DRIVE

Hard drives may get burnt due to sudden power surge, short circuit, excessive usage, etc. It requires expertise and cutting-edge infrastructure to recover data from burnt hard drives. As soon as you sense a smoky or burning smell then call us instantly. 


Seagate® HDD Making Noise

If any weird noise, such as scrapping, popping, loud clicking or grinding coming out of your hard drive, it indicates that the hdd is going to fail. In such a case, you need to contact an experienced data recovery expert to recover your valuable data. 


Data Recovery from Seagate® Hard Drive in All Data Loss Situations

There are various reasons for data loss from Seagate® HDD, such as formatting, accidental data deletion, virus attack, physical damage, data corruption, and many more. We can effectively and safely recover data from Seagate® external/internal hard drives and solid-state drives, irrespective of the data loss situation.   


Formatted Seagate® HDD

If you’ve accidentally or deliberately formatted the Seagate® hard drive, stop using it immediately to prevent data overwriting. Contact a data recovery specialist to effectively and safely recover data from formatted hard drive.


Scratches on Platters

Platters are the magnetic storage components of the hard drive that stores the data. Scratches on platters is a crucial issue and may result in permanent data loss. As soon as you hear the loud clicking sound, contact us for data recovery. 

Virus or malware attack in hdd

Virus Attack on Seagate® HDD

Virus or malware attacks can cause irrecoverable damage to the data stored on the hard disk drive. Seek the help of a reliable data recovery expert to recover every bit of data safely from virus-infected hard drive.


Data Recovery from all Models of Seagate® Hard Drives

We have a proven track record of recovering data from almost all models and types of Seagate® hard drives. We can successfully recover data from Seagate Duet drive®, Seagate BarraCuda drive®, Seagate FireCuda drive®, Seagate DJI Fly drive®, Seagate Backup Plus Portable drive®, and Seagate Wireless Plus drive®

Seagate BarraCuda

* Don't see your hard drive listed? Don't worry; Stellar® can recover data from any type or brand of the hard drive.


Safe and Confidential Seagate® HDD Recovery Services

With over 25 years of experience in the data recovery domain, we have gained expertise in recovering data from hard drives, even in the most complex data loss scenarios. Our data care engineers use the latest technology and techniques to restore data from physically or logically failed Seagate® hard drives. They ensure complete safety and privacy of data at every level of the data recovery process.

Seagate hdd Recovery - watch video

Why Choose Stellar®

  • 100% safe and secure data recovery 
  • Complete data privacy throughout the recovery process
  • Unparalleled data recovery success rate of 80% 
  • No Recovery – No Charge policy
  • India’s only certified Class 100 Clean Room Lab
  • Track record of performing 40,000+ data recovery jobs annually 
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified organization


Hard Drive Data Recovery As Per Your Needs

We understand that your data is valuable and you need it on an urgent basis. However, sometimes, you look for budget-friendly solutions. Hence, we offer flexible data recovery service delivery plans to suit your diverse requirements. 

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How to fix if my Seagate external hard drive is not recognized or detected?

Connect your external hard drive to the system and open the Disk Management tool. See if the disk volume is visible. Then, follow these steps: 

  • If you could see the volume, check if a drive letter is assigned to the volume. If not, right-click on your external hard drive volume and select 'Change Drive Letter and Paths...' to assign a drive letter.
  • If the disk is not visible under Disk Management, then download and install the Seagate hard drive drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

If the disk is still not visible in the Disk Management tool, follow these steps:

  • Check the external hard drive's USB cable for any physical damages, connector issues, and shearing. If possible, try to use another USB cable.
  • If you are using USB 2.0 for connection, replace it with a USB 3.0. At times, USB 2.0 may fail to deliver the required power to the drive, which can cause the external hard drive to stop.
  • If you’re using the laptop’s or desktop’s internal hard drive as an external drive, use an external power supply or connect both USB connectors of your hard drive split cable to ensure adequate power supply.

If the issue remains unresolved, observe if your hard drive is making weird noises/sounds such as screeching, grinding, or clicking. In such cases, contact a hard drive data recovery expert or your hard drive manufacturer for help.

My Seagate Hard Drive is under warranty. How to recover data?

Hard drive manufacturers do not cover data recovery services under their limited warranty. So, if your Seagate hard drive is under warranty, then you can easily recover your data and claim the replacement of your hard drive. Read the complete process to claim a hard drive warranty.

What are the symptoms of failing Seagate hard drive?

There are a certain number of symptoms, which help you identify the failing HDD, as:

  • Locking up during the boot process
  • Clicking sound or some weird noise produced by the HDD
  • The system freezes frequently and needs forced restart
  • The hard disk gets overheated

If you notice such symptoms or some other unusual behavior, stop using the hard drive and instantly contact a professional data recovery specialist.

How to check the warranty of the Seagate hard drive?

To check the warranty of the Seagate hard drive, follow these steps:

My hard drive has bad sectors. How to fix it?

It is recommended to replace the HDD if it has various bad sectors because it may induce complete drive failure. You can run the CHKDSK command from the command prompt, which reallocates bad sectors - so that the data that you store, the next time, isn’t stored on those bad sectors. Even running CHKDSK might result in permanent data loss in some situations. 


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