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Safe and Reliable WD Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Stellar® has world-class technology and infrastructure to recover data lost from all types of WD hard drives. We can recover data from WD hard drives in all data loss situations, such as hard drive corruption, drive formatting, physical damage, water or fire damage,  etc. We ensure complete safety and privacy of your data at all the stages of data recovery process.  

Corrupted WD Hard drive

Corrupted WD Hard Drive

If your WD hard drive gets corrupted, you may lose access to the data stored on it. In such a situation, you need to contact a hard drive data recovery expert for a risk-free recovery of the data from your corrupted WD hard drive. 

wd hard drive making noise

WD Hard Drive Making Noise

If your hard drive is making weird noises, like clicking, grinding, buzzing, etc., then these are the symptoms of a failing hard drive. In such a case, immediately stop using the hard drive. If there is a data loss; contact us. 

Physical DAMAGED hard drive

Physically Damaged WD HDD

Physical damage to the hard disk drive is a complex data loss situation. Recovering data from a physically-damaged HDD requires expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure. 


WD HDD Not Detected

If your hard drive is not getting detected, then check the USB or SATA cable and the hard drive drivers are updated on the system. If this is not the case, it indicates the hard drive is severely corrupted or physically damaged. 


Western Digital® Hard Drive Recovery For All Data Loss Scenarios

Stellar® has a proven track record of recovering data from WD hard drives lost due to accidental deletion, drive formatting, virus attack, burnt or water damage, data corruption, deleted disk partition, file system corruption, etc. Our data recovery professionals ensure up to 100% data recovery from Western Digital® hard drives, irrespective of the data loss situation. 

Bad sector on Hard drive

Bad Sectors on HDD

If you can’t access the data or face data loss due to bad sectors on the hard drive, then do not try to recover it on your own. Contact a reliable hard drive data recovery expert who has the required technology and expertise to recover data from hard drives having bad sectors.

Crashed heads

Crashed HDD Heads

The hard drive has the read/write heads that read and write data on the HDD. So, if the heads are crashed, you can’t write and read data on the hard drive. In such a situation, get in touch with a trusted data recovery expert for safe and successful data recovery. 

wd hdd error

WD HDD throwing Errors

If your WD hard drive is throwing errors, such as I/O device error, smart hard drive error 301, error code: 2000-0146, etc., it indicates serious issues with your hard drive. You need to be proactive and contact a credible data recovery expert.


Recover Data from All Models of Western Digital® Hard Drives

We can successfully recover data from all types and capacities of Western Digital® hard drives. Our data recovery technicians have a proven track record of recovering data from WD My Passport hard drive, WD Elements hard drive, WD My Book hard drive, and other models of Western Digital hard drives. 

wd elements hard drive
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* Don't see your hard drive listed? Don't worry; Stellar® can recover data from any type or brand of the hard drive.


Secure and Risk-Free WD Hard Disk Data Recovery

At Stellar®, we have remarkable experience and time-tested technology for hard drive data recovery. When you submit your Western Digital® hard drive for data recovery, we first diagnose it to find out the root cause of the data loss and then proceed with the data recovery procedure to deliver best results. We follow strict data privacy guidelines in line with ISO standards to ensure complete confidentiality of your data.

Western digital HDD recovery

Industry-leading Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

  • 7,000+ WD hard drive recovery jobs per year
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified organization
  • No Recovery – No Charge policy
  • Unparalleled data recovery success rate of 80% 
  • 100% data security and privacy 
  • India’s only certified “Class 100 Clean Room” lab


WD Hard Drive Data Recovery As Per Your Needs 

We understand the urgency of your data. At times, you need your data on an urgent basis while in other instances you may want an affordable solution. Since we value your precious time and money, we offer flexible service plans to meet your different needs. 

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My WD external hard drive is not detecting. How to fix it?

If you see a "USB device not detected" error whenever you connect WD external hard drive to the desktop/laptop, read: How to fix USB device not detected an error.

My Western Digital hard drive is under warranty. How to recover data from it?

If your Western Digital hard drive is under warranty, then you can easily recover your data and claim the replacement of your hard drive. Read the complete process to claim a WD hard drive warranty.

How to check the warranty of the Western Digital hard drive?

To check the warranty of the WD hard drive, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Western Digital Support website.
  • Choose Product Type from the dropdown. If not listed, choose 'Other WD Products'.
  • Choose Country.
  • Then, enter your WD external hard drive serial number. The serial number is mentioned on the hard disk, below or beside the barcode.
  • Click the 'Submit' button to check the Warranty status of the Western Digital hard drive.

What is the data recovery cost to recover data from WD hard drive?

WD hard drive data recovery cost varies - based on the capacity and the condition of the hard drive. In case you’ve accidentally deleted or formatted the data, then you can try data recovery software. In the case of other data loss situations, learn more about the WD hard drive recovery cost.

Why does my WD hard drive fail?

WD hard drive may fail due to various reasons. Check the most common causes of WD hard drive failure.

What are the symptoms of a dying WD hard drive?

There are various signs that can help you identify a failing Western Digital hard drive. These are:

  • Unusual clicking sound produced by WD hard drive
  • The laptop/computer freezes frequently and requires force restart
  • WD HDD gets overheated
  • An increase in the number of bad sectors was noted when running the "chkdsk" command
  • The system shows slow performance. You can't speed up computer performance even after applying optimization tricks

If you observe such symptoms, stop using your WD hard drive and contact a data recovery expert. Also, read How to increase hard drive life?

What if I drop my external WD hard drive?

Hard disks are fragile. The drop, bump, hit, or jerk can damage its parts, such as read/write heads, platters, spindle, etc. You must contact professional data recovery specialists to recover data from physically damaged WD HDD. Read more about WD external hard drive not spinning and receiving fatal error messages.


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