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Professional Hard Drive Recovery Services

At Stellar Data Recovery we offer professional recovery services for Toshiba hard disk drives. We can retrieve data from a hard drive that is mechanically damaged, or affected by virus and malware. Our experts have huge experience in repairing damaged Toshiba hard disk drives that have suffered data loss due to logical or physical damage. 

hard disk not detected

Hard Drive Undetected 

There are many reasons for this complaint. It might be a broken SATA port, or corrupted firmware. You can try to fix the Toshiba hard disk yourself but if you fail we shall provide reliable data recovery.

hard drives with scratched platter

Scratched Platter 

This is more complex and needs expert recovery services. The Toshiba hard disk has to be taken apart in a cleanroom and a clone generated. We have the most sophisticated Class 100 clean room in India. 

hard disk does not spin

Motor Problems 

The motor has to spin the Toshiba hard drive at exactly 5400 or 7200 RPM) depending on model). Any change and the circuitry cannot read the data. Our experts can change the motor and extract the data in no time.

hard disk bad sector

Bad Sectors 

The Toshiba hard drive is split into sectors. Too many bad sectors prevent data reading and writing. Engineers at Stellar Data Recovery can recover the data and export it to external storage.

corrupted file system in hard disk

File System Corruption

The Master File Table acts as the phonebook of a Toshiba hard drive. If components in it are missing the data cannot be located. We can rectify the situation and remap the File Table. 

formatted hard disk

Wrong Formatting 

If a negligent person has formatted the wrong Toshiba hard drive it will result in an unreadable disk. At Stellar we specialize in reconstructing a disk from scratch and restoring the information therein. 

hard disk partition

Wrong Partition 

If someone is careless while using Disk Management Tool and shrinks the wrong partition on Toshiba hard drive there will be loss of valuable data. Experts at Stellar have long experience and can recover data. 

bitlocker encrypted hard disk

Bit Locker Encryption 

We can recover data flawlessly from Bit Locker encrypted Toshiba hard drives. Our retrieval can work with different encryption standards. 

Hard Drive Recovery Process For Any Situation 

Toshiba hard drives are built to meet exceptional benchmarks. However hard disk failure happens. Common reasons are read and write head crashes, malware, moisture, accidental deletion of folder and partition, and accidental formatting. There is no reason to panic. We can recover data with 100% success from any type of Toshiba hard drive, laptop or desktop or server. 

Inaccessible hard drive


If the Toshiba hard drive cannot be read it indicates that the system does not recognize the drive. You will get an error message stating “drive not found”. If the problem cannot be solved easily by changing SATA cables and ports, call us immediately. 

hard disk making noise


This problem happens when the system files stored on your Toshiba hard drive are not accessible to the CPU. the operating system cannot load. Restart your computer. If it does not solve the problem, consult us. 



If you have noticed that your Toshiba hard drive is unusually busy or the computer is slow it indicates malware. Viruses can wreak havoc inside your system. It can cause a data breach. Switch the device off and call us for the safe migration of data to a new drive.

We Can Recover Data From All Types Of Toshiba Hard Drives

Toshiba Laptop/Desktop Hard Drive | Toshiba External Hard Drive | Toshiba Network Attached Storage | Toshiba Surveillance Hard Drive

Data Recovery From All Type of Hard Drive Interfaces

eSATA SAS Fiber Channel
USB SCSI Firewire

If your Toshiba hard drive is not listed here, don't worry! Stellar can recover data from any type or brand of Toshiba hard drive.

Best Toshiba Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

If you have suffered data loss, call us. We provide a diagnostic report free of charge. If you want we shall offer a price quote. Our engineers have gathered experience in data recovery for the past 25 years. That enormous know-how is at your disposal. Millions of satisfied clients and MNCs have given us hundreds of 5-star ratings on TrustPilot. 

Stellar Hard Disk Recovery - watch video

World’s #1 Data Recovery Service For Toshiba Hard Drives 

Why Stellar Data Recovery

4 Step Recovery Process 


Phone Consultation 


Toshiba HDD Analysis 


Data Recovery 


Data Verification

After verification the retrieved data would be sent to you by preferred storage media. 


What are common signs of Toshiba hard drive failure?

Slow booting and slow writing to drive is the first sign. Save should always be instant. If it is not, then the Toshiba hard drive is failing. Clicking, whirring, and whining noises are other signs. 

What is SMART?

All modern Toshiba hard drives have an analytical tool known as SMART that monitors and reports hard drive health. You can use Stellar All-in-One Drive Monitoring Software on your hard drive 24x7. It is free to use. 

Can Stellar Data Recovery software recover data from my Toshiba hard drive?

If the loss of data is logical e.g. accidental partition, deletion or format then Stellar Data Recovery Software can help to retrieve data. It cannot help with physical damage such as bad sectors. 

What is a Class 100 Clean Room?

A Toshiba hard drive is a delicate device. It is taken apart in a clean room since the smallest speck of dust might affect it. A Class 100 clean room has state-of-art HEPA filters that allow a maximum of 100 microscopic particles per cubic meter. In short, the air is extremely pure. 

What is the normal lifespan of a Toshiba hard drive?

Toshiba hard drives are well made. But hard drives are highly unpredictable in their performance. On average they last between 3-5 years and about 30,000 hours. But this might vary widely in conditions that are hot and dusty. 


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Average Customer Rating

I lost my data, I search data recovery company on google, and I found Stellar Data recovery company in Kolkata, I contact them and handover my Drive to Stellar, and after a few days Stellar recover my data (max.). Thanks to Stellar Data Recovery company for this. Special thanks to Mr. Rahul Roy, Ankita Mukherjee & Madhumita Roy.

Dinabandhu Bhattacharya

Dinabandhu Bhattacharya

4 Star Rating Jan 03, 2023

I am totally more than satisfied.
Moreover, the staff is too humble when someone lost data from any device they not only handle the device even the emotions concerned with the device. Thanks a lot.

Rishu Babbar

Rishu Babbar

5 Star Rating Jan 01, 2023

Retrieve all lost data back with the help of Stellar Data Recovery Services. I strongly recommend Stellar for data recovery work.

Rajeev kukreja

Rajeev kukreja

5 Star Rating Dec 14, 2022

Thanks for the job done. I'm fully satisfied with the services, well done.

Team STELLAR keep it up.

Maneck Patalwala

Maneck Patalwala

4 Star Rating Nov 24, 2022

When I entered in there office, I was completely frustrated with the horrific event I had to face in my life for the first time that is data loss from my external hard drive that got dropped by mistake from a place of considerable height and stopped working. I had no backup of the data at all. After the incident, I tried all YouTube Video suggestions for about 15 days but failed. My drive traveled through various highly experienced technicians from all the big cities of Gujarat and Mumbai for 6 months. All of them failed and I had lost faith by that time that I would ever get my data in the future.

Finally, one of my relatives provided me with the address and contact details of Stellar. I must say that Ms. Disha and Mr. Manish responded very quickly and I was really convinced to visit the Ashram Road Office on the same day. When I reached there, I was welcomed and attended to very positively by both of them. I was helped at every point in case of registration, payment, my doubts, and queries. They made my frustration almost zero by discussing the success stories of the company as well.

During my waiting period of three weeks almost, they responded to my every call very politely and provided me updates promptly and satisfactorily. After they received the data from the head office, they immediately allowed me to visit the office and get my data transferred to my device. I congratulate Stellar for recovering my 75% data and that was really a commendable job. Both of them were extremely cooperative on that day as well. I felt homely rather than sitting in a corporate office.

Finally, I would like to say that Stellar is the best data recovery destination in India having world-class scientists, engineers, and facilities as well as extremely congenial, cooperative, and well-mannered management staff that reverts your horrific event of data loss into the feelings of being blessed and overjoyed by returning you the most valuable memories, documents, creations, secrets and hard work of your life with complete confidentiality. A wow experience indeed!

I am really grateful to Ms. Disha and Mr. Manish for making my Stellar experience so friendly, joyful, and successful.

Dr Nishant Joshi

Dr Nishant Joshi

5 Star Rating Nov 17, 2022

Excellent data recovery service provided by stellar. I’m satisfied with my recovered data. Thank you Stellar for the wonderful job.

Sameer Khan

Sameer Khan

5 Star Rating Nov 02, 2022

A lot of Thanks for recovering the Hard disk. It is not just the Hard disk but it is a window to see my past memories good or bad whatsoever. I just went through the recovered Hard disk today and got emotional after seeing the past memories.

Without your expertise, it may not be possible to recover the same. Most of the data has been recovered. I'm fully satisfied with the data recovery services provided by Stellar and I will surely recommend your services.

Again a lot of Thanks to Ankita Mukherjee for coordinating till the end and wish you a prosperous future ahead. And Thank you Stellar for all the hard work.

Amritlal Prajapati

Amritlal Prajapati

5 Star Rating Nov 01, 2022

First of all, thank you very much for your work, we do not have words to describe the working style of your organization, but still, it is very good. Due to the satisfactory work done by your organization, our valuable data has become available to us. Thanks a lot again for this. If your organization is needed in the future, we will take your cooperation again.



5 Star Rating Oct 22, 2022

Awesome customer management and service, I'm fully satisfied with their services. Thank you Stellar for bringing back my lost data.



5 Star Rating Oct 19, 2022

I have a laptop drive (320GB), but my hard drive got crashed and I was very upset about it as my all GST billing details were not found then I connected with stellar and talked to Sashi mam. She guides me properly and thank God, I have received my all data. I am very happy. Thanks to Stellar team for all the hard work and I will surely recommend your services.

Shankar Das

Shankar Das

5 Star Rating Oct 12, 2022