How to Fix SD Card Not Formatted Error?

I am a photographer and I have some important images stored on my SD card. I have been using this card for a while, as it is feasible. But, today, when I connected it to the PC to transfer images, I received an error message. The message showed the memory card not formatted error. What should I do? Is there any way to fix not formatted SD card?

SD cards and other memory storage devices give a handy alternative for saving data. But, these devices are prone to failure. A virus attack, power surges, and corrupt files all lead to data loss. Sometimes, your memory card may stop working simply due to wear and tear.

If you try to format the card, you can end up losing the data forever. This is why it is advised to use only trusted software for data recovery.

Let’s analyze how to fix SD card not formatted Error.

Signs of Corrupt SD Card

If you see the below signs, then your SD card may be corrupt or not working.

  • SD Card Not Accessible error with a black screen.
  • Missing card data.
  • Read/Write error, in which you can’t perform actions on the SD card.
  • Corrupt Files error.
  • The images are visible. But, when you open it, a black screen appears.
  • SD Card Is Not Formatted error. The PC will recognise it but access is denied.

Reasons Behind SD Card Not Formatted Error

SD cards can suffer harm due to physical as well as logical damage. They can arise from:

  • Abrupt PC shut down while data read and write.
  • Sudden halt of SD card operations.
  • Removing the card wrongly from phone or camera.
  • Interruption by a third-party app.
  • Write-protected card.
  • Regular card formatting.
  • Using the card in more than one PCs.
  • SD card not compatible with the device.
  • Physically damaged card.

Ways to Recover Data from Memory Card

When your SD card stops working, don’t tamper with it. Doing so can result in the permanent loss of files. Instead, try Stellar Data Recovery Software to fix SD card not formatted error.  Visit the official website of Stellar and download Photo Recovery software. Once you have installed the software, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the SD card to your PC.
  2. Open the Stellar Photo Recovery software.
  3. Click on Recover Photo, Audio & Video.
  4. Select the SD card folder.
  5. Click Scan Now.
  6. Select the images you would like to recover.
  7. Hit Recover.

The software will take only a few minutes to recover your images.

Other Methods to Recover Data

It is possible to fix SD card not formatted via manual methods too. Here are some other ways for data recovery from not formatted SD card.

1. Try Chkdsk

  • Connect SD card to the PC.
  • Search cmd. Right-click to Run as administrator.
  • Now, type chkdsk D: /f. Here, ‘D’ is the drive letter assigned to SD card.
  • Hit Enter.

Windows will try to retrieve your data. Once the command is executed, check the SD card to see the recovery status.

2. Reinstall the SD Card Drivers

  • Connect SD card to the PC.
  • Go to Device Manager.
  • Open Disk Drives.
  • Right-click on your SD card.
  • Uninstall the drivers.
  • Remove the SD card.
  • Insert it again.

Your PC will automatically install new drivers. Now, try accessing the files again.

3. Reboot

Simple reboot the camera or phone in which you are using the SD card. You can also reboot the PC which is connected to the card.

When Nothing Works, Use Professional Services

If you are unable to access the SD card via the above methods, then use data recovery services. A professional data recovery provider such as Stellar will help you retrieve images safely.

With up to 100% data recovery, Stellar has a team of skilled professionals to recover data. The Class 100 Rooms for recovery further makes sure that your storage media doesn’t suffer more damage. If the data is not retrieved due to any reason, Stellar has a ‘No Recovery – No Charge*’ policy.

Tips To Avoid SD Card Not Formatted Error

There are many ways to fix SD card not formatted error. But, it is better to avoid the situation. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Don’t remove the card during reading or writing operation.
  • When reading or writing data, ensure that the battery is full.
  • Format the card when it is in the camera.
  • Don’t remove the card when the camera is working.
  • Use trusted cards only. Cheap ones have a short lifespan.

Protect Your SD Card from Further Damage

When you face SD card not formatted error, it is best to not tamper with the card. Don’t read or write data, format the card, or connect it to multiple PCs. All this can cause permanent loss of data. Instead, try trusted software from Stellar for data recovery. If you can’t retrieve images with the software or reliable DIY methods, prefer Stellar Data Recovery services.

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