Get back your deleted photos, videos from SD cards. Recover your lost photos, videos captured via DSLR, MILC, smartphone, compact digital camera etc. We recover data from all branded SD cards. (Kingston, Sony, Samsung, SanDisk, Transcend, Lexar etc.)

You need professional help for data recovery when your SD cards fail to connect. We have the highest success rate in recovering data from SD cards. This makes us most preferred company for data recovery from SD cards.

Our Service benefits:

  • Best in class advanced Data Recovery
  • ISO certified Clean Room lab
  • Professional Data Recovery experts
  • Use of proprietary tools for data recovery
  • 95% success rate in recovering data from damaged SD cards
  • Advanced data recovery beyond the use of software

Micro SD card recovery service

SD cards, micro SD cards; we recover data from all type of cards. If your card is cracked or damaged then recovering data from it, is a complex job. You need to get in touch with our Data Recovery experts for such cases.

We are expert in recovering data from memory cards, CF cards. Following are the most common reasons for data loss from SD cards:

  • The hardware failure
  • SD card Formatting
  • Due to accidental deletion of data
  • Due to physical damage to the card
Professional SD card recovery

We perform data recovery from SD cards used in smartphones, digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players etc.

We can repair damaged photo & video and recover them from all kind of SD cards

SDHC card

SDHC Cards

SDSC cards

SDSC cards

SDXC Cards

SDXC Cards

Micro Sd Cards

Micro Sd Cards

CF cards

CF cards

Compact memory cards

Compact memory cards


Most common data loss scenarios from SD cards

Deleted data recovery

Deleted Photos/Files & other document

formatted data recovery

Formatted Photos/Files & other document

Read/write head crash

Damaged Circuit Boards

Power surge failure

Physically Damaged SD Cards

Broken connectors

Virus Affected SD Card

SD card Recovery Software

Download top rated SD card recovery software to recover data from SD cards. Our Photo Recovery Software can recover videos, audios from your SD cards. DIY photo recovery software is easy to install, 100% safe & secure, easy to use. The Software will not work if the card is physically broken or is cracked.

Do not try to recover data by any unauthorized software. This may lead to permanent deletion of data; beyond recovery.

DIY software works best in following data loss scenarios

  • Lost data due to accidental deletion
  • Lost data due to the formatting of SD card

Data Recovery Solutions for SD Card Recovery

Select best-suited data recovery solution based upon your data loss situation

Data Recovery solutions for all SD cards and Data loss situations

This chart demonstrates the typical data loss situation in SD cards and desired data recovery solution

Data Recovery solutions Data loss situations Advantages
Professional Service
  • Damaged SD card
  • Broken SD card
  • Cracked SD card
  • Not detecting SD card
  • Not accessible SD card
  • Hardware failure
  • Optimum Data recovery results
  • No Recovery - No charge* policy
  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified
  • 100% data privacy and security¬†
  • Class 100 clean room lab¬†
DIY Software
  • Accidently deletion of data from SD card
  • Data loss due to Formatting of SD card
  • Deleted photos, videos, files
  • Corrupted Photos, Videos, Files
  • Data loss due to SD card bad sectors
  • Virus infected data loss
  • Hassle Free - you can perform recovery at your home. By yourself.
  • Highly cost effective
  • FREE trail - buy the license only if you are able to see your data

If your videos, photos, data stored on SD card are very important, then you should always use professional service for data recovery. Our services are trusted, quick, 100% safe & secure. Compete the privacy of your data is guaranteed. We perform our data recovery operations in highly secured certified data recovery labs.

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