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Data Recovery from the following WD Storage Devices

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Western Digital Portable Storage

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Data Recovery from all kind of data loss situations in WD Hard Drives

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7,000+ Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery jobs per year

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Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery Solution

Stellar offers the best possibilities to recover your data from Western Digital hard drives. We have been performing data recovery from WD hard drives for the past two decades, and our success rate is 95% in recovering data from Western Digital hard disks. We can recover data from all WD hard drives – Make and Models. As a result, we are among the most preferred data recovery service providers in India for hard disk data recovery.

Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery Services

In case your Western Digital hard drive has failed or is not detecting due to any reasons like accidental deletion, virus attack, physical damage, you can approach Stellar. Our professionals are experts in recovering data from all hard drive brands, including Western Digital hard drive, whether it is an external hard drive or internal hard drive.

Our data recovery experts can offer to maximize the success rate of data recovery from Western Digital hard drives.

The following are common Western Digital hard drive recovery cases handled by our professionals:

  • Western Digital Hard Drive is not detected.
  • Data deleted from Western Digital Hard Drive.
  • Western Digital Hard Drive is not detecting in BIOS.
  • Western Digital Hard Drive is damaged/dead.
  • The stored data in the WD Hard drive gets corrupted.
  • Data recovery from Burnt Western Digital Hard Drive.
  • Data recovery from Water damaged Western Digital Hard Drive.
  • Western Digital Hard drive, making an unusual sound.
  • Bad Sectors on the Hard Drive.

We at Stellar assure up to 100% data recovery from all Hard Drives brands, irrespective of the data loss situation.

Note - Western Digital encrypts the data in external USB hard drives like “My Book" or "Passport" drives. If the USB-to-SATA interface board fails (which contains an encryption chip), then your chance of recovering the data with a simple "undelete files" program is zero. You cannot simply remove the hard drive from the USB box and connect it to a desktop machine with SATA cables because the data is still encrypted, even if you did not set a password. Before you take any action, make sure that your WD disk is not one of these types.


Stop using the hard drive – Remember that WD hard drives are sensitive to heat and temperature changes, power surges, static electricity and physical shock. You’re therefore advised to seek expert help on how to handle your failing Western Hard drive.

Do not try any random data recovery software – Always use a professional data recovery software to recover the data. Do not attempt any random methods, as it might hamper the chances of successful data recovery. Keep in mind that Western Digital hard drives are delicate devices which, if not handled properly, might fail permanently.

Keep the hard drive safely and do not store new data – Do not store new data on the hard drive from which you need to recover previously lost data. Storing new data (read/write operations) can overwrite the space and decrease the chances of recovery.

Mishandling - Your Western Digital hard drive might get damaged due to mishandling, thereby hampering the chances of successful data recovery. Instead, take the affected hard drive directly to a professional service provider.

As a special customer you can expect following from us

  • 10% discount on your data recovery from WD hard drive.
  • No Recovery - No Charge*. In case we are not able to recover your important data, there won't be any charges for you.
  • Free consultation on data recovery - Call our Toll Free no. 1800-102-3232 and we will explain you the complete data recovery process and our technologically advanced clean room labs. Click to see 360° degree view of our Class 100 Clean Room Lab.
  • Top rated data recovery service provider in India, with best success rate 95%.
  • Regular daily job status to track your data recovery job.
  • Online data verification through team viewer - In case you are not able to visit our facility to verify recovered data.
  • Data recovery solutions - Choose what works best for you. In lab data recovery by our professionals or our top selling DIY data recovery software. Our data recovery software can recover data from all kind logical cases, where you have lost your data (deleted/formatted case). This works in case your drive is detecting and there is no physical damage to the drive.
  • 100% safe and secure data recovery. Your data privacy is guaranteed.
  • Risk free data recovery. No obligation quote after assessment.
  • Trusted data recovery services for: WD Elements®, WD My Passport®, WD My Cloud®, WD My Book®, WD Blue®, WD Green®, WD Black®, WD Purple® and WD NAS solutions.
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How to fix my WD External Hard Drive is Not Recognized/Not Detecting?

If you see "USB device not detected" error whenever you connect WD External Hard Drive to the Desktop/Laptop. Follow some instructions or solution to fix USB device not detected error.

My Western Digital Hard Drive is under warranty how to recover data?

If your Western Digital Hard Drive is under warranty then you can easily recover your data and claim replacement of your hard drive. Read complete process to claim WD hard drive warranty.

How to check the warranty of Western Digital hard drive?
  • Go to Western Digital Support website.
  • Choose Product Type from the drop-down. If not listed, choose 'Other WD Products'.
  • Choose Country.
  • Then enter your WD external hard drive serial number. The serial number is mentioned on the hard disk below or beside the barcode.
  • Click the 'Submit' button to check Warranty status of Western Digital hard drive.
What is the data recovery cost to recover data from WD hard drive?

WD hard drive data recovery cost varies as per the capacity and the condition of hard drive. In case if you accidently delete or format the data, then you can try data recovery software. In case of other data loss situation learn more about the WD hard drive recovery cost.

Why do my WD hard drive fail?

WD hard drive may fail due to many types of reasons. Check the most common causes of WD hard drive failure.

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Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Stellar® Data Recovery lab and recovery services are fully operational to serve your needs. You can avail our Online Remote Data Recovery Service. Stellar® encourages you to avail our free courier pick up service to submit your damaged media devices for data recovery