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A server allows you to store and access huge blocks of business data at a centralized place. Moreover it helps you to create a backup copy of all your critical data and ensures security measures from online threats. These are the reasons for which, for the past three decades, servers have ousted normal PC storage and have created a business dependency.

Be it a simple server or any RAID, NAS, SAN data storage box, data loss instances such as: single/multiple hard drive failure, RAID controller failure, virus attack or file system corruption can be one of the primary causes of loss of your business critical data.

However, Stellar, with expert team of server recovery professionals, advanced tools & techniques, provide completely risk free recovery for various file servers, web servers, domain controllers and application servers. Stellar give high value to data security & confidentiality and for more than 20 years, we are following strict measures to assure the same. (Read our privacy policy)

"Stellar has one of the best industry success rate of data recovery from failed multi-disk storage devices, damaged hard drives and any other media."

With extensive research and years of experience in dealing with complex data loss instances, Stellar has developed the capability to recover your data from any instance of physical or logical damage to the server. Our expert team of server data recovery engineers is capable of performing exchange server recovery, SQL server recovery and recovery from troubled windows server, LINUX server, UNIX server and SharePoint server with ease.

Some of the prominent data loss situations in a Server

  • RAID Controller failure.
  • RAID rebuild failure.
  • Failure of intermittent drive resulting in configuration corruption.
  • Simultaneous failure of multiple drives.
  • Accidental reconfiguration of RAID drives.
  • File system/operating system corruption.
  • Accidental deletion of data while taking back-up.
  • Natural disasters like flood, fire and earthquake.

As, in RAID configuration based servers, data is mirrored/ striped across multiple drives, it is more complex to recover in case of RAID failure. Furthermore, in RAID level 5 and above, simultaneous failure of multiple drives significantly increases the complexity of the problem. Moreover, during that situation, any small mistake in haste can permanently damage the storage media beyond recovery.

Stellar follows a systematic Server Recovery process

During the initial consultation, Our server recovery professionals take down the details, such as the situation of failure, your recovery attempts in haste, the RAID configuration used in the server etc. From this information, the engineers analyze the data loss situation and devise the accurate strategy to recover.

Consultation: During consultation, our expert Server data recovery specialists discuss about the RAID configuration, series of problems that caused data loss and steps you have taken in haste, to prepare the strategy to recover.

Diagnosis: Before diagnosis, Stellar Server data recovery professionals clone all the accessible hard drives from the troubled RAID array to avoid further damage to the data in the original disks. The inaccessible drives are treated in our CLASS 100 Clean Room labs to make them readable for cloning. After cloning our RAID data recovery experts perform technical diagnosis and submit the report along with quotes and time period required to recover the data.

Data Recovery: Once we receive your approval on diagnosis report and quotes, we start recovery process. We always perform the Server recovery process on cloned drives. The cloned drives are analyzed for the movement of data and parity strips, in order to develop customized software, stimulating the RAID controller algorithm. This software can help in recovery of the data consistently.

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Stellar Data Recovery Process

During the initial consultation, Our data recovery experts will take down your case details

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Pick up

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Step 2
Hard disk analysis

Media device analysis & consultation

Step 3
Data recovery Process


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Data Verification


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Recovery Fee payment

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Hard disk handover

Media device
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