How to Recover Deleted CCTV Videos, Photos or Footage ?

With the crime rate increasing each day, having an additional pair of eyes of a high-quality CCTV (Closed Circuit television) camera offer peace of mind leaving an impression that there is someone watching out for your people or other important things behind your back. Recently, the demand for CCTV cameras is on an upward swing; they are used in commercial setups and local households, both. Let us see how these modern security cameras are becoming a necessity in both business premises and residential properties.

recover deleted CCTV videos

Business use: Modern-day security cameras serve as a boon for business ventures as it helps to lower the cost and risk by safeguarding their assets along with continuous and seamless monitoring of their establishments. These high-quality, reasonably priced cameras have managed to supersede security guards while enhancing the fidelity and accountability to almost 100% by furnishing real-time remote video surveillance.

Residential use: A majority of homeowners are investing in a CCTV camera to keep their home as well as the perimeter more secure. Whether the aim is to deter burglars or intruders or keep a close watch on the kids and their activities, CCTV camera is a blessing in disguise.

However, like every technology, CCTV cameras are prone to a bountiful of risks which can lead to total or partial data loss. The consequences of data loss are dire, and so, now that you have become aware of the importance of CCTV camera in today’s technologically-driven era, there is a need to pay some heed on the reasons of data loss from CCTV Hard Drive. Here is a sampling of just a few prime reasons that can result in distorted or damaged recorded videos.

  • Accidental deletion of CCTV footage, a type of human error which is nearly unavoidable.
  • Failed CCTV hard drive (logical and physical failure both)
  • Sudden Power breakdown or fire at the place where CCTV or DVR is installed.
  • Availability of bad sector in CCTV hard disk drive.
  • Formatted, corrupted or damaged CCTV SD card or hard drive.
  • Restricted or no-access to videos or recordings due to malware or virus attack to CCTV hard drive/SD card.
  • Excessive exposure to harsh weather elements like heat, fire, dirt, rain, smoke, water, etc.

Apart from that, a host of other reasons including, loss of radio signal, faulty IR night vision, or old firmware serve as a catalyst for increased data loss risks. Not keeping a tab on such potential causes while using CCTV cameras, no matter how modern it is, is a recipe for disaster.

CCTV Video/Footage Recovery Methods

After comprehending the reasons of data loss from CCTV cameras, we will take you through the valuable CCTV footage recovery methods that can prove effective in regaining the lost or disrupted videos back, as the way they were, with ease. Follow the following 3 useful methods to recover Deleted CCTV Videos, Footage and Photos.

Method #1: In cases related to accidental deletion, wherein, the user erased or deleted files like recordings or videos from the CCTV or DVR camera, backups hold tremendous value. To access the files from backup, follow these simple steps,

Step 1: Look for the video backup folder and open it.

Step 2: Find the lost video from the CCTV or DVR hard drive/SD card and copy it back to the disk or SD card or other external storage devices like a hard drive, pen drive etc.

Method #2: In the absence of backup or an additional copy of the lost CCTV/DVR videos or images, one should perform CCTV video/footage recovery with a powerful hard drive recovery software such as Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software. This particular software support CCTV video recovery from a variety of devices such as Hikvision CP Plus, Ahuja, Sony, Bosch and etc. CCTV camera hard drive along with SD card.

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Method #3: Since data recovery from CCTV or DVR calls for technical expertise and experience, making a mistake, no matter how minor it is, while retrieving the data, can cause permanent damage or loss. Hence, DVR/CCTV Footage Recovery service provider or service is recommended.

hard drive failures-Submit Your Media For Data Recovery

Get in touch with the highly skilled professionals of reputable CCTV/DVR Data Recovery service providers such as Stellar Data Recovery, an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2013 certified company, to regain the data exactly in the same format as they are before the loss. Popularly known for its quality and time-bound CCTV/DVR Video recovery service, Stellar, has become one of the most sought-after companies in India today.

The team of exceptionally skilled recovery specialist, working in Stellar, recuperate the data stored in a damaged or corrupted CCTV/DVR with 100% efficiency and confidentiality. For this, the in-house research and development team open and treat the damaged storage device in CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM, maintaining the highest level of recovery- the risks of losing the data is negligible.

With 15 branches across India, Stellar is offering data recovery solutions to clients in India and abroad. For more details about CCTV Hard drive Recovery visit

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