How Can Data Recovery Services Help in Case of Data Loss

Many of us even today are unaware of computer data recovery. It is basically method of pulling out the data from inaccessible or accessible hard disk or other electronic storage media. Thus, to recover our data we always have two options namely data recovery software and data recovery services. Data recovery software can recover the data in the cases where the hard drive or other storage media is accessible. But, in the cases where the storage media itself has become inaccessible then data recovery services are the only way of resolving the issue and getting the data back. I too learn about this fact sometimes back and after researching over this topic, I came across some very interesting facts about data recovery which I would like to share with all of you.

Most commonly the data loss can be of four types:

  • The file or folder in which the data is stored has become corrupt or damaged.

  • The file or folder has been deleted completely (without any trace in the recycle bin), or is lost.

  • The storage media has become non-responsive or inaccessible.

  • The storage media is lost.

The first two situations of data loss call for powerful and efficient data recovery software where as the third situation calls for expert data recovery services. In the fourth situation, only the police can assist you best. However, in this blog we will discuss more about data recovery services. With the rapid increase in the electronic storage media, the cases of data loss have also increased. Thus, keeping this in mind various companies are providing data recovery service today but the question is how a person would understand about the right data recovery service and reliable data recovery service provider.

Since, not all the service providers have special rooms with controlled environment to open a storage media thus, it is recommended to opt for the one which has Class 100 Clean Room (a perfect environment to expose storage device). However, if a service provider claims to have this environment then it is advisable to go for the one which has ample experience in the field of data recovery. Also make sure that they support the file system of your storage media, its interface, etc.

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