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Professional SQL Repair Services

We have professional expertise and world-class technology to undertake the crucial task of repairing corrupt SQL databases. We can help fix MS SQL database corrupted due to reasons such as malware, storage disk corruption, file header corruption, hardware failure, etc. Our MS SQL database repair service is 100% precise, secure, and confidential. 

Malware attack

Malware Attack 

Malware attack on SQL Server database can corrupt the data and render the database inaccessible? Contact an expert rather than using any random method to prevent data loss risk and avoid downtime. Stellar® offers specialized SQL database repair and recovery services to quickly restore the database and recover all the data after a malware attack. 

damaged sql backup

Damaged SQL Backup 

You may fail to restore SQL database if the backup file (.BAK) is damaged. Use SQL repair services to get back your crucial data from the damaged .BAK file. Our experts can extract data from Full, Differential, or Transactional log backup types. Call our customer support team today to get more information about SQL DB backup repair and recovery services.

bad sector on disk

Bad Sectors on Disk

Is your SQL database corrupted due to bad sectors on storage disk? Do not attempt to repair the corrupted SQL DB. Also, do not rebuild or restore the DB to avoid data loss. Just give us a call and get in touch with our SQL specialists to perform database repair procedures without any data loss and minimum turnaround time. 


 Repair SQL Corruption in Vast Scenarios

There can be many reasons for a corrupt, broken, or damaged SQL database. Selecting a trustworthy and experienced service provider is the first step in safeguarding your data from further harm. 


DBCC CHECKDB Command Doesn’t Work

DBCC CHECKDB command fails to run against MSDB and master database if the database snapshot creation fails. Also, executing DBCC CHECKDB with 'REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS' option may fail to repair a severely corrupted database. Using Stellar SQL repair services can help fix corruption in your SQL database keeping all its data intact. 

unable to fix error

Unable to Fix Errors 

Encountering errors such as ‘file activation failure’, 'Could not open new database', etc., while trying to open an MS SQL database indicates that the database is severely corrupted. Troubleshooting corruption in the database manually involves data loss risk and increases database downtime. Our professional SQL database repair services can help fix corrupted SQL DB while preserving its integrity.


All Types of SQL Databases

We have a proven track record of effectively repairing all types of SQL databases.

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World-Class SQL Repair & Recovery Solutions

Stellar provides best-in-class SQL repair & recovery solutions. Repair and recover your corrupted MS SQL® database with original schema and data. At Stellar®, we provide the best SQL repair services and a DIY SQL repair software to recover and repair your corrupted MS SQL® database.


Stellar SQL Repair Service

Stellar provides best-in-class SQL repair services and ensures a worry-free experience throughout the entire database repair process. Our technical experts understand the nitty-gritty of SQL DB repair process and have specialized tools to fix all the issues with your SQL DB. We repair and reconstruct SQL databases with 100% precision and integrity, ensuring data privacy at all stages of the process. 


World-Class SQL Repair Services 

  • SQL database repair service for all brands of SQL servers
  • Track record of performing 40,000+ data recovery jobs annually
  • More than 3 million satisfied customers worldwide 
  • Track record of more than 27 years in data recovery domain.  
  • Data recovery success rate of 80% 
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified organization

Stellar® Repair for MS SQL

Most Trusted SQL Repair & Recovery Tool

Advanced SQL Repair software tool recommended by database administrators to restore corrupted SQL database. The software scans and repairs MDF and NDF files and all its database objects.  Stellar SQL Repair software can fix all corruption in SQL database and also helps to rebuild all database objects like keys, indexes, tables, triggers, user defined functions, etc. This SQL database not only helps to repair but also helps to recover deleted data records from the corrupt SQL database.  Stellar Repair for MS SQL is available for Windows/Linux OS systems. Learn More 

Stellar Repair for MS SQL Software

Advance MS SQL Repair Tool 

  • Recover .mdf and .ndf files
  • Helps to reconstructs corrupted SQL database
  • Recovers all database items (tables, triggers, keys, rules, stored procedure, etc.) 
  • Helps to recover deleted records from SQL database
  • Supports SQL database recovery on Windows/Linux operation systems
  • Supports all MS SQL Server versions (2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, & older version)

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* Free download to repair SQL database & preview recoverable SQL server database objects.


How to fix the “Recovery Pending” state in MS SQL server?

The MS SQL server goes into the “Recovery Pending” state when the server wants to run database recovery, but something prevents it from doing so. To exit from this state, you can try the below-given steps: 

Step 1. Set the database to “Emergency” mode 

Step 2. Detach the database 

Step 3. Try reattaching the database 

If this doesn’t work, you need to contact a professional MS SQL repair service provider. 

How to repair a corrupted SQL server database?

If your SQL database gets corrupted, immediately contact professional SQL database repair experts such as Stellar. We have the professional expertise and tools to repair corrupt SQL databases. Using hit-and-trial methods may further damage your database and result in permanent data loss.

How much time does SQL repair services take to repair the database?

The time required for repairing the SQL database is determined only after examining the database. It largely depends upon the severity of corruption, physical condition, and capacity of storage media. 

What are the common causes of SQL database failure?

Some common reasons for SQL database failure are:

  • Database mishandling
  • Virus attack
  • Storage media corruption
  • Database file header corruption
  • Occurrence of errors
  • Hardware failure



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