Training on Data Recovery – Logical vs Physical Data Recovery Training

There are many instances, where people recover data lost due to logical problems. There is enough material available on the internet and also a lot much software, with easy GUI interfaces, with which the user can do a self-training. However, there are companies, which deal with recovery of data, on account of viruses or logical failures. This can be harmful to the customer when the drive is opened and the data is destroyed. Thus, the only option left is to go for an outsourcing, to a professional data recovery service provider. The customers will have to bear the cost, as charged by the professional service provider.

These data recovery companies are well equipped with the knowledge, tools, equipment, and knowledge from any hard drive or configurations. The professional Data Recovery experts offer Hard Drive Recovery Training for the logical hard disk data recovery but at an affordable price.

It is advisable, for people who are not knowledgeable about hard drives, to do an extensive research with Google or Wikipedia, on logical data recovery. Learning physical data recovery in CLASS 100 Clean Room environment is essential. There can be irreparable damages caused to the hard drive, with the minutest of dust particles falling on the platters. This will make the data irrecoverable. The course was written with the help of computer shops offering logical data recovery services and the forensic experts when they are unable to recover data from the damaged hard drive. The course aims to take the users to the next level of training on physical data recovery, thus making them take care of the jobs, on their own and thereby increasing their revenue and the range of services.

If someone wishes to learn the latest in the Data Recovery services, the materials available on the internet are often not found to be updated. We can start learning at work, home or all on our own when the training in physical data recovery is imparted. Some of the types of courses offered are damaged read-write heads, USB storage device and electronic PCB failure or overheating of the hard drive. Other physical data recovery services are aimed at recovering burnt hard drive, damaged by liquid and water, due to the power failure in hard drive, iPod data recovery, a dropped laptop, clicking sound on the hard drive and more such reasons.

The online courses are started with the basics of Cleanroom and also other elements of data recovery. The novices may get trained with the soldering of SMD (Surface Mounted Device) components by hand, desoldering of the faulty components, soldering of a replacement component and also diagnosing the logic card failures. The course can also teach platter swaps, read/write head transplants on the drives. This also covers the re-alignment of the drives with the help of hands and naked eye as well as some common types of tools that are available for the purpose. Exchanging drive platters and the heads is one of the critical skills acquired with the Data Recovery Training course. However, this requires instructions from the experts.

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