Different Types Of Hard Drive Failure and Data Recovery Solutions

In this digital era, drive failure is a common occurrence. When this happens, along with data loss, it also harms the organisation’s reputation. Indeed, hard disks data backup may help you to regain your lost or deleted data, but the catch is that we need to backup of data on a regular basis.

Furthermore, there are manual approaches to recover lost data but dealing with a failed drive and catering to the day-to-day task is quite overwhelming. It is also risky and can impact your data. Thus, a professional data recovery solution becomes a must-have.

Before focusing simply on recovery approach, let’s have a comprehensive overview of the causes of different types of hard drive failure and their probable solutions.

Top 6 Reasons of Hard Disk Failure

  • Logical Failure
  • Electrical Failure
  • Firmware Failure
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Complex Failure Mode

Let’s look into each in detail.

  1. Logical Failure

A non-physical failure approach. It can be counted either as the easiest or the most challenging recovery process, depending upon the state of failure.


  • Essential Files become damaged or turn corrupt
  • Unable to access the system


  • Virus Attack or Malware
  • File or system corruption
  • Software bug
  • Accidental Deletion or format

Preventive Measure

  • Shut down the system properly
  • Say No to faulty software installation

Ideal Solution

Go for a professional recovery software or Data Recovery Services.


  1. Electrical Failure

The PCB is the integral part that helps in establishing communication, control, and coordination between the system and the hard disk to read and write data. When it gets damaged due to power spike or power surge, the data saving on it also becomes inaccessible as a result. Often, it affects the read-write head of the pre-amplifier circuit.


  • Abrupt Startup Failure
  • Generation of clicking sound
  • Hard drive fails to spin and creates a fuzzing sound
  • Hard drive is powered but fails to be detected by the System BIOS


  • Use of undependable power source
  • UPS unable to deliver adequate power

Preventive Measure

  • Say yes to popular brand UPS
  • Shutdown system when not required

Ideal Solution

Attempt to use professional solution—software or service as desired.

  1. Firmware Failure

Firmware is a code which the hard drive manufacturers’ asses to check the hard disk state. Usually, it is on PCB board and data platters. If the platter area is affected, the drive will appear as failed even if both mechanical and electrical components are still functional.


  • Unable to detect the hard drive
  • Drive is wrongly recognised or with illogical characters
  • Unable to boot as system hangs or does not boot at all


  • No specific reason as these are manufacturer level faults

Preventive Measure

  • Contact manufacturer for Return Authorization

Ideal Solution

Seek a professional data recovery solution

  1. Bad Platter Area

Also known as Bad sectors, these are inaccessible data sectors or blocks during a read or write operation.


  • Constant Cyclic Redundancy Errors
  • Inaccessibility to files or folders
  • Hanging or sluggish performance of Hard disk though being accessible


  • Head Crash
  • Tracking Errors
  • Platter surface wear and tear

Ideal Solution

Depending on the severity of bad sectors level, you can either choose data recovery software or data recovery service.

  1. Mechanical Failure

This type of failure is a result of internal components failures such as read-write head and motors. These elements become faulty and without any warning.


  • Grinding or clicking noise
  • No movement at all due to motor freezing
  • Generation of sound during disk power up


  • Degradation of hard drive moving parts
  • Non-functioning of spindle motor

Preventive Measure

  • Run antivirus
  • Update system on regular interval

Ideal Solution

Go to Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

  1. Complex Failure Mode

Majorly, the reason for hard drive failure is not a single mode. There is a combination of failure modes that result in hard drive failure. For example, a read-write crash. It can lead to corrupt firmware code as well as file system damage. As per the scenario, you can choose a reliable professional data recovery approach.

Data Recovery solution  

Data Recovery Software Data Recovery Service
Works only in case of logical failure Works in case of logical as well as physical failure
Designed for software issues Designed for both software and hardware issues
You need to execute the recovery process using a specialised software You just need to hand over your failed hard drive to a renowned service provider such as Stellar Data Recovery

The Bottom Line

We can now quickly state that Data Recovery Service is the most suited approach. Also, we cater both logical and physical data loss scenarios. Here, we recommend the top-rated Data Recovery Service provider—Stellar. With its state-of-the-art technology, latest deployment techniques, Class 100 Clean Room Recovery Lab with Biometric Controls, and ISMS & ISO compliance, the clients’ needs are fulfilled diligently!



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