Data Recovery Service and Its Importance

Earlier, the paper files were widely in use to store critical business information and details related to financial transactions. As papers have relatively shorter life span and they can be easily damaged, many organizations have suffered huge losses due to such damage to their important paper documents. Soon digital media are proved to be reliable, as they could sustain many kinds of damages that the paper based files could not. However, digital media also fail at times resulting in complete inaccessibility of data. For such occasions, now there are advanced data recovery service techniques have been developed to recover lost data even from physically damaged media.

It has been a long time since organizations have opted for digital media for storing data over traditional paper based files. Now, computer becoming a house hold item, not only organizations but also entrepreneurs and home users are storing their data in digital media. Some of the mostly used digital media may include internal/external hard drive, USB flash drive, SSD etc.

As every laptop or desktop computer has at least one hard drive in it, this is the digital media that is used most. Whatever data that is processed through applications installed on your system, by default gets stored in it. Thus, hard drive stores much of your personal as well as business critical data.

Similarly, external hard drives, USB flash drives or SSDs are mainly used as secondary data storage or backup devices. Either in case of less storage capacity in the system hard drives or for keeping a second backup copy of important data, users use these secondary external storage mediums. Anyway, be it your system hard drive or any external media, it stores precious data and failure of which causes huge monetary or personal loss.

If you have encountered any logical media failure, such as file system corruption, OS malfunctions or similar, then you can use data recovery software to recover lost data. However, in case of any physical damage to the media, no software will work and here comes the role of data recovery service providers.

Data recovery service providers have the necessary skill, expertise and infrastructure (CLASS 100 Clean Room labs) to deal with physically damaged media and recover your precious data safely. Moreover, when it comes to troubled flash based storage devices, it is the blend of expertise and innovative recovery techniques that helps recover the data.

In India, Stellar Data Recovery is a name that is known for its indigenous data recovery techniques and successful recovery history from almost any kind of physically damaged storage media. With its in-house R & D, skilled recovery engineers and certified CLASS 100 Clean Room labs, Stellar has recovered data from extremely critical data loss situations, even when other recovery providers have declined to entertain.

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