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Safe and Secure QNAP® Data Recovery Services

We recover data from QNAP® network-attached storage systems in all types of data loss situations. We can recover the data lost due to failed RAID array on NAS, incorrect or foreign configuration, disk mechanical failure, ransomware or malware attack, controller failure, and more. Our data recovery experts have expertise in recovering data from NAS drives with any file system, such as BTRFS, WAFL, EXT4, ZFS, etc. They ensure complete safety and privacy of the data throughout the data recovery process.

failed raid array

Failed RAID Array

RAID systems comprise multiple hard drives to allow storage redundancy. Failure of more than two drives usually causes RAID failure and storage system crash, resulting in data inaccessibility. We have expertise in restoring such failed RAID-based NAS of all brands, including QNAP®.


Foreign Configuration 

A degraded RAID may fail to recognize a swapped hard drive, resulting in a foreign configuration issue. This situation may hamper the NAS from detecting the hard drives, causing data inaccessibility. Stellar® can deal with complex NAS configuration issues and rescue your data.

controller failure

Controller Failure

RAID controller is tasked with virtualizing the disks while interfacing with the server OS and storage drives. Its failure results in a failed RAID system with the risk of permanent data loss. Our proprietary technology & expertise can rebuild any RAID system without a controller card and recover the data.

file system corruption

File System Corruption

File system-related issues often arrive with a physically degraded and crashing NAS. For example, a RAID-configured NAS may go through multiple restart cycles before crashing. Stellar® has hands-on experience in dealing with RAID hardware and logical corruption issues.


We Recover Data from QNAP® NAS in All Data Loss Situations

There can be diverse situations leading to the failure of NAS systems, causing data inaccessibility and permanent data loss, if you fail to restore the NAS to a functioning state. Stellar® data recovery team has expertise and rich experience in restoring your failed NAS and rebuilding the RAID, recovering up to 100% of your valuable data.

raid having advancef file system

Failure of NAS Having Virtualized Storage

Failure of a NAS having virtual machines for storage is a more complex situation than failed NAS with traditional drives. This situation demands expertise in restoring the physical storage to allow cloning, RAID reconstruction, and further deep scanning to retrieve virtual machine files.

raid having advancef file system

Failure of RAID Having Advanced File System

Some RAID arrays are formatted with obscure file systems having minimal technical documentation. Failure of a NAS configured with such RAID arrays can turn the data inaccessible forever if not recovered using advanced lab techniques.

firmware corruption

SSD Firmware Corruption Issues

SSDs having firmware corruption fail to initialize, resulting in data loss situations. Therefore, NAS using SSD RAID can fail due to firmware corruption. We use advanced lab techniques and tools to read and reconstruct SSD firmware, thereby retrieving your data.


We Recover Data from All Models of QNAP® NAS Systems

We provide world-class services for recovering data from all types and models of QNAP® NAS, including Enterprise Dual® Controller NAS, SMB Thunderbolt® NAS, SMB High-End® NAS, Expansion Units®, and more.

Enterprise zfs nas logo
Enterprise dual controller logo
nas Expansion logo
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* Don't see your NAS listed? Don't worry; Stellar® can recover data from any type or model of Network Attached Storage.


Reliable and Confidential QNAP® NAS Data Recovery Services

We recover your data from physically and logically damaged QNAP® NAS in our well-equipped Class 100 Clean Room lab. When you submit your QNAP® NAS storage, our data recovery experts thoroughly analyze the storage and recover the data with utmost safety and integrity.

QNAP NAS Recovery - watch video

World-Class QNAP® Data Recovery Services 

  • Huge inventory of donor drives to restore damaged QNAP® NAS drives 
  • Proprietary tools for cloning NAS hard drives
  • Specialized tools to determine RAID parameters 
  • Class 100 Clean Room lab for safe and effective recovery
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified organization


Data Recovery Solutions to Suit Your Needs

There are situations when you need your data urgently, while in some cases you may want a pocket-friendly solution. We have service delivery solutions to meet your diverse needs. 

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My QNAP device is working fine, but I cannot access the data. How can I recover the inaccessible data?

If your QNAP device is working fine, check if the disks are correctly attached to the device. Also, check the disks’ SMART status. If the QNAP disks appear damaged, you need to contact a professional NAS data recovery expert, like Stellar, to recover the data.

Can I recover data from a failed QNAP NAS drive?

Yes. You can recover data from failed QNAP NAS drives by seeking the help of a trusted professional data recovery service provider.

My QNAP device does not turn ON. What should I do to resolve the issue?

If your QNAP NAS fails to power ON or boot, look for indications of any problem in your NAS.

The below table provides solutions to common problems that may prevent a QNAP NAS from turning ON.

None of the LEDs on the front panel glows after pressing the power ON buttonFaulty power adapter or power supplyTry plugging in the NAS to another power outlet
You don’t hear a short beep after 5 to 10 seconds of pressing the power button while trying to turn ON the NASThe system has failed to pass the power-on self-test.
A common cause of this issue is a faulty system board or RAM

Contact QNAP support
You don’t hear a long beep (about 1.5 seconds long) within five minutes of pressing the power button on your NASNAS has a corrupted firmware imageContact QNAP support
You hear a long beep after five minutes of pressing the power buttonThere are issues with the attached disks or the disks may have failedSeek the help of Stellar Data Recovery Service to recover crucial data from failed or failing disks


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