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Global Leader in SAN Server Data Recovery with the Highest Success Rate 

SAN offers block-level storage that is more efficient and avoids any single choke point that can fail. Yet SAN problems do happen and it affects the whole organisation. When your SAN fails, business comes to a standstill. Experts at Stellar Data Recovery can help with bringing your SAN back online. 

We have a dedicated team of engineers who will work night and day to ensure recovery of data. We guarantee privacy and safety and among those who trust us are Fortune 500 companies



The client was using Synology DiskStation DS412+ 4-Bay NAS Enclosure with 4 x 4TB HDDs. One of the drives was physically damaged. On replacement with a new HDD, a new volume was created, which made a lot of data inaccessible



NetApp ® FAS systems are popularly used for leveraging their combination of performance and flexibility with technologies that are built for driving efficiency. FAS systems facilitate data management and can swiftly respond, based on the storage needs for flash, disk, and cloud.



The organization used an HPE StoreEasy® 1460 Network-Attached Storage (NAS) server comprising a 24 TB volume stacked with four Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), each having 8 TB capacity. 



The client is an India-based leading engineering company that delivers end-to-end solutions for high precision mechanical requirements of aerospace, high-frequency and microwave electronics, medical and telecommunication industries.


Data Recovery From SAN Servers In All Possible Data Loss Scenarios 

Whatever may be the cause, using professional services is the best way to recover the lost SAN data. SAN storage offers unmatched speed and performance. They are the backbone of any large organisation. We provide 24x6 SAN recovery service that is reliable and based on proprietary. Here are some use cases when you might need an expert to handle the SAN data recovery case.



A SAN is a scalable, high-speed, extremely specialized network that provides access to storage drives or devices that are on the network. SAN is centralized into a single pool that can be accessed by multiple servers/ nodes/ computers.



Not configuring the operating system properly for use will lead to unauthorised operations on the hard disk. Old operating system that has not been patched might not be compatible with new hardware causing operation bottlenecks. 



A bad network can result in SAN working at snail's pace. Intermittent network connectivity and poor administration can cause high latency and packet discard. Through check of event logs and system logs offer insight into the problem. 



Successful virtualisation management depends on quick access to hosts, switches, and storage devices using multiple technology stacks and protocols. Mismanagement would cause over-saturation of SAN and subsequent failure. 

Reliable Data Recovery For All Major SAN Servers

Whatever Your SAN Server, Stellar® Has The answer



We use the latest techniques at our disposal to diagnose physical drive failure, power supply failure and controller issues. Despite safeguards RAID failure is an all too common incident with NetApp. 


Dell EMC 

We have years of experience repairing Dell servers and configuring them perfectly for end use. Dell faces consistent BIOS update issues and problems with overheating. 



Multiple disk failure may happen. Our server engineer will offer solutions that solve the problem immediately. From stripping corruption to deleted partitions we take care of it. 


HP Lefthand 

There are frequent problems with HP Lefthand SAN server posting errors. Of ten the problem is foreign array detection or RAID rebuild failure. Our talented pool of experts can offer the best solutions. 

CASE Study

Dell Clarion CX4120 Data Recovery 

We received a Dell Clarion with 15 HDDs each having a 450 GB capacity. Two disks had shown amber light warning the system administrators that something was wrong. 
The client is an eminent player in the power sector and failure of the RAID array caused impedance in business activities. Attempts to replace the HDDs had failed. 

Stellar RAID Recovery

Dell Clarion Successful Data Recovery From SAN Server

Stellar was called in. The problem required:

  • Recovery of data from 2 HDDs with scratches
  • Fixing fibre channel hard drives. 

The Stellar RAID recovery team carried out a comprehensive diagnosis. Working 24x7 they:

  • Performed lab examination. 
  • Replaced head of damaged drives.
  • Cloned hard drives with 100% accuracy. 
  • Performed Virtual RAID reconstruction 

Read Complete Case Study

Our Service Advantage

Stellar® SAN Data Recovery Services

We perform SAN data recovery in India’s only Class 100 clean room. Our team of experts diagnose the SAN system and identifies the components that are malfunctioning. We go over SAN metadata, RAID, and the file system to find what is not working. After the diagnostic, you will receive a report. Our engineers will thereafter rebuild the data and create an image and perform file system repair and database repair as needed.

Stellar Data Recovery can recover your business information, employee records and important databases that contain years of critical data.
We offer consultation, repair and maintenance so that your business thrives 24x7x365. 

Stellar Server Data Recovery

Exceptional Data Recovery Services

  • If there is some hardware related problem with SAN box
  • Firmware Failure
  • You are not able to get desired results by using software
  • Or you cannot risk your data, and want to hire a professional to recover data from SAN server
If your SAN box is corrupted, damaged, broken, or failed, you can rely on our trusted, highly qualified technicians for data recovery. We can recover physically damaged, deleted, or inaccessible data from the SAN servers. Our data recovery experts can recover data from all make and models of SAN server. We ensure fast, 100% safe, secure and confidential data recovery, from all kinds of storage boxes irrespective of the data loss situation.

Advanced SAN Data Recovery Process

Our 4-step data recovery process

Our process is designed to put you and your requirements foremost. After a free consultation, there will be analysis, recovery and verification of the problematic SAN server. Stellar provides world class quality and assures you a stress free experience. 









SAN Data Recovery – The Stellar® Advantage

Quickest Turnaround Time and Seamless Data Recovery 

At Stellar we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer experience. Our goal is swift recovery of data from SAN servers of any make and model so that you can avoid expensive downtime. 

We have 25 years experience in data recovery from any and every type of RAID configuration. Trust us to recover your data without causing any damage. Talk to our SAN service engineer now

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SAN Data Recovery: FAQ Answers

What is a Storage Area Network?

A storage area network or SAN is a high-speed network that offers access to storage devices. SAN has evolved out of older mainframes where clients could connect to several servers. SAN does not use ethernet but Infiniband, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel. 

What advantages does SAN have?
  • SAN works at very high speed using fibre channels.
  • SAN can connect to magnetic tape, CD towers, disk array, and offer single point I/O.
  • Use of SAN reduces overall cost of data storage and management because it is simple and easily learned.
How is a SAN system built?

SAN system requires host bus adapters, fibre optic cables, switches, and disk arrays. Small SAN systems could be built for less than a hundred thousand dollars making them an attractive proposition for small enterprises. 

Is SAN more secure than NAS?

SAN is not connected to the internet in any way. NAS or Network-Attached Storage is part of a Wide Area Network and susceptible to malware. 

What is the data transfer rate of SAN?

Typically it begins at 4 Gbps and can be as high as 128 Gbps. 

Is SAN scalable?

Since SAN uses a block based storage model (like the cloud) instead of a file storage model, it can be scaled up quickly if need arises. SAN architecture is scalable and quick. 

What happens at the initial consultation for SAN data recovery?

Our experts will:

  • Ask questions about hardware, software, and configuration
  • Assess the damage and risks
  • Offer tips to minimise ongoing data loss
  • Find out of remote data recovery can work
  • Provide instructions about in-lab services

How should I monitor server performance?

View event logs regularly. Keep an eye on key metrics including throughput, CPU usage, utilisation, error rate, and uptime. You could also use server monitoring tools such as SolarWinds or use the one provided by the manufacturer. 

Why is there a difference between SAN and NAS?

Both are high-capacity storage. A NAS uses ethernet and is relatively simple to set up, maintain and operate. More or less anyone who can maintain a laptop can also maintain a NAS with little training. A SAN is more complex due to the use of protocols other than TCP/IP. 

Is SAN data recovery always perfect?

If the hard disk is damaged the data recovery might not be perfect. If any other component (outside those that store data) went wrong the data recovery is usually 100%. 


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Excellent service from Stellar, they recovered all my data. They kept us informed from time to time on the progress and steps involved. Excellent customer service and they waited even after their office hours to hand over the backup data. Kudos to the Stellar Delhi team. Keep it up.

Seema Kapoor
5 Star Rating 5/5

Thanks a lot to Team Stellar for Great Work, for providing professional service, and for being corporative. Really appreciate the work & Agility of the Team. I Didn't expect that but the Prompt Action of the TEAM is indeed good. Thanks again to the whole #teamstellar.

Mr. Kharta
5 Star Rating 5/5

You can trust this service, it provides very fast service. The Stellar staff is very kind and helpful. The coordination of the Saiprasad, Hemangi & Team is commendable. Your work will be done with good responsibility. You can give it a try if you need data recovery services.

Prathamesh Sawant
5 Star Rating 5/5

This is an unbelievable experience due to when I have a failure in data recovery then Stellar recovered my all data with confidence. Thank Stellar, I hope your organization progress in day by day. Regards Sumanta Ghosh GM – Finance From Saa Vishnu Bankers Pvt Ltd Co-pack of Haldiram Snacks Pvt Ltd.

 Sumanta Saavishnu
5 Star Rating 5/5

Bundles of Thanks to Team Stellar Chandigarh. Special Thanks to Pallavi Parmar for her prompt response & Coordination. We got our 100% data recovered. Highly Recommend Stellar Data Recovery Service for 100% data recovery on time.

Bhupinder Bisht
5 Star Rating 5/5

The facilities here are excellent. My work was also done very quickly and correctly the reception madam is also very nice and cute. They are very good with their customers. And they recovered my all data in a very short period of time. I recommend their services to my family and friends.

Bhavesh Kutre
5 Star Rating 5/5

The customer service provided by Ankita Mukherjee from Steller was definitely awesome. She supports promptly and thoroughly. Great experience throughout the process and I got my all 100% data back with the help of Stellar data recovery service, Thank you Steller Team.

5 Star Rating 5/5

Hello, first a huge thanks to the Stellar Kochi team! I had lost all my data, 300 G, I am a professor, and as you can imagine, I had hundreds of documents for my classes, hundreds of reports, and mark cards. All lost, all my work to redo! Plus all my personal data, photos of family, administrative documents, and so many more documents I thought were safe on my computer. All were lost when my hard disk died. The stellar team saved my life! They are professional, responsive, patient, and extremely welcoming. Merci beaucoup Stellar !!!!!

Sonu Rajesh
5 Star Rating 5/5

Excellent service was provided by the Stellar team that data is very crucial to me and they recovered it as it is I am grateful to them thanks a lot service team for providing such an amazing service. I recommend this to others too

Keshav Tyagi
5 Star Rating 5/5

I would only say that I got my 100% data recovered. So thanks to Stellar data recovery service for doing the job successfully. Since the data was important to me so I straight away went to Stellar instead of running here & there.

Thanks to Stellar and it's time once again !!!

Sumit Gupta
5 Star Rating 5/5