Seagate Unveils its Ultra Mobile HDD for Smartphones and Tablets

Today, almost everyone owns a Smartphone, Tablet, or a smart mobile device to fulfill his/her multiple needs altogether, such as listening to music, watching videos and movies, clicking photos, social networking, playing games, etc. In fact, one can accomplish all such needs very easily through these smart mobile devices, as they provide huge storage space of up to 64 GB. Since one has not been able to manage his/her needs, such high storage space no longer seems to satisfy the growing needs of the users.

Considering the point, Seagate – the leader in storage solutions, after a long period of uphill struggle, has recently unveiled its extremely powerful solution – a brand new Ultra Mobile HDD – for rapidly growing needs for storage space in Smart mobile devices.

Seagate® Ultra Mobile HDD is integrated with a collaboration of ‘Seagate Mobile Enablement Kit’ and ‘Seagate Dynamic Data™ Driver software technology’, which provides storage space equal to 7x the storage capacity of traditional 64 GB devices, without making any difference in power consumption, reliability, and performance factors. With this, Seagate has introduced PC like storage in Smartphones and Tablets.

The biggest and the hardest challenge in front of Seagate was to alleviate the size of a traditional high-capacity storage device (i.e. the hard drive), in order to make it to comfortably fit the Smart devices available in the market, thereby keeping all other factors, including power consumption and device drops safe and sound. Ultimately, the collaboration of ‘Ultra Mobile HDD’ with ‘Dynamic Data Driver’ software turned out to be effective, and it lent a hand in device development, thereby dealing with the challenges through integrated ideas about system designs.

Internally, a system level smart catching design has been implemented to accomplish the goals like enhanced performance with least power consumption. As per the achievements, a combination of 8 GB of flash memory, Dynamic Data Driver software, and Ultra Mobile HDD is able to provide performance equivalent to 16 GB device and a power consumption equivalent to 64 GB device, which however costs even lesser. Moreover, the Ultra Mobile HDD has inbuilt thermal monitoring algorithms and enhanced motion sensors to prevent harmful conditions, thereby keeping a watch over device access.

Talking about its ability to avoid harms spotlights the insulation, which is efficient enough to avoid damages in case it falls down. Well, the device using it may break, but not the 2.5-inch Ultra Mobile HDD. This ultra slim hard drive is compatible with portable devices, such as MP3 players, iPods, and digital cameras. As per the features spotlighted by Seagate, Ultra Mobile HDD can efficiently store up to 1 lakh photos, 1.25 lakh songs, or HD videos of over 62 hours.

As per the latest notifications, Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD has been designed for Android devices.

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