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RAID Data Recovery


A leading ceramics manufacturer recently faced a major disruption when their QNAP TVS-951X RAID 5 server experienced a physical problem. This incident threatened their operational efficiency and posed a risk to their ongoing projects. Stellar Data Recovery successfully retrieved all essential data from the RAID array, ensuring minimal interruption to the manufacturer's operations.

Client Background:

This manufacturer is renowned for producing high-quality ceramic products, serving various construction and interior design needs. Their work involves extensive use of Photoshop Large Document (.PSB) files to design and create detailed product visuals and layouts.

Addressing Key Challenges in Data Recovery:

The client encountered a significant issue when two HDDs in their enterprise storage server, configured with a RAID 5 array, became physically defective, putting their data at risk. This situation underscored the vulnerability of their data storage to physical defects and highlighted the necessity for robust data recovery procedures.

Stellar Data Recovery quickly stepped in and successfully recovered all the essential .PSB files, enabling the manufacturer to continue their operations smoothly.

Drive Specifications:

  • No. of HDDs: 5 Desktop HDDs with massive each 8TB
  • Raid Configuration: Raid 5
  • Make Mode: WD WD80EFAX68KNBN0
  • Server Model/Drive Model: QNAP TVS 951x
  • We have recovered 18TB Data
  • File System: EXT 4 (LINUX)
  • Existing data in the media: 18TB
  • Unique file extension: .PSB (Each file size is 1GB to 15GB)
  • File Extension: PSB Design files. 


Physically damaged 2 HDDs not detected out of 5 HDDs.

Data Recovery Actions & Approach:

We recognized the critical nature of the client's data, and undertook our recovery process with utmost precision and care. The following steps highlight the meticulous approach we adopted:

  • Cloning all 5 HDDs: Each with an 8 TB capacity, despite the physical issue.
  • Determining RAID Configuration: Including stripe size and data flow to facilitate optimal data retrieval.
  • Software Adaptation: Software modification done by our R&D team to create linear images.
  • Creation of Linear Images: With the help of software and RAID configuration, we created linear images of 24 TB HDD.
  • Dedicated Effort: Ensured 100% data recovery with persistent work.

Data Recovery Success:

The recovery process was a success, with all data retrieved and restored accurately, demonstrating Stellar Data Recovery’s expertise:

  • Total Data Recovered: 18 TB
  • File Types Recovered: All Critical PSB Files
  • Recovery Duration: Recovery was executed promptly, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.

Stellar Server Recovery

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This ceramics manufacturer’s experience underscores the significance of advanced RAID data recovery solutions in maintaining business continuity. Stellar Data Recovery’s successful recovery of their vital PSB files highlights the resilience and expertise required to tackle such challenges. This case study demonstrates how effective professional data recovery services can be in reducing the impact of unexpected data loss incidents.