How To Recover Data From WD External Hard Drive During Warranty?

WD external hard drives have many uses. Since they are portable, you can carry tons of data with them when travelling. You can also use these storage devices for creating backups of your critical business or personal data.

The following are some of the most popular WD external drives:

  • WD My Passport Ultra SSD: Based on Solid State Drive (SSD) architecture which means the highest level of reliability and data protection, as well as faster data transfer speeds.
  • WD Elements Portable, WD My Passport, WD My Passport Ultra: Standard external hard drives in varying storage capacities and bonus features.
  • WD My Passport Wireless SSD, WD My Passport Wireless Pro: External hard drives with wireless connectivity.

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Although today’s WD external hard drives are highly reliable and robust enough to be unaffected by mild to medium physical impacts, they aren’t 100% safe.

External hard drives wear down over time or prematurely die due to physical damage. They can also face data corruption for a variety of reasons including malware attack, human error, etc. which can damage the data. However, this doesn’t mean that WD external hard drive recovery isn’t possible. In fact, with a reliable data recovery service provider, you can get 100% of the lost data back.

Now, before you send your WD external hard drive to a data recovery service provider, you can try a few things to ensure that the media device is broken/faulty.

Problems Associated With My Passport Ultra:

  • WD My Passport hard drive is not detected or recognized.
  • WD My Passport Ultra is not showing up on PC or Mac.
  • WD external hard drive’s parts does not spinning.
  • Clicking noises or grinding noise from WD My Passport hard drive.
  • How To Recover Data during WD Hard Disk Warranty Check?

Things To Check: WD My Passport Ultra External Hard Drive

A lot of times the problem with an undetectable external hard drive is not hardware related but instead software related. If your external hard drive comes with USB connectivity, then a corrupted or outdated USB driver could be the source of the problem. So, you should try reinstalling the USB driver and update it to its latest version. You may also try connecting the external hard drive to different USB ports on your computer just to be sure. If you have a wireless external hard drive, then you can try reinstalling and updating the wireless connectivity drivers on your computer system.

Other things to try include:

  • Connecting the external hard drive to a USB port on the computer directly rather than through a USB hub. This is to rule out a faulty USB hub.
  • Connecting the drive to another computer or laptop
  • Check “Legacy USB Support” and enable it for your computer. For this,
    • Reboot and launch BIOS settings by pressing the relevant key (should be DEL or F1, etc.)
    • Find and open the CMOS settings
    • Find the option for “PNP/PCI CONFIGURATION.
    • Select “enabled” for “Legacy USB Support.”
    • Restart the computer

Apart from these methods, you should also know about the common symptoms that are tell-tale signs of a dead hard drive and call for a portable hard drive recovery service:

  • Power LED indicator doesn’t light up
  • Clicking or grinding noises
  • Error messages on your computer display

Preparing WD My Passport Ultra Data Recovery

If you have ruled out the software issues and the failure symptoms are evident, then you can be sure that the hard drive is indeed faulty.

The good news is that you can replace your hard drive for free if it’s still under warranty through WD Hard Disk Warranty Check.

Even if you don’t have the invoice for the WD external hard drive, you can check its WD Hard Disk Warranty Check status by clicking here. All you need to do is enter the serial number of the product, and it will show WD hard disk warranty status.

If your WD My Passport Ultra external hard drive is indeed under warranty, then, by all means, get it replaced. However, the only problem is that you won’t get your lost data unless you get a WD external hard drive recovery service. This is because the manufacturer will only replace the damaged external hard drive with a new one. So, if you want to keep the data, then you need to obtain a professional data recovery service.

Case Study: Data Recovered From WD 2TB External Hard Drive

Client: Business Entity

Goal: To Recover data from WD 2TB Hard Drive.

Approach: Stellar Data Recovery was able to successfully recover the client’s data from a WD 2TB external hard drive.

Challenge Faced: The client owned a WD 2TB External hard disk, which was partition not accessible. The company’s all-employee data backup was in the HDD.

The Method of Stellar Data Recovery

  • The sector zero of the HDD was filled, according to preliminary research.
  • After analysis, the specialists at Stellar Data Recovery discovered that the partition information was not found.
  • After manual scanning, 70 to 80% of the hard drive’s internal structure could be effectively restored.

Client Comments

The customer was ecstatic with Stellar Data Recovery’s assistance. They were happy that the crucial employee files could be successfully restored.

A WD 2TB hard disc with an inaccessible partition does not result in irreversible data loss. You can improve your chances of successfully recovering your important files by using data recovery services like Stellar Data Recovery.

Data Recovery Service For WD External Hard Drive

Take the following steps to apply for WD external hard drive Recovery without violating the replacement WD Hard Disk Warranty Check:

  • Contact WD manufacturers through email and ask for their approval for the data recovery service. You can also check the approval letter provided by WD manufacturers itself for making the process easier.
  • Once you have received their support in writing, submit your external hard drive to Stellar Data Recovery. We have a state of the art class 100 clean room lab for recovering up to 100% of your lost data in a highly safe and controlled environment. Don’t worry, if our data recovery experts need to open the hard drive then we will ask your permission first.
  • Once the data recovery process is completed we hand over the data as well as the faulty external hard drive to you. We also share a data recovery certificate that attests that the western digital hard drive recovery was performed by us in a controlled environment under strict supervision. We ensure that there will be no damage to the storage device itself during the recovery process.
  • You can deposit the faulty WD hard drive and the data recovery certificate to WD as per their standard process to claim a replacement. This marks the end of this procedure.

Note: When an external hard drive isn’t detectable by any computer system or if it’s dead, then you can’t recover the data using the software. In this case, a professional data recovery service is the only safe and viable option.

So, Do not experiment with your device to avoid further damage. Instead, choose the safest path and contact a professional data recovery service provider like Stellar. We have top data recovery experts and advanced equipment for risk-free and guaranteed data recovery.

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