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Industry-Leading QNAP NAS Data Recovery Service

Stellar is a global leader in providing data recovery solutions. Its industry-leading resources, techniques, and experience of more than 26 years make it a best data recovery firm.

Data recovery experts at Stellar use world-class techniques and sophisticated tools to safely recover your lost data from standalone NAS drives and NAS drives configured as RAID array.

We can recover data from QNAP NAS storage in all data loss situations. For instance, we recover data lost due to failed RAID array on NAS, incorrect configuration, disk mechanical failure, ransomware or malware attack, controller failure, and so on.

In-Lab SYNOLOGY NAS Data Recovery

In-Lab QNAP NAS Data Recovery

We recover your crucial data from physically and logically damaged QNAP NAS in our well-equipped Class 100 Clean Room lab.

When you submit your QNAP NAS storage at our data recovery center, our data recovery experts thoroughly analyze the storage and then recover the data with utmost safety and integrity.

Our In-Lab QNAP NAS data recovery service features the following:

  • Huge inventory for damaged QNAP NAS drive transplantation
  • Proprietary tools for creating image of the NAS storage and recover data from the image
  • Specialized tools to determine correct logical parameters of RAID (if the NAS has RAID configuration)
  • Air controlled Class 100 Clean Room lab to carry out data recovery jobs

QNAP NAS Data Recovery Service Highlights

QNAP NAS Data Recovery Irrespective of Configuration & Usage

We can recover data from RAID based and non-RAID based QNAP NAS drives. We can also recover data from NAS servers running any application such as SQL, MySQL, MS Exchange, etc.

Data Recovery from All Types of QNAP NAS Disks

Regardless of the make and model of the disk(s) attached to the QNAP NAS, we can recover lost data from them. Additionally, we can recover data from QNAP NAS drives with BTRFS, ZFS, WAFL, EXT4, or any other file system.

Recovery of NAS Data in All Data Loss Situations

You can reach us for recovery of QNAP NAS data, lost due to physical damage or logical corruption. We can recover data from QNAP NAS damaged due to water, overheat, dust, disk mishandling, server errors such as ‘disk drive x failed or is unplugged’, virus infection, configuration issues, etc.

Most Trusted and Risk-Free QNAP NAS Data Recovery

Stellar is one of the most trusted data recovery brands in the world. We ensure that the entire process of QNAP NAS data recovery is risk-free. Therefore, we first determine the root cause of data loss, thoroughly analyze your QNAP NAS drives and then based on the findings, recover data by using precision tools, equipment and techniques.


The cost of QNAP NAS data recovery can be estimated after complete analysis of the disks attached to the server. The cost of data recovery depends upon the following key parameters:

  • Data storage capacity of attached disks
  • Complexity & root cause of data loss situation
  • Make and model of the server disks
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Tips to Increase Success Rate of QNAP NAS Data Recovery
Do not experiment


Hard disks attached to QNAP NAS are delicate. If the disk(s) is physically damaged, you must not try to repair it on your own as it needs expertise and specialized resources. This might cause further damages and reduce the chances of QNAP NAS data recovery.



While checking the health of NAS disks if you find that a drive is failing, proactively replace it with a healthy one. Doing so would prevent the failing drive from deteriorating and permanent data loss.



Always follow SOPs and refer manufacturer’s manual while replacing a failed or failing NAS disk. Improper replacement or mishandling may cause further damages to the disk and lead to data loss.



In case of data loss, contacting a NAS data recovery expert in the first place is the best approach. This ensures recovery of up to 100% data. Using hit-and-trial methods such as trying to repair drive on your own or using a random data recovery tool might reduce the chances of data recovery.


My QNAP device is working fine but I cannot access the data. How can I recover the inaccessible data?

If your QNAP device is working fine, check if the disks are attached properly to the device and also the SMART status of the disks.

If the QNAP disk is damaged, you need to contact a Professional NAS data recovery expert like Stellar to recover the data.

Can I recover data from failed QNAP NAS drive?

Yes. You can recover data from failed QNAP NAS drive by seeking the help of a trusted professional data recovery service provider.

My QNAP device does not turn ON. What should I do to resolve the issue?

If your QNAP NAS fails to power ON or boot, look for indications for any problem on your NAS. There may be issues with your device which are stopping it from powering ON.

The table given below provides solution to some common problems, which may be preventing the QNAP NAS from turning ON.

Indication Problem Solution
None of the LEDs on the front panel glow after pressing the power ON button Faulty power adapter or power supply Try plugging in the NAS to another power outlet
You don’t hear a short beep after 5 to 10 seconds of pressing the power button while trying to turn ON the NAS The system has failed to pass the power-on self-test. The common cause of this is a faulty system board or RAM Contact QNAP support
You don’t hear a long beep (about 1.5 seconds long) within five minutes of pressing the power button on your NAS NAS has a corrupted firmware image Contact QNAP support
You hear a long beep after five minutes of pressing the power button There are issues with the attached disks or the disks may have failed Seek the help of Stellar Data Recovery Service to recover crucial data from failed or failing disks
What if my QNAP drive hardware fails? How can I recover my data?

Recovering data from physically failed QNAP drives needs expertise and resources. You need to contact a data recovery expert who can recover data from physically crashed QNAP drives with safety and privacy.

How a professional data recovery service provider can recover data from QNAP NAS drive?

Professional data recovery service providers such as Stellar analyze the disks in an air-controlled environment Class 100 Clean Room lab to find out the root cause of data loss, thus ensuring safety of the drive. After the analysis, they create image of the disks and use proprietary tools to recover data from this image.

How much time is required for QNAP NAS drive?

The time required for recovering the data depends upon data loss case. It depends upon the complexity of the data loss situation, make/model of the disks, and volume of the data stored on disks.

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5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Wonderful Job!
Stellar Team was very helpful to us. Our data was really crucial and without proper recovery it would have been a disaster. We were really lucky to receive flawless services from the Stellar Team.
They are technologically sound and one of the best RAID recovery service providers in India. Definitely Recommended.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Stellar - Data recovery is one the best company in data recovery. They are master in RAID data recovery. In the lock down situation also they are giving us data recovery services from remote which is one the good example of customer service in this Covid 19 situation. My company was not able to function due to data loss but Stellar has helped us and Recovered our most important data and I able to start my production.
Stellar team is very cooperative, fast response and action on the issue immediately and resolved it. I am really thankful to them for the support and cooperation.

Good Luck to Stellar - Data Recovery and team Ahmedabad
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Prompt Service, the sales & technical were customer centric..
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Good to see full data recovery.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Excellent Data Recovery Service.


Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Stellar® Data Recovery lab and recovery services are fully operational to serve your needs. You can avail our Online Remote Data Recovery Service. Stellar® encourages you to avail our free courier pick up service to submit your damaged media devices for data recovery