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Data Recovery from following Brands storage media

  • Lenovo
  • EMC
  • Sinology
  • Western Digital
  • Drobo

SAN Data Recovery Solutions

SAN (Storage Area Network) servers work in an organized way to provide access to an integrated block-level data storage that users can access by the applications running on any network servers. However, it may fail due to corruption in its hardware or software and make users lose access to all the stored data. In all these situations, you look for an efficient, successful and Secure SAN data recovery. Stellar help businesses and enterprises in recovering data from all type of SAN boxes. Our data recovery services are safe, secure, efficient & 100% private. Fortune 500 companies trust us for their data recovery requirement.

If you have a damaged, corrupted, broken, or failed SAN BOX, Stellar Data Recovery can come to your rescue with quick, reliable and valid data recovery solution. We offer the following solution to recover data from SAN boxes.

SAN Data Recovery - Professional Service

You can use our Professional Data Recovery services for SAN boxes in the following situations:

  • If there is some hardware related problem with SAN box
  • Firmware Failure
  • You are not able to get desired results by using software
  • Or you cannot risk your data, and want to hire a professional to recover data from SAN server

If your SAN box is corrupted, damaged, broken, or failed, you can rely on our Trusted, highly qualified technicians for data recovery. We can recover physically damaged, deleted, or inaccessible data from the SAN servers. Our data recovery experts can recover data from all make and models of SAN server. We ensure fast, 100% safe, secure and confidential data recovery, from all kinds of storage boxes irrespective of the data loss situation.

The several reasons that lead to failure of SAN servers are as follows:

  • System crash due to failed hardware or software
  • Failure of single or multiple hard drives
  • Attack by virus, ransomware, or malware
  • Power outage without electricity backup
  • Unsuited hard drives in SAN servers
  • Failure of RAID rebuild process
  • Formatted/deleted SAN partitions or network shared volumes
SAN Data Recovery

SAN Data Recovery Service Cost

SAN data recovery cost can be confirmed only after the analysis of affected SAN Box. You have to submit your SAN box to our nearest data recovery centers for analysis. We work on No Recovery – No Charge* policy. Due to the complexity of data recovery. Our prices may significantly vary from case to case. Majorly, SAN data recovery cost depends on the following parameters:

  • What kind of damage to the SAN System- Logical data loss or data loss due to Physical damage?
  • How much damage it has? Is it physically damaged?
  • The storage capacity of SAN Server

You need to submit your SAN storage device in one of our nearest data recovery centers for analysis. After complete analysis we can confirm the following:

  • Data Recovery possibility from SAN storage system
  • Estimated time to recover data from SAN Servers
  • Exact SAN Data Recovery Cost
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DIY Software – SAN Server Recovery

If the SAN server or any of raid becomes corrupt or inaccessible due to any logical failure, then we recommend using Stellar Data Recovery software (Technician). Our Software is used by technicians worldwide for recovering data from SAN servers. Stellar Data Recovery Technician is a DIY (do-it-yourself) data recovery software that can help you to recover deleted files & folders, inaccessible or corrupt partitions, emails etc. For SAN Data Recovery, the software comes with advanced features like RAID reconstruction and RAID volume recovery. The Stellar Data Recovery Technician – software is 100% safe and secure and easy to use interface. The software can recover data from all major brands and models of SAN (Storage Area Network) servers.

DIY software works best in following data loss scenarios

  • Lost data due to accidental deletion
  • Lost data due to the formatting of the SAN System
DIY SAN Server Recovery
Stellar Data Recovery Technician

SAN Data Recovery software COST

Stellar Data Recovery Technicians is the best Windows-based data recovery software to recover data from SAN storage devices. The software provides the complete solution and having advanced features to recover photos, videos, files, corrupted partition, and emails etc.

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* Free download to scan and preview your lost data.

Increase possibility of Data Recovery from SAN boxes by using following Methods
Do not experiment

Do not

It is advised do not try any experiment with your SAN. And Do not replace electronic or hardware components for any fixes.

Do not Format, Rebuild or Reinstall

Do not Format, Rebuild or Reinstall

Do not defrag possibly damaged drives. Do not rebuild or reinstall the original system. Do not restore a backup to the same volume/drives. This may overwrite the data, which is a permanent data loss situation.

Avoid using any random method

Avoid using any random method

Do not try any random data recovery software to recover data. If there is some hardware failure do not use any software. Also, avoid replacing failed hard drive of your SAN server with a drive that used earlier.

Shut Down your System

Shut Down your System

If you hear unusual sound from your SAN box, then you should immediately shut down your system. Working on a SAN system having data loss problem can lead to permanent data loss situation.


What is SAN (Storage Area Network)?

SAN (Storage Area Network) is a dedicated network of data storage devices that can be anything from Tape drives storages to RAID drive arrays. All these storage devices work together in an organized way to provide access to an amalgamated block level data storage that can be accessed by the applications running on any networked servers.

What is the SAN protocol?
  • Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)
  • Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)
  • Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
  • Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fibre Channel (FC-NVMe)
What to do After a SAN RAID Crash?

If your SAN raid server crashed, then do no try to rebuild the array. Any step can lead to further damage, and you can lose your data. It is recommended that immediately contact a professional data recovery service provider to ensure a fast and successful recovery of your essential data.

What is the usage of SAN Servers?
  • For large database servers
  • Data replication
  • Recovery archives
  • For clustering configuration
  • Sharing of backup (libraries)
What is the significant difference between NAS or SAN?

NAS is primarily used for long distance read/write operations, on the other hand, SAN is used for higher performance block level data storage.

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5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Wonderful Job!
Stellar Team was very helpful to us. Our data was really crucial and without proper recovery it would have been a disaster. We were really lucky to receive flawless services from the Stellar Team.
They are technologically sound and one of the best RAID recovery service providers in India. Definitely Recommended.
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5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Stellar - Data recovery is one the best company in data recovery. They are master in RAID data recovery. In the lock down situation also they are giving us data recovery services from remote which is one the good example of customer service in this Covid 19 situation. My company was not able to function due to data loss but Stellar has helped us and Recovered our most important data and I able to start my production.
Stellar team is very cooperative, fast response and action on the issue immediately and resolved it. I am really thankful to them for the support and cooperation.

Good Luck to Stellar - Data Recovery and team Ahmedabad
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5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Prompt Service, the sales & technical were customer centric..
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5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Good to see full data recovery.
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5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Excellent Data Recovery Service.